the strike / les trois huit / the fallout / final four

Friday, July 29th in Hamilton and Saturday, July 30th in Toronto … two evenings of on-point street punk, punk and oi … presented by Dure Realite and Rebel Time Records …



Review of “The Oi Collection”, from the Oi Of America blogspot…:

“The best Oi! band ever! that is how I feel. From the first rip of the guitar on “Gang Warfare”, I was infected with the power of this band. The song bounces and with slamming drums and bass lines that hit like rubber. Fergus the singer has a charismatic voice that captures intense rage and has a dark menacing snarl to it. That nasty snarl in the singers voice is on front stage in the anthem “Skinhead”.
“Skinhead won’t Die. Skinhead will live forever!!” the first line barked by Fergus. it tells you right away that this band and skinheads are nothing to be fucked with. To this day when I hear the word Skinhead in my head it is in Fergus’s voice. A fucking classic, that is what this song is.
Following one classic with another. “Victims” is a song that snarls and has teeth to fucking bite you with. with a guitar sound that is attacking. The rhythm thumps like the feel of a thunder storm on a bad night. The stop and start around the chorus is fucking awesome.
” Dead end kids, nowhere kids, me and you. Got to kill the boredom for something to do. Through out the nation there is bitterness and hate. Always remember we destroy to create.” – first lyric from “Victims”.
Great Bass and drum sound drives the cold war anthem “Anthem For The 80’s”. Growing up in the 80’s this song captures all that tension. With disconnected guitars that give a dark new wave feel. And that unrelenting rhythm. The sound of the song could be the sound of WW III. The singer adds to the song with his impassioned bark that has a angular feel against the pounding and disconnected guitars. Whoever said Oi! is boring and is not creativity never listened to The Strike”. Continuing with creative songs comes the bleak “Alien”. Sharp use of Rhythm and structured guitar sound to create a sonic landscape that is catchy and interesting. The vocals are top shelf. Fergus barking “you’re an Alien” over and over is fucking awesome.
The bass fueled “When The War Is Over” is a street rocker that mixes post punk discord with a heavy Oi! feel. And Fergus’s voice adds a distance romance to the track. The sharp guitars at the beginning of the song tells you all you need to know. This is going to be aggressive, and bleak. The sonic landscape is stark and creeps over you like a bad feeling on a dark night. “Agony Of A Nation” puts the rhythmic boots firmly back in the back streets.
Look out your window…. Soldiers marching past… Oppression in the air…. how longs it going to last! – First lyric from “Agony Of A Nation”.
To all those fucktards that say Oi! is not political then they need to clean their ears out because Oi! is political. It is personal, it is violent, it is simple, It is street music so it is everything we working class outsiders live and see. I love the fade in to the beginning of “Action Man”. Charging and explosive is what this song delivers. Another great song with strong vocals and a brilliant sound. With a dark and heavy grove “Hungry Gun” has the swagger of the bad side of town. Guitars clash over the top of this back alley thumper. The vocals are smoothed out and that totally works on this one. One of my favorite songs is “Mania”. the songs grabs you and does not let go. Great lyrics and awesome phrasing. The imagery is top shelf. What can I say about the music of this band that I have not said for the last three paragraphs. Fucking great stuff. “Cry Of The Youth” finishes this brilliant album off on a creative high note. This song hits like shattered glass. And the heavy as fuck bass at the end is the gravy on my biscuit! If I was in a band I could only pray that we would make eleven songs as powerful, as well done, as well written, as these eleven songs! This is a must for everyone that likes Oi! and Punk. To all the young ones out there Do yourself a favor and get this album. If you are just getting in to this scene due it right and make The Strike your first Oi! LP.
5.00 out of 5.00 Oi!’s
For fans of: The Blitz, Emergency, Bishops Green, Red Alert, The 4-Skins, Sham 69, Fuck it. Just buy this album because if you do not you are just fucking sorry. This is fucking classic! ”

Review of Les Trois Huit from Oi Of America blogspot …

I have never heard of this band before I got this promo and thank the gods I got this promo because this band is a pleasant surprise. From the sounds of, what I think is spray paint cans in the intro of « Writer » this record had my full attention. Pleasant surprise is understating the howling power this band delivers on « Writer » and « Liberi Tutti« .  On these first two tracks the band delivers  two songs that will shake the bones of your ancestors in the choruses, with boot party beats and great riffs. Then bam! catchy ska beats and up beat vocals keeps « Uni-e-s » very danceable, while the chorus is rooted in melodic street punk. This song keeps both sounds working together to deliver a strong sound and a even better song.

For those that do not like to dance and only want boot to concrete Oi! the band delivers the goods on « Travailler« . This song is a mid tempo stomp that keeps the energy building in the bottom end while the harsh vocals conveys a heavy dose of skinhead attitude.  With a wall of attitude and a sound that would make Motorhead proud, « Gernoble » hits with a thuggish power and hammering riffs. The slow and low lead vocals add to the menacing sound. To sum this song up in one word it would be, brutal.  The band gives us a big dose of melody on the infectious « Au Fond Des Yeux« . The neo- ska beat will keep your toe tapping while the angular guitar lead and aggro filled choruses will keep this song firmly rooted in Oi!. I keep listening to this record over and over, so much of this record hits like a ton of bricks but one of the songs I keep coming back to is the Le Partisans cover « Pas De Quartier« . If this song does not get your blood flowing with it’s dynamic guitars and surging rhythms, then you are fucking dead.

Man I really wished I would have reviewed this record last year because my best of 2015 would have had this record firmly on it. This album gets better and better on each listen. With all the new bands worldwide coming out, please do not let this hammer of a record slip through the cracks.

Review of Dismantlement from Oi Warning and Old Punks Never Die …

Another gem of a release from Insurgence, this time from Canada’s The Fallout who provide you with upbeat, punk-as-fuck, politically charged music. The Fallout’s sound reminds me a lot of early bands such as The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, but without copying ’em, as they do have their own distinctive sound…and it’s catchy rebel-rousing stuff! They’re socially aware and the lyrics go straight to the point of the matter. This is a great listen and I would advise one and all to check it out…pronto! (Oi! Warning, Number 6)

These politically-aware Canadians have a mind for intelligent insight and an ear for a wickedly catchy tune. There’s much about this band that reminds me of the early efforts of Stiff Little Fingers, but brought right up-to-date. It’s familiar, like my favourite underwear, but it’s fresh (insert punchline here). The Fallout make you wanna get up, dance and then go and do nasty but well-deserved things to animal abusers / fascists / cops while happily humming one of their delightful ditties. (Old Punks Never Die)

Review of Final Four album from Stylus …

Earnest and heartfelt songs about growing up working-class and punk. Sounds like a cliche sometimes, doesn’t it? But when it’s done with the passion and sincerity of a band like Jarvis, Ontario’s Final Four, a description like that still really means something. The sound is rough and edgy but still melodic, and this album sounds like a mix of Stiff Little Fingers, Those Unknown, Hudson Falcons, Knucklehead and the Street Dogs all rolled into one. The lyrics are well worth the read, as they espouse a maturity that doesn’t come across as jaded, but rather an understanding of what’s important about their friendships, music, and politics over the years. Beyond coming across as some well-sussed guys, Final Four get you singing along from the get-go and add in some organ and acoustic guitars here and there to add a bit of a roots rock dynamic. All in all this is an impressive offering of street rock’n’roll that would be difficult for anyone not to like.


interview with the fallout

The Fallout  interviewed by Mike from No Productivity zine (and, of course, one of the hosts of Rebel Time Radio) in 2014 in Hamilton …

fallouthappycopNo Productivity: I’m here with Byron from The Fallout, this really long-running Toronto punk band. How long have you guys been a band for?

Byron: I think we’ve been together since about 1997. We started as a four-piece, and I guess I’m the third lead singer. So yeah, we’ve been around for a while. Myself, I go right back to the Toronto Hardcore scene, in the early 80s, and Bob he was around in the early 90s. At one point we had Jeremy on bass, and he was in the 90s band 2 Pump Louie. So yeah, we’ve been long-time Toronto punks.

No Productivity: I remember seeing you years ago, and then you kind of disappeared for a while.

Byron: Yeah, we kind of took a little hiatus. Jeremy, he was a guitar player first and he was playing bass. He’d offered to play bass for us but really it’s what he wanted to do, and so he wanted to move over. For a while we were talking about having a second guitar, but just a few other differences and we decided put it on hold for a while. So I guess about two years ago Bob and I were talking about getting together and Patty from Class War Kids and Brutal Youth graciously has been helping us out.

No Productivity: Yeah, I was already curious about how Patty from Class War Kids and Brutal Youth came about. Did you guys ask him about it, or was it his initiative?

Byron: Who knows. We’d met for the first time in Saint Catherines, and he was touringfalloutcherrycolasapril82015rob1 with this band from Newfoundland or Labrador there, I guess was The Embarrassments. I remember loading in hand hearing this band had already started their set, and I was really enjoying what I was hearing, this really really upbeat sound. And we got talking and I was really amazed how these guys were touring in Canada from the East Coast, and I mean, being in a band in Canada you know it’s absolutely difficult to tour this country. And from there we met up again when he was in Class War Kids and they were on tour. We’d gotten involved with helping Class War Kids with their album “Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!”

No Productivity: I saw that you put out this seven song CD of covers of old Toronto punk bands, bands like Young Lions, Viletones, Youth Youth Youth, Red Squares.

Byron: Yeah, I guess at the time there were songs that I had on tapes and cassettes and singles that were in my collection, and I always thought it was unfortunate why all these great bands got overlooked, while the American and UK bands got on bigger labels and made more widely known and I just felt that so many cool Canadian bands got overlooked. So at that time, I kind of focused on stuff that, at the best of my knowledge, hadn’t made it out of the city. That’s why with the Viletones, I picked a song off the record “Look Back in Anger”. You know, just songs I grew up listening to.


Enter a caption

No Productivity: Yeah, when I was looking over the tracklist of the CD it almost seemed like a celebration of earlier Toronto scene.

Byron: Exactly. Well there was that song by the Ottawa band, the name’s escaping me now. We would have done the Bureaucrats but we’re not good enough to cover the Bureaucrats.

No Productivity: Again, sort of with celebrating the early Toronto scene, what is it about local scenes that really seem so interesting or important?

Byron: Well, I think that it’s like, like here tonight you know, it’s a real sense of community. The last few nights, it’s old friends getting together, supporting each other. We’re all starving artists, it’s a really happy time. It’s not like everyone’s trying to out-rockstar one another. It’s the same in the 80s as all the way to now. Punk’s always had a really limited mass appeal, so it’s like you’re members of a special kind of community, and that’s why everybody’s so supportive. You know, like we have Randy and Rebel Time, you’ve got The Rebel Spell coming from Vancouver, and everyone from Kitchener-Waterloo, and all these people coming from Toronto.

No Productivity: Off the hiatus, playing a bunch of shows the past couple years with Pat, is there anything new planned for the Fallout?

Byron: Yeah, we’re playing a new song tonight “Pick Yourself Up” (see video below) and we’ve got the basicsfalloutvidpic for a full CD written, but we’ve got to play them a bit better before we play them live and those sorts of things. We’re definitely going to start recording over the winter and hopefully maybe work with Rebel Time, maybe get some of the old stuff remixed and get it up for a digital download. You know, stuff’s in the works but we’re a little older, we’re not as fast as the new kids.

No Productivity: Anything you want to add?

Byron: Thanks for wanting to do the fanzine, that’s another part of the local scenes; it’s everything from the bands to the people putting on the local shows to the people putting out fanzines and it’s all great. Now let’s go listen to The Rebel Spell!

The Fallout will be playing with The Strike, Les Trois Huit and Final Four on July 29th in Hamilton and July 30th in Toronto …




And, another new tune!


rebel time radio 06/07/2016

RebelTimeRadioIt’s been about forever, but here it is – an official podcast coming at ya from Rebel Time Radio! Exciting! Maybe we’ll make this a regular thing? Ha ha. Haaa.

Rebel Time Radio brings the best punk rock, ska, and oi right to your earholes over the radio waves and internet tubes. We’re unabashedly political and like to have a laugh too (often at the expense of the capitalists and politicains).

On this episode, listen to some new tunes from Les Partisans, Action Sedition, DOA, and more! Bonus: Listen to Rebel Time Dan mispronounce practically every French thing he says! Embarrassing!

Download the episode here (right click and save link as!)

Here is this episode’s set

D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald
The Epoxies – My New World
Final Four – Us Against Them
Les Partisans – Mauvais Garçon
Les Trois Huit – Jeunesse Fichée
Action Sedition – Sous La Branche
Bull Brigade – Motorcity
The Selecter – Breakdown
Subsistance – Police State
Section 4 – Police is Cops
Moral Crux – Revolution (Shouldn’t Be So Hard)
Future Theft – I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Glue
The Nefidovs – Night Shift
Broadcast Zero – Fear Culture
The Adicts – England
The Rebel Spell – Solemn Eyes
Pogomarto – En tant fils de prolo

Here’s the poster for the upcoming Quebec/Ontario tour of Les Trois Huit



new tune from the fallout

Rebel Time Records will be working on an upcoming release from Toronto political punks The Fallout … they’ve got about 20 or so songs almost ready to roll out, so stay tuned!

Head on over to The Fallout’s Bandcamp page to check out the band’s previous releases! Lots of great straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock…

Here’s a new tune the band debuted in Hamilton just a couple of weeks ago …



action sedition / bull brigade split 10″


As noted in an entry below, we are more than happy to be a part of this release!

Two great bands, Action Sedition from Quebec, Canada and Bull Brigade from Torino, Italy, pay homage to late, great French antifa outfit Brigada Flores Magon. Each band covers a BFM tune plus contributes a track or two of their own.

We will have copies in hand shortly!

Here’s the full album for your listening pleasure:



les partisans vs les trois huit

Out now! We’re just waiting on our copies to arrive…

Split 7″ with a song each from Les Partisans and Les Trois Huit…



And…here is brand new review of the 7″ from Oi of America blog:

“Les Partisans / Les Trois Huit
Assigné.es A Resistance
Rusty Knife Records / General Strike Records / Dure Realitè / Aggrobeat / Rebel Time Records / Rumagna Sgroza / Rockout Fascism
7″ Vinyl E.P.
Oi! / Street Punk

Track Listing:
A1. Les Partisans – Mauvais Garçons
B1. Les Trois Huit – Jeunesse Fichée

Rusty Knife and Company are not resting they are cranking out more records! Now we have a two song split single of a classic French band from the 90’s making a comeback and the up and coming Les Trois Huit.
    If you are not familiar with Les Partisans let me try to explain their sound. A lot of people called them a Oi! band but honestly that is not correct. Yes, they have some of those elements in their sound but they have a horn section and mix in touches of soul and heavy amount of Mod revival sounds. There sound reminds me of The Redskins.
   “Mauvais Garcons” delivers a catchy hard mod rocker with a great bouncing bass line and those guitars churning infectious riff after riff.  I fhard mod songs are your thing then this band delivers the goods with their new song. I am glad to see these guys are back making music again. I am also releaved that their comeback song is this fucking good.
Les Trois Huit finishes the record off with “Jeunesse Fichée“.  The weight and attitude of this song will appeal to the real Oi! fans that may listen to this record. Not long ago I raved about this bands self titled album on this page. Here is me raving again. The mix of heavy Oi! and the saxophone gives that melancholy melody that fucking works perfectly on this song.
If French Oi! and Mod is what you love then check this out. You will want to get this record for sure. If you are new to the world scene and looking to explore the many bands of France this is a great record to start with.   I can not wait to get my copy on vinyl. I am sure I will be playing this record a lot.
For fans of: French music punk / Oi! / and Mod.”

interview – les trois huit – spanish

The comrades from RASH-Guadalajara who do Tres Fleches zine were kind enough to share with us an interview with Les Trois Huit that is in the brand new issue of Tres Fleches … massive thanks to, and solidarity with, RASH GDL

This new issue of Tres Fleche (Issue 12) also includes interviews with Les Partisans, Hard Left,  and lots, lots more …

We’re hoping to have the interview translated into English shortly…

And, of course, we are stoked that Les Trois Huit will be playing shows in Quebec and Ontario in July…Rebel Time Records will be presenting the Toronto and Hamilton shows!








LES TROIS HUIT es una joven banda de Francia, y desde el anterior zine, ya les había prometido un entrevista. Ellos tocan oi! con ese sonido Redskin francés clásico que engancha a la primera. Gracias a Riad por la entrevista, el hizo todo el esfuerzo por mandarla en castellano, casi no modifique nada. Escuchen a esta banda ya!

3FZ.-Cual es el motivo de hacer una banda, cuál es su historia? Que significa LES TROIS HUIT?

LTH.-Hay 3 preguntas en una!! Jeje!Pero primero, un saludo a todos y todas. Estamos muy honrados de hacer esta entrevista para vosotros y vamos a tratar de hacerla en español…
En el inicio, fuimos compas de lucha, de manifestaciones. Estuvimos juntos en el mismo colectivo antifa, y un día, decidimos continuar nuestra lucha con la música.
En el inicio, no sabíamos tocar nuestros instrumentos, pero aprendimos todo poco a poco…
Y ahora, 3 años después, salió nuestro primero disco y vamos a hacer un EP con “LES PARTISANS” , una excelente banda, además de que son amigos nuestros.
Hacemos todo en nuestra banda.  El DIY es uno de nuestros  valores personales. Por ejemplo, construimos nuestro propio estudio de ensayo y de grabación.
LES TROIS HUIT, es un ritmo de trabajo en Francia. Y estamos muy orgulloso de nuestras raíces de trabajadores.
Nuestros nombres son, Rubz, Riad, Polo, Numa y Rouk

3FZ.-Han sacado su disco nuevo, sonidos antifascistas para los chicos de la calle, platiquen algo de este disco, de que hablan sus letras?

LTH.-Nuestras letras hablan de nuestras vidas y de política. Por ejemplo, “Writer crew” es una canción que habla  de graffiti, “Travailler” es una canción que habla de la violencia en LTHGroup3el trabajo,  hablamos de la amistad, de la calle, hablamos también de los refugiados, que tratan de venir a Europa… No podemos decir que somos chicos de la calle… Vivimos en unas casas pero pasamos mucho tiempo en la calle y es un lugar donde tenemos mucho amigos y amigas.

3FZ.-Hay un poderoso cover de LES PARTISANS, “pas de quartier” (Ni un barrio) con nuevos arreglos.

LTH.-Si “LES PARTISANS” es una banda muy famosa en Francia y son nuestros amigos. Es por eso que hicimos este cover de “pas de quartier”, pero con nuestro estilo.
Hacemos conciertos juntos, y puede ser, ya como te lo dijimos antes, vamos a hacer un Split con ellos.
En nuestro disco, hay también un cover de “birra” de BULLBRIGADE, una banda de streetpunk italiana.

3FZ.-Francia tiene una historia desde los 80tas en grupos políticos, antifascistas y redskins que han influenciado a muchas bandas de Latinoamérica. Que nos pueden decir de la escena ahora en Francia?

LTH.-Bueno, por supuesto que hubo una escena de redskins muy grande en los 80s y  90s, pero después, fue un poquito menos presente en los 2000. Ahora, como en el pasado, hay un aumento de las ideas fascistas y de los grupos de derecha en Francia. Pero contra esta escoria, hay una reacción de grupos antifas y redskins. Asi que,  están más presente que en los años pasados.
Por la música, Hay nuevas bandas como KROSKA, TOLEBOYS, RETROGRAD, nosotros… Por el momento, no es tan rica como en los 80s pero es solamente es un comienzo…

3FZ.-Refugges welcome! Las guerras, el hambre y la falta de trabajo desplazan siempre a miles de personas en todo el mundo. El capitalismo está siendo más voraz que nunca?

LTH.-No sabemos si el capitalismo es más voraz que antes… Puede ser, es el mismo que lthgroup2antes, pero sus consecuencias están más largas…
Hoy, hay muchos refugiados que llegan a  Europa. Es la verdad, peor, toda la historia de Europa fue como esta. De todo tiempo, el hombre quiere una vida mejor, y creemos que, cuando tienes una familia, el deber más importante es de tratar de buscar una mejora vida para tu familia o amigos…
Es por eso quE, entendemos naturalmente a los refugiados y decimos “refugees welcome”.
Mañana, puede ser, que los refugiados seamos nosotros…

3FZ.-Los acontecimientos en Paris del pasado 13 de Noviembre 2015, fue una noticia que llego a todo mundo. Sin embargo, la invasión por parte de Francia a Syria, y sus bombardeos a la población, no tuvo el mismo resultado de compasión entre el mundo.

Estamos consciente que, para los políticos y las periodistas, una víctima francesa es más importante que una víctima africana o asiática o del sur de américa.
Y luchamos contra eso. Para nosotros, una víctima es una víctima.
Pero estamos muy claro. Para nosotros, ISIS es un estilo de fascismo. Fascistas con su visión de su religión. Y no hay nada de excusas en ellos.
Pero debemos tratar de entender las razones de la creación de ISIS y la política de la Francia en áfrica, es una de las razones.
No estamos con ISIS, no estamos con el estado francés, estamos con  los civiles, hombres, mujeres, niños y niñas que mueren, en Francia, en libia, en siria, y en todas las partes del mundo.

3FZ.-La derecha en Francia ha tomado estos atentados como parte de apoyo al nacionalismo y trampolín a las siguientes elecciones. La familia LE PEN sabe aprovechar estos sucesos?

LTH.-Si tratan?!!, claro que la derecha, Le pen y el “frente nacional” tratan de beneficiarse LTHjacketde los atentados. Pero la izquierda social democrática” también…
Por el momento, no sabemos cómo la gente va a reaccionar en un largo tiempo…
Esperemos que estos atentados vayan a  crear una unidad entre la especie humana y no una unión nacional de mierda.

3FZ.-La seguridad de Francia, por parte de la policía, militares, llevan al Estado a ver a cualquier persona como enemigo. Principalmente las organizaciones de izquierda. Como lo que está sucediendo en Barcelona y Madrid.

LTH.-Si, después los atentados, hay un estado de urgencia, que aumentan el poder de la policía y del estado. Y podemos ver, que hay una represión contra los grupos y los movimientos de izquierda…
Es muy grave.
Con el pretexto de luchar contra el  terrorismo, hay unas leyes fascistas que están votadas…
En Francia, con nuestra historia, conocemos lo que el fascismo y vemos claramente que se viene de nuevo.

3FZ.-Este disco lo sacaran en formato de vinilo, para cuándo tendremos esta edición y que sigue para la banda?
lthcantourposterLTH.-Ya está en la calle!, el disco en formato de vinilo salió el 21 Febrero.
En primavera vamos a sacar el Split, también en vinilo,  con “LES PARTISANS” y estamos componiendo canciones para el segundo disco…. Que va a salir, si podemos, para finales de este año.
En lo que es conciertos, vamos a tocar, en Francia, y en Europa, y vamos a hacer un tour en Canadá, el 21 Julio al 1 agosto.
Esperamos un día ir a tocar a México, porque sabemos que tienen una gran escena, de seguro con puras chicas y chicos!

3FZ.-Munchas gracias por su tiempo, donde pueden contactar a la banda para conciertos o amistad, donde pueden comprar su material. Este espacio es para ustedes. Salud!

LTH.-Pueden contactarnos, escuchar y tener nuestro álbum por precio libre. Tener noticias también…
Todo está aquí!!!
Nuestro sitio: lestroishuit.net
O estamos en facebook; les trois huit

Gracias a todos y todas!!! SUERTE! Keep the faith!!!

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