incendiary outerwear – spring offensive 2015 collection

The first shirts in our new (in tandem with Radical Leftees ) “Spring Offensive 2015″ collection…the classic Rebel Time Records shirt is first-up, followed by a timeless/timely Antifa design. Stay tuned for a few more shirts…next up is a stylish Working Class Antifa design.

All 2- colour shirts are 20.00 plus 9.00 postage to anywhere…

Drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted! Incendiary outerwear!

Printing by the punks at 4Q Screening


And, we’ve still got some of our “Fall Offensive 2014″ collection available.

These shirts are $15.00 plus $9.00 postage anywhere!



the brat attack – “…and they called us savages’


Back in 2009 Rebel Time Records released “Those Who Sow Sorrow Shall Reap Rage” by Canuck political punk outfit The Brat Attack. Just a rager of a record!

Just this month, the band has self-released a new (equally raging) album entitled “…And They Called Us Savages.”  According to singer/guitarist/lyricist Davey Brat the album is a reflection on and critique of Canada’s oppression of indigenous peoples and includes a lot of D.I.Y anarcho punk stories.

The album is available as a download on Bandcamp and you can get hardcopies from the band.

Here’s a brand-new video for the song “When All You Sing About Is Politics Sometimes You Gotta Have Fun”!

And, the good folks at Witch Police just interviewed Davey…

Dave Zegarac frontman for long-running political punks The Brat Attack, joins Sam on the line from Ottawa for this episode. The Brats have a new lineup and a new album, …And They Called Us Savages, which focuses on Canada’s relationship to its indigenous people along with the usual anarchist/animal rights/anti-racist content. Dave talks about his experiences (as a native dude) with racism, punk rock longevity and more!

Listen to the interview:


another track from Section 4’s new album ‘no fit state’

Without further ado, here’s a corker of a track from Section 4’s new album…keep an eye out, we’ll have a limited numbers of copies for sale sooner than later! A co-release with Jobsworth Records (Ireland) and I.T.S. Records (UK)…

Check the entry below for more on Section 4!


Fuck you! You racist shit, I don’t need your point of view I’ve had enough of it. Your backwards way of thinking your misconceived thoughts, you’re the fuckin’ problem in your narrow minded world. You single out an entire race, you judge them when it’s not your place. We need to fuckin’ educate a new generation ‘cos fear breeds hate.

Fuck your racist shit, There’s no place left for it.
We need to fight these fascists down for once and all!

Oi Oi Oi

Refugees and immigrants, what’s your fuckin’ problem with…
they’re only wanting to make a better life, for their families, is that a crime? You think they don’t deserve a chance, well I think you’re just ignorant. You’re no better than anyone else and if you can’t see that then you fuckin’ need help!

You hide behind your wall of hate, any excuse to discriminate.
blame anyone else for your problems, well being a bigot won’t fuckin solve them. Stereotypes and political views are the tools that you use, to hide the fact set in stone, you’re a racist piece of fucking scum.

Fuck your racist shit, There’s no place left for it.
We need to beat these fascists down for once and all!

Oi Oi Oi

So take a stand, get off the fence, let these boneheads know we’ve no tolerance. Keep our scene anti-fascist and re-claim Oi for the working classes!


section 4 – “no fit state”

We’ve been promising you the new album from Ireland’s Section 4 for a while now! We’re happy to report that the album will be out in March and we’ll have copies for sale around then! A co-release with Jobsworth Records (Ireland) and I.T.S. Records (UK)…

section4groupSection 4 are a DIY punk band from the West Coast of Ireland. They formed in Ballina in 2007 after the break up of local punk band Foreveraftermath and the continuing hiatus of another local band, Riastradh. They play a mix of Oi!, punk, reggae and ska, with lyrics that cut right to the heart of current social and political problems. They’ve toured Ireland extensively in their 8 years and made a trips to the UK and Germany. They self-released their first album, “Sure This Is It” in 2011 on their own label WahShtuff Records. This year see’s the release of their second album “In No Fit State”. They have enrolled the help of a few labels for this release, Jobsworth Records (Ireland), I.T.S. Records (UK) and Rebel Time Records (Canada). They play a launch gig in Emmetts, Ballina on Sunday 8th of March. And they following week they head to the UK for some dates with Robinson Krause from Hamburg. They are also known for their support of cause like Anti Facist Action and Workers Solidarity Movement and have played benefit gigs for such causes.”

Here’s the song ‘Tear Down Your Fucking Posters’…

Why would ya want to be a politician? A come on tell me now tell me now! Do ya really think that you could make a difference? ‘Cos we’ve seen it all before. They only thing they’ll change is themselves, they can’t be trusted. No Ya can’t count on a politician.

Seen them in the news now its no surprise,
Another politicians coming telling more lies,
And we don’t want to hear them anymore.

It won’t take long for their promises to be broken, it won’t be long now ’till all their lies are forgotten. The only one they help is themselves, they can’t be trusted. No Ya can’t count on the politician.

Seen them in the news now its no surprise,
Another politicians been scandalised,
And we don’t want to see them anymore.

No one can stand alone, no ya can’t bring down the system on your own, ya don’t believe me now. When are we all a gonna agree we need a change to come? And that’s not easy so until we all agree people are sufferin’ needlessly .

and so another campaign, and another more lies, another politician we’re a gonna despise. We don’t wanna hear them, we don’t wanna see them now ya know, we don’t want no politicians no more.

No more politicians no more politricks
I’m not ever gonna vote for you no… ‘cos guilty politicians got no rhythm

And, here’s another couple of track, courtesy of the band’s Bandcamp page!



action sedition – barcelona show video


Action Sedition played Barcelona back on January 14, 2015 and the good folks at Punkike Kreaciones were there to capture the show on video…here’s 4 tunes from Action Sedition…


the brat attack – residential schools

Our friends in The Brat Attack will be releasing a new album this month. The album is called “…And They Called Us Savages.”

Singer/guitarist Davey Brat says that the overall theme of the album is indigenous struggle…

We’ve heard a few tracks from the record and really dug this one. With the band’s permission, here’s the song Residential Schools.


It was an eradication of a traditional, a spiritual way of life
A colonialist white supremacy invaded and inflicted strife
As the Christians raped and killed in the name of their savior
This brutality was genocide, this was mass murder

They told us we lived in sin, that they had the superior religion
How could they inflict such oppression on the little children?
They told us we lived in sin, that they had a superior religion
And they wonder why we don’t trust the Christians?

As families were broken apart by the Canadian governments instructions
These hell holes, the residential schools were all church run
Man, fuck the priests and fuck the nuns, they beat and raped native children
Inspired the racist, oppressive regime of the South Africans

Land claims and treaties ignored, pushed to the brink of extinction
Decimation of so many nations, the Beothuk’s brutal devastation
Enough was enough! Militant uprisings, it was Oka everywhere
No more clear cutting, no more illegal pillage of forest, land and water
We fight for the giant turtle, we fight for the future
Because if we will not fight, we wonder who will?
We fight for all the ones who succumbed to the concentration camps of residential schools
We will never forget those lost, in their memory we demand justice in full
It’s a start on a new era, reconciliation and growth


action sedition – pics from Deyme/Toulouse

Here are some swell pics from Action Sedition’s January 13, 2015 show in Deyme, France (just outside of Toulouse)…

Thanks Ben Art’core for the pics!

more pics here!

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