Thanks to the good people at the Redstar 73 Antifa Blog for the interview! It’s at great site with plenty of great interviews and more…they’ve previously interviewed Rebel Time Records bands like Spanner and Section 4!

Rebel Time Records – Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your record label?
Rebel Time Records: Sure! Rebel Time Records is a label based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Rebel Time Records was started in 2008 in order to release socially-conscious, politically-charged, left-radical political punk rock, with an emphasis on Canadian bands. We like to say we deal in songs of protest and resistance and songs of love and rage…our motto is Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times and our bands are inspirational, incendiary and insightful/inciteful!” To date, we have about 13 releases, with more on the way. We’ve released great material by bands such as Action Sedition, The Class Assassins, The Rebel Spell, Section 4, Spanner, Broadcast Zero, The Rotten and more. The name? Hmmm…As I recall, “Rebel Time” was a phrase I heard in a song by the band Klasse Kriminale…I thought Rebel Time Records sounded good and had a nice ‘ring’ to it. Our label graphic (our ‘mascot’) is the wrench-toting, balaclava-wearing person giving the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. We use this as our label-graphic for a few reasons…a wrench / spanner is a handy tool that can be used to tighten things up / create / build things, and, yet, it can also can be used to loosen things up / destroy / tear down things. We hope that the music on our label can be kind of like that wrench! Also, the fact that our mascot is wearing a balaclava makes it ‘every person,’ underneath the mask, it could be you, or it could be me, it could be her, it could be him, it could be anyone…it’s inclusive. We hope that everyone will see themselves, to a certain extent, in this graphic. And, hey, who doesn’t like getting positive affirmation or acknowledgment in the form of a ‘thumbs-up’ once in while!

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for Rebel Time Records? Any new releases on the horizon?
Rebel Time Records: At the moment, we are taking things kind of slow. Running a record label (especially one that deals in such a selective and specific genre or ‘niche’ like political punk), is really an ‘expensive hobby’ these days! It’s a labour of love, that’s for sure! Most recently, we have released some amazing music from Vancouver’s The Rebel Spell, Ireland’s Section 4 and Montreal’s Action Sedition I think our next release will be ‘The Mivart Sessions,’a collection of 12 “bodgy and barely remixed’ live-off-the-floor tracks from militant ska-punk band Spanner (from Bristol, England). Just a fantastic band who, can, in our humble opinion, can do no wrong. We’ll be cooperating with a couple of other labels on this release. The band assures us the finished tracks will be in our hands shortly! Also in the near future, we’ll be releasing some new material from one of our all-time favorite local bands, The Fallout. ‘Straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock’ is the best way to describe these guys. They’ve been around for quite a while and have worked with Longshot Records and Insurgence Records. Stoked to have them on Rebel Time Records. Check out their classic album “Turning Revolution Into Money” online…there is talk of releasing a remixed/remastered version of this too… Further down the line, we look forward to working again with Action Sedition, they just keep getting better and better…anti-fa oi/streetpunk at its best…

Redstar73 Blog: How important is the DIY idea and politics to you?
Rebel Time Records: I think that, both for the label and for the people involved in it, both the ‘staff’ and the musicians, DIY politics and ideas are important, integral and essential! The Rebel Spell, on their first CD “Days Of Rage” said “trying to abide to strong morals and ideals to maintain a positive Do It Yourself ethic is sometimes exhausting, but the ones that live it and survive it, get to live proud.” Very true words. I’d like to think that the bands on Rebel Time Records and the people who make up the RTR Collective can take and have taken pride in their political / DIY stance. Folks involved in Rebel Time Records have been doing things positively DIY and ‘hands on’ (and getting those hands very dirty!) for most of their political / musical lives…everything from publishing magazines covering left-radical struggles to tenant organizing, to volunteering at social centers and union organizing, to putting on shows, demonstrations and political events, to setting up tours for bands and political speakers to building home recording studios, etc, etc! I’ll end this answer with a quote from Byron, singer/guitarist for The Fallout: “D.I.Y is not waiting for the right time, place or circumstances to come along and take care of you. D.I.Y is making your ambitions happen right here, right now.” So, yeah, get busy!! Create! Build something great!
OK, just one more quote from Byron: “If you aren’t getting what you want then get off your ass and make it happen. There’s no reason you can’t.” Words to live by!

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Hamilton?
Rebel Time Records: Ahh…Hamilton…known world-wide at The Hammer, The Steel City, The Ambitious City, home to the Hamilton Tiger Cats football team (Oskie Wee Wee, Oskie Waa Waa, Holy Mackinaw, Tigers… Eat ’em RAW!! ) The scene in Hamilton is pretty darn good! Politically, Hamilton is home to a very cool anarchist social center called The Tower which hosts plenty of amazing events such as skill-shares, discussion series, reading groups, movie nights etc. The space also has a lending library and a print shop. In a nutshell, The Tower aims to support and provide a resource for local activist groups, community organizations, revolutionaries, and anyone sympathetic to anarchist principles of direct action, mutual aid and solidarity, voluntary association, prefiguration, equality, and autonomy. Musically, Hamilton is, and always has been, home to a vibrant music community. In fact, some of the first punk bands, such as Teenage Head and The Forgotten Rebels, came from Hamilton and Hamilton’s best punk club/bar/venue, This Ain’t Hollywood, is named after a Forgotten Rebels song. We host shows there once in a while and it’s also home to Rebel Fest. Besides Rebel Time Records, Hamilton is also home to Schizophrenic Records, purveyors of punk rock both local and international. The Schizophrenic folks also own and operate a (literally) underground record store called Hammer City Records. Well worth a visit! Also well worth a visit is Crash Landing Punk and Music store, owned and operated by long-time local punk rock scenesters. So, yeah, Hamilton has everything we need…venues, record stores, a social center and a ton of amazing people involved in punk and politics! Defend Hamilton!!

Redstar73 Blog: Any last words?
Rebel Time Records: Thanks very much for the interview. Much appreciated.! In closing, I’d just like to pay respect and homage to two members of the Rebel Time Records family who we lost earlier this year. Angi Orchard, drummer for The Rotten lost her battle with breast cancer in May and Todd Serious, singer for The Rebel Spell, passed away after a rock-climbing accident in March. Both were amazing individuals, caring, compassionate and committed. Both were passionate people, deeply involved in punk and politics and both shared a commitment to animal welfare and animal advocacy.. Just a few days ago, Propagandhi released a cover of The Rebel Spell’s song “I Am A Rifle,” with all proceeds/donations from the sale of the song going to two causes close to Todd’s heart, The Wildlife Defence League and the Unistoten Defence Fund. The song is available on Propagandhi’s bandcamp page. Buying the song and thus contributing to these causes would be a great way to remember both Todd and Ang…



soundtrack of solidarity

We’ll have 10 copies of this CD in our hands shortly … $12.00 (plus postage) gets you a copy (please drop us a line if you’d like us to hold one for you) … a fundraiser done up by RASH-Munchen …  with Brigada Flores Magon, Action Sedition, Spanner, Jeunesse Apatride, Produzenten der Froide, Los Fastidos, Artificial Eyes and more  … here’s their blurb about the disc … :

soundsofsolidarity1SOUNDTRACK OF SOLIDARITY!

Today the Solidarity-Compilation for our friend and comrade Paul get released! The CD will cost 5€, you can give more if you want. All the money we give to Paul that he is able to pay the lawyer. We want to say thanks to all Bands who supported us! You can order the CD vie e-mail (solidaritywithpaul@hushmail.com) or send a message to our facebookpage. How you can pay we tell you in the answer-email.

Soundtrack of Solidarity – 14 Tracks – 5€- Orders to: solidaritywithpaul@hushmail.com or send a message to the RASH München page.

For all who ask now “Who is Paul and why is he in jail?!” Here is the answer:

At the 20th of July Paul was protesting together with more than 1300 antifascists against PEGIDA in Munich. Because he was carrying a flag with him that was “too short” he has been arrested. Since that day he is held in custody. Pressrelease from the 22nd of July: At the 20th of July PEGIDA Munich hosted a manifestation at the Marienplatz where they invited PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann to gain momentum for their rascist movement. More than 1300 people where involved against the rascist demonstration. During those protests some people got arrested and some where held in custody. Around 8:30 PM a antifascist was stopped by undercover cops and got arrested for violating the laws of public gatherings. They justyfied this by a flag the activist was carrying wich was “too short” by their understanding. Since then the activist is in detention while awaiting trial. The spokesman of the supporters for people beeing agrieved by repression during the anti- Pegida protests had this to say: “the imprisoment of an activist under filmsy conditions like this is the peak of a wave of unjustified repression against antifascists. Meanwhile convicted right- wing terrorists and neonazis can attack and threat journalists and activists. the nonintervention by the police while right wing soundsofsolidarity2activists attack antifascists and the repression against antifascist can be seen as a strategic move. If the city of Munich wants to fight rascism is debatable. In any case, the police of Munich is doing everything to make the rascist march possible monday for monday. If necessary by deviating antifascist protest.

Against Pegida and repression!
Against the deviation of antifascist protest!

Thanks to Produzenten der Froide Los Fastidios – officialpage Brigada Flores Magon Malasuerte Fi Sud Spanner Action Sédition FFD uguaglianzaARTIFICIAL EYES ZSK Jeunesse Apatride Lumpen Cosenza Oi Total Komplet hors contrôle( page officielle)
Our Solidarity against your repression!


Le 20 juillet dernier, Paul était parmi les 1300 antifascistes manifestants dans les rues de Munich contre PEGIDA. Il a été arrêté par la police pour la simple raison qu’ils ont jugés que le bâton sur lequel il portait un drapeau était trop court. Il reste emprisonné depuis ce jour.

Relevé de presse (22 juillet): Le 20 juillet dernier, une manifestation a eu lieu à la Marienplatz à Munich, où Lutz Bachmann, le fondateur de PEGIDA, à organiser une manifestation afin de faire de la mobilisation pour son mouvement raciste. Plus de 1300 personnes ont répondues contre la manifestation raciste. Au cours des manifestations, quelques personnes ont étés interpellés, et quelques entres eux ont été détenus en prison. Vers 20h30, un antifasciste a été arrêté par les polices en civiles pour avoir violé les lois d’attroupements publiques. Ils ont justifiés l’arrestation en prétendant que le bâton sur lequel il portait son drapeau était, selon eux, trop court. Cet antifasciste est toujours en prison en attendant son procès. Selon le porte-parole de ceux et celles appuyant les victimes de la répression lors de la manifestation anti-PEGIDA, « l’emprisonnement d’un militant pour des raisons si fragile représente le sommet d’une vague de répression contre les antifascistes. Entre temps, des terroristes de la droite et des néo-nazis attaquent et menacent les journalistes. La non-intervention de la police lors des attaques fascistes contres des antifascistes, ainsi que cette répression policière contre les antifascistes peuvent être perçues comme une décision stratégique. Nous ne pouvons pas être certainEs que la ville de Munich veuille se débarrasser du racisme. Peu importe, la police de Munich fait tout en sorte pour que la manifestation raciste de lundi aille lieu, même en réprimant la contre-manifestation antifasciste.

Contre PEGIDA et la répression! Contre la répression des manifestations antifascistes!

Here is  Action Sedition’s contribution to the CD …


Fascism is back in style
Italy celebrates its Duce
Nothing will erase this sad period.
The Nazi regime is settled in
The army is revolting in Spain.
Following the Italian example
Catholics have sold out
Reactionary forces are united.
No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down
The people rise up
To face the fascist threat
They make their dreams reality
Anarchists and socialists
In Catalonia the lands are collectivized
Factories are self-organized
Borders are pushed back
Theory is put into practice
No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down (x2)
The fascists are united
German planes mark the skies
They want to put down the popular uprising
Exile in the north becomes necessary
The struggle is international
France is invaded by Hitler
Our experience becomes crucial
The first resistors take root.


the strike re-envisioned


As previously noted on this blog, The Strike are back and are playing their first show on Sunday, August 16 in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood, with The Fallout, Strong As One and Come Out Swinging.

Ric Taylor from View Magazine had a chat with drummer “Lucky” Pete Lambert … here’s the article:

STRIKEAUGUST16BOOTSONE-001Hamilton is a glorious place that continues to have worldwide rippling effects on music. Take one “Lukcy” Pete Lambert. The London, Ontario born drummer got his start with bands like NFG during the first wave of punk but in the ’80s explored his musical muse in England with the like of The Trojans and The Angelic Upstarts. Lambert would eventually return to Canada following a more alt-country muse in bands like Cry Baby and Kensington Hillbillies but more recently, he’s made Hamilton his home for the last eight years and been exploring more of his punk roots. Of late, Lambert helps to coordinate the annual Joe Strummer tribute and a few years ago he’d cross the path of one Fergus Mcleod who’d been at the heyday of what was punk, or more specifically, Oi – a working class sub-genre of punk.

“The Strike were a three piece Oi/punk band who formed in 1979 in Inverness, Scotland, lead by Fergus Mcleod on bass and lead vocals, he was also the principal songwriter,” explains Lambert. “Two of their songs, “Skinhead” and “Gang Warfare” appears on the classic album Strength Through Oi in 1981 and gained them a fair bit of notoriety. A couple of subsequent singles were released but no real success was attained. However, through the years, they have become legendary because of the two tracks and in the ’90s a full CD was released with the few already released tracks and a bunch of demos. Such was the ongoing interest that the album was recently reissued on vinyl.”

“In the ’90s, Fergus moved to Canada and formed another well known punk/Oi band called Emergency, in Vancouver, who released self-titled album in 2004,” adds Lambert. “Mcleod eventually ended up in London, Ontario in the late 2000s and that’s where I met him, when he was working in Michael Todd’s Speed City Records. Of course, we ended up talking about my involvement with The Angelic Upstarts and he told me the story of The Strike. He mentioned that The Strike was the only band from the Strength Through Oi album that hadn’t played the annual Rebellion festival in Blackpool, England yet. I suggested that if he ever thought seriously about forming a new line-up, I would be interested in being the drummer, especially if it meant playing Rebellion.”

With Lambert leading the charge, he decided to enlist another Hamiltonian with a long history in punk to help out on reviving The Strike.

“When I went in to [the ] Crash Landing [music store] to speak to Chris Crash about it, he said ‘you strikepiconemean The Strike from the Strength Through Oi album?’ and then proceeded to quote all the lyrics from Skinhead off by heart. Well, was he excited! I knew that we had the perfect combination and the spark to get this thing up and running and so we began rehearsing in March.”

With rehearsals going well, The Strike returns for their first show in some three-plus decades this weekend as a strong punk trio that might not be the Scottish band of old but with it being two-thirds Hamilton punk, they’ll be as purposeful as they ever were.

“There may be a little grey hair involved but there is a certain spirit behind the music that we capture in this incarnation,” notes Lambert. “We’re playing with The Oppressed, a UK band, in Toronto in September and as soon as we’re done these shows we’re going to be working on new material. We’re excited to be playing this music and it’s got a lot of Hamilton in it. It’s good fun music for everybody. It’s what was really going on in the streets, in the reality of people’s lives and that’s what this music is about.”



catching up with mossin nagant…

As previously promised, and without further ado, here is a bit of an interview with Basque streetpunk band Mossin Nagant. We’ve been listening to their latest self-titled release pretty much non-stop and have copies of it available in our distro.

Check previous blog entries below for more on the band…

Mossin Nagant on Facebook

1) For those of us who are  not familiar with Mossin Nagant, could you please introduce yourselves.  Who and what is Mossin Nagant?

mossingnagantpromoposterbigMossin Nagant is a streetpunk band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, basque country. Since 2003, our band has changed quite a bit during the years.  We founded our band on a marxist, anti-fascist philosophy, which reflects in our lyrics. Since then, we have had gigs in all kinds of political concerts and festivals in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe (Spanish State, Italy, London, …).

2) In 2005 Mossin Nagant released an album called “Redskin Sounds from Euskal Herria.”  Now in 2013 you have released a new album!  It took a long time, but it is well worth the wait!! Please tell us about the new record…

Haha! Because we don’t make a living of our music, there has been some fluctuation of band members – lack of time, work issues, etc. Work kills time for the best things of life. For those reasons it took us a lot of time to record and edit the album although we have been playing some of the new songs live for years. Finally we’re happy with the result: the work we put into it and we managed to release a different, grown sound. We could count on people very committed to our music and we edited the album accordingly to the availability of our means. Big ups to Rusty Knife Records (France) and Rumagna Sgroza (Italy) who produced the CD-Version with us and to Brixton Records (Bilbo), Urban Hell Tattoo (Zaragagoza) and Mai Morirem (Barcelona) who produced the vinyl. The album is titled “Mossin Nagant” and has 9 songs. We hope people like it as much as we do.

3) Mossin Nagant has songs like “R.A.S.H’ and “Red Skins.” Can you tell us what being a red skin or R.A.S.H means to you?
Being skinhead is inherently connected to the working class and its struggles. Music by and for skinheads in our view is the logical consequence and perhaps one of the most honourable forms of cultural expression. Anti-fascim is deeply rooted in our daily life and we try to reflect this in lyrics, attitude, things and acts. Some members of our groups have been active militants of local R.A.S.H. and similar social movements. Our special situation (opression by the Spanish state and living in an occupied country) has taught us to commit to the struggle for independence and to support our political prisoners.

4) On the song Zauri Zaharra you utilize a musical instrument called a txalaparta.  What is a txalaparta and what is it’s significance?      

The Txalaparta is a specialized Basque music device mde of wood or stone. Used, in the past, as a medium of communication between valleys, nowadays it is an important reference of basque folklore. In this song we used the Txalaparta because the lyrics are about the history of our country and the necessity for revolutionary struggle and independence.

5) Are there other redskin/political bands that we should know about or be listening to?

Of course! The basque country is a nest of all kinds of political bands, the skin, hardcore and punk scene is active and growing. We would like to recommend you our brothers ‘Boot Boys’, another streetpunk group from our city and Zartako (unfortunately they don’t play out anymore) from Bilbo.

We would like to send a solidarity salute to all of your people out there in Canada. Hopefully we’ll meet some day in concert!


the strike – punk rock matinee – august 16, 2015

As mentioned directly below, THE STRIKE are back and getting ready to play out. We are happy to say that their first show will be happening on Sunday, August 16th in Hamilton!

You can stay up-to-date on the proceedings here at the Facebook Event Page:


Here’s a couple classic tunes from the band that should make it into their set!


the strike – may 30, 2015


Was lucky enough to sit in on the 5th or so practice of the new reformed The Strike a few nights back! As previously mentioned on this blog, Fergus (The Strike, Emergency, The Tranzmitors) on bass/vocals has been joined by Pete (The Trojans, The Angelic Upstarts, KHB) on drums/vocals and Crash (Slander, Hammerboiz, The Steeltown Spoilers) on guitar/vocals…a great mix of tunes from both The Strike and Emergency songbooks and even a Hammerboiz tune!

In the words of Pete: “For the past several months, I have been practicing here in Hamilton with the early 80s Punk band The Strike, originally from Inverness, Scotland but transplanted to Canada when their Bassist, lead singer and songwriter, Fergus McCleod moved here in the 90s. I met Fergus several years ago in London, On. and we have been talking about putting a new version of the Band together for years and now it’s here. We will be starting to play shows in August and will probably take over the world by some time next year. Watch out, us and our Punk Walkers are coming to steal your children.”

A few more practices and they’ll be ready to play out. You’ll be able to see them in Toronto in September opening up for The Oppressed, if not sooner!

Here they are doing When The War Is Over. Camera work is a bit shakey, but the performance ain’t…


mossin nagant – new cd – distro

mossingnagantpromoposterbigMossin Nagant are an Oi band from Eusak Herria (Basque country) in Spain. Back in 2005 they put out a great CD called “Redskin Sounds From Euskal Herria” and they’ve just finally released an excellent new self-titled 9-song CD on Rusty Knife Records (antifa label out of France). The band plays melodic and miltant RASH-inspired streetpunk and songs deal with topics such as anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, class pride and class struggle. Other than than, well, don’t really know much about the band! Maybe we’ll try and do an interview with them. ( Actually, just talked to the band, and we’ll do up a small interview with them…stay tuned…. ) We’re getting a very very limited number of the new CD for distro here in North America. The discs are on their to us as we speak, so, if you would like a copy, please get in touch!

NOTE: the CD is now available at our Rebel Time Records Bandcamp page!

Here’s a couple of tracks from the new album….


Hay una vieja historia que quieren olvidar Con el paso de los anos no han podido ocultar Es algo simpre incomodo que puede rescuitar Seguro que algun dia escucharemos su final

Azote del fascista pesadilla del burgues Esencia de la clase sentimiento de unidad Orgullo por los nuestros razon para luchar Orgullo por los nuestros razon para luchar!! Que vuelvan a temernos que empiecen a temblar Destruyamos con hechos su sensaction de seguridad Es algo necesario es un deber moral Podemos ser nosotros quien escriba su final

Est: Eses es el camino!! luch contra el capital Pueblo organizado!! una rebelion social El proletariado la vanguardia tomara La bandera roja volvera a ondear!!


Juventud roja, ruda y rebelde, heredera de la cultura de la calle Orgullosa de su origen multiracial, del sentimiento obrero y de su ideologia Mantente firme! Siempre ante el enemigo. Mantente Lejos! De todas sus mentiras Recuerda siempre cual es tu lugar. En que lado te encuentras Cuando hay que luchar

Libertad! Igualdad! Solidaridad!

Caras sucias de la classe obrera. Luchador temerarios de las calles oscuras Persiguen el camino hacia la justicia. Encuentran en su barrio las miseria del mundo Batalla local!! El objetivo es global. Hay una guerra y un historia paraganar Unidos por el mundo no nos podran parar Nuestra ultima victoria sera vuestra final

Here is a brand new review of the CD, from Montreal’s Dure Realitie Webzine :

C’est lors d’un voyage en Espagne qu’un ami m’a fait part d’un groupe des Pays Basques qui venait de sortir un nouvel album et que je devais absolument découvrir. C’est ainsi que je me suis procuré le nouvel album éponyme de Mossin Nagant, groupe de oi! hispanophone. Le nom du groupe fait référence au fusil militaire utilisé par les forces soviétiques durant la seconde guerre mondiale et notamment popularisé par les tireurs d’élites tels que Vassily Zaïtsev, ce qui nous donne certains indices par rapport à l’idéologie politique de Mossin Nagant. On retrouve très peu d’informations sur le groupe, hormis qu’il avait un autre album à son actif, Redskin Sounds From Euskal Herria sorti en 2005 et qu’il se réclame du mouvement Rock Proletario Internacional.

Mossin Nagant2L’album commence en force avec une chanson éponyme suivi de Mr. Sam qui critique l’impérialisme américain. S’en suit 7 autres chansons avec une sonorité unique à la oi! hispanique et abordant les thèmes chers à tous les bons skinheads marxistes-léninistes de cette planète : la vie de la classe ouvrière, l’antifascisme, la lutte des classes et la révolution. Musicalement, on sent l’influence du rock proletario, voix et guitares pesantes avec une batterie aux sonorités plus oi! classique. J’ai particulièrement apprécié les chansons Escoria Traidora et Infierno. Définitivement, Mossin Nagant est un groupe à découvrir!

And…here is the review in English….

It was during a trip to Spain that a friend told me that I absolutely had to check out a band from the Basque country that had just released a new album. It was thus that I came to buy the new self-titled album from spanish-speaking Oi band Mossin Nagant.
Mossin Nagant is named after a rifle used by Soviet forces during World War II; it was popularized particularly by snipers such as Vasily Zaitsev and this gives you some idea of the political ideology of the band.
There’s not a lot of information available about the band, except that they released another album, “Redskin Sounds From Euskal Herria” in 2005 and they are part of the Rock Proletaria Internacional movement.
Mossin Nagant’s second album starts out strong with the title track, followed by “Mr. Sam” which critiques US imperialism. 7 other songs (plus a hidden bonus track) follow with a unique Spanish Oi sound and the songs address themes dear to all good Marxist-Leninist skinheads on this planet: working class life, anti-fascism, class struggle and revolution.
Musically, there is the influence of ‘rock proletario’ with heavy guitars and classic oi vocals and drums.
I especially liked the songs Escoria Traidora and Infierno.
Mossin Nagant is definately a band you should check out!

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