the fallout – raise your flag and other anthems


… Rebel Time Records is very happy to present The Fallout’s new 4-song 7-inch platter “Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems” … we’ve been big fans of the band and their music / message since first hearing their “Turning Revolution Into Money” album many years ago and we’re just so stoked to have them on the label … the record is available digitally right now on Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer, etc, etc and we should have the vinyl version in our hands in a week or so … 

… taking their cue from Pete Seeger’s quote “the people are on the march and must have songs to sing,”  The Fallout present four tracks of partisan and unapologetically political agitp(r)op punk rock … songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle … dedicated to Todd Serious … straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock … 

… thanks to the band for the great tunes and for their trust in Rebel Time Records, thanks to Cactus and Anxiety Attack Designs for the amazing artwork and layout and thanks to you for listening / buying / supporting … 


spanner – won’t be stopped


… five years ago Rebel Time Records brought Bristol’s militant ska-punks Spanner across the pond for a few shows and had a small hand in releasing their album “Crisis.” A great album and a great tour, we’re pretty sure a stonking good time was had by all …

… the band is releasing a new album titled “Won’t Be Stopped” and we’re stoked / pleased as punch / happy as clams to be able to assist in a small way with the album’s release. It will be out this summer / fall on Rebel Time Records and other like-minded labels …

… if you are not familiar with the band, here’s a bit of a bio … :

“Spanner has been mixing politics and pleasure since around 2000, and we aim to still be at it when it’s time for dancing on the ruins of the empire.  Our sound is a small contribution to the soundtrack to revolution and we hope to inspire both much dancing and more direct action.

We play militant, ska’d up punk that’s not just for entertaining “alternative” consumers or being part of the illusion of rebellion. Punk for us has to be more than noise and more than a hairdo. We want punk and punks to be part of a community in opposition and resistance to this murderous system which leaves everything it touches damaged or dead. We know that with our creativity and determination we can make a new world, and punk is about doing it now! We’d also very much like our music to strike fear into the hearts of capitalists, cops, bosses and politicians everywhere… if only they could hear the words (which you will be able to, on the new album, and read the lyrics)!”

… and, here’s the first track from the album .. :


Wreck the prison society
Rebel against everything that stops us being free
Revolt against sexism and patriarchy
Rethink assigned gender and identity
Reject the culture of celebrity
Wreck, Rebel, Revolt, Rethink, Reject

For all these things there is no app
Could it be your smartphone’s another clever trap?
Full screen dominance, we’re isolated
Keyboard warfare’s overrated

Social media does not make a revolution make
Profile, status it’s just another fake
Mass communications aren’t mine or yours
But another tool to keep us masses indoors

The illusion of community and connection
Has got us all facing in one direction
We won’t change much with all the texts we send
Obsessed with the screen and facebook friends

Can you really do it all from your phone
Or is the power at your fingertips not your own?
Is it all a substitute for taking tho the streets
And the power that we hold when we really meet?

There’s no shortcuts on your laptop
We’ve a long way to go to make the madness stop
Are you carried away with your portable device
And a mobile that keeps you immobilised?

Our time is wasted staring at these screens
When we could be in the real world fighting for our dreams
Breaking the grip of handheld distractions
Shutting down their power as we switch to action

Rage against abuse and brutality
Reclaim our lives and our autonomy
Resist the destruction wreaked by industry
Refuse the impositions of authority
Remember past struggles and our history
Rage, Reclaim, Resist, Refuse, Remember


the fallout – the people are on the march and must have songs to sing


The Fallout’s new 4-song 7-inch will be out shortly!

We’ve put together a few videos of some of band’s current and past tunes, all set loosely to Pete Seeger’s quote that “the people are on the march and must have songs to sing.”

First up is “Raise Your Flag”, the title track of the 4-song 7″ EP that will be released shortly on Rebel Time Records.

Second is “Talkin’ Punk Rock Civil War.” Originally released in 2004 on the “Turning Revolution into Money” album, this song, and the other 12 songs on the  album, have been completely re-mixed and re-mastered. The album has been re-released digitally, as “(Still ) Turning Revolution Into Money” on Bandcamp on May Day 2018 as free / PWYC, with any monies coming in going to offset the costs of the EP.

Third up is “Holding Up Half The Sky.” One of the 20 or so new songs we’ve recorded and which we hope to release in the near future.

Fourth: “Turn It Down”: another new song which will be released at some point! Inspired by the Turn It Down campaign of a few years back which sought to shine a light on white power music / hate rock.

Fifth: a recently remixed version of The Rebel Spell song “Fight For The Sun.” This song appeared on the “Rebels Sing: A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell” compilation album.

… from the upcoming 7″ on Rebel Time Records …

… Toronto Pride Parade … 1973 …


Raise your flag, Raise it high
Let them look you in the eye
Side by side
Show your pride
Wave your flag, wave your flag
Raise your flag, Raise it high
And when they look you in the eye
Wave your flag, wave your flag, wave your flag

Double standards of the hypocrites
They condescend as you bite your lip
You’re in my heart
You’re on my mind
You don’t have to take that shit

On the horizon is a new frontier
If you feel alone or you’re getting scared
With all your spirit
And all your soul
You know there is nothing to fear

Sing if you’re glad to be gay

Homophobes are just a dying breed
As they cling to an illegitimate creed
You’re in my heart
You’re on my mind
They offer nothing that you can believe

All their hate they never take a rest
Stunning ignorance takes away your breath
With all your spirit
And all your soul

Resolve that you’ll never forget

To sing if you’re happy that way

… from “(Still) Turning Revolution Into Money” … 2018 …

… anti-war march … Boulder, Colorado … 1972


please don’t get excited cause I’m not keeping score
of the chances you’ve blown and opportunities ignored
to help the ones you love and say you care for
while you talk righteously all about it

and it ain’t getting better in fact it’s getting worse
poor are getting poorer the meek inheriting the earth
while here in the America’s we’re still giving birth
to the notion we’re all created equal

now I don’t think you understand what you’re fighting for
our music, poetry and politics don’t lead to a cure
We need more than talkin” punk rock civil war

please don’t take me wrong, don’t get pissed off
but the injustice and violence that you think you can stop
continues everyday as we sing our protest songs

talk without action produces no results
self-gratifying lifestyles removing any doubt
the chimes of freedom have long wrung out
in a world where direct action counts

… from an upcoming Rebel Time Records release …

… women’s liberation march … 1971 …


Fighting for equality
Struggling for an opportunity
Violence and oppression
Can’t stop her liberation

Stereotypes of sexuality
Leading to misogyny
Now has come the time
Stop believing all the lies
See her eye to eye
While she’s holding up half the sky

Time to be heard above the noise
Time for men to lend a voice
Stand and fight for equal rights
It’s your body – it’s your choice

Gender bias in the justice system
Placing blame upon the victim
We all know who’s at fault
For the harassment and assaults

Prisoners in an economic cage
Equal work means an equal wage
Now has come the time
Stop believing all the lies
See her eye to eye
While she’s holding up half the sky

It’s time we all gave a fuck
Support your local Janey Canuck

… from an upcoming Rebel Time Records release …

… anti-Zundel demo / Toronto Anti-Racist Action / 1992 …


White noise
In stereo sound
Nothing sounds worse
Need to turn it down
Turn it down

Feeble minds cling to misguided fears
Forcing their nonsense
Into naïve ears
Turn it down

Mouth full of hate
Head full of shit
Bigots pandering to idiots
Turn it down

Your out of touch
Get with the times
Turn it around
And leave your hate behind
Turn it down

… remixed version of “Fight For The Sun” that appeared on “Rebels Sing: A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell” …

… words and music by The Rebel Spell …

… Chicago Democratic Convention … 1968


You might believe this is a real nice place where everyone is free and more or less safe
But did ya know around the world they’ve locked up about 10 million people?
You might not have known but that just changed don’t confuse this for justice just cruel and insane
But to those among us that know and are raising hell to free them

Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end. I promise…
Fight for the sun my bold friends, fight for the sun this night will end Fight for the sun fight for the sun fight for the sun it’s coming

We might look different but we’re all the same in that we all need to move and feel love to stay sane
But our cruel species withholds these rights from 25 Billion creatures
How many years cutting day and night would it take to sever that much chain?
You need to help what will it take to get you all to see this!?

I wait they wait when is it coming? Don’t wait, they wait you must bring the sun.

Let’s go bass man walk me home now
It’s only music but I’ve got you listening
Crank the volume bring the rage up
Harder drummer let them hear it
I need some voices a thousand voices
I need you all and one more thing
guitar guitar guitar guitar



afterboltxebike – demo 2018

… Rebel Time Records has long been a fan of the band Afterboltxebike  a great anti-fascist and communist punk band from Nuevo León, México … if you scroll down through this blog you’ll find an interview we did with the band a while back … Afterboltxebike just released a demo and we are stoked to be hosting it on the Rebel Time Records bandcamp page … the demo is a free / pwyc release and any monies received will be used by the band to finance some CDs … 


top five finds – june 2017

… some of the righteous tuneage we’ve been listening to here at Rebel Time Records HQ in the past few weeks …



… out of Vancouver and with Erin from The Rebel Spell on guitar … MRR says : … “poppy-yet-tough guitar hooks team up with an unrelenting pogo beat and ripping solos to make each song completely memorable … the lyrics themselves are like a goddamn book within each song, covering topics like gentrifcation, the cops, the fucking patriarchy and more”



… from Barcelona… rock proletari comunista street punk … anti-fascist and working class …



… out of The Netherlands. Not a lot of info on this outfit, but, this appears to be an international / hands-across-the-ocean collaboration between members of Spazz and ManLiftingBanner …



… redcore out of Madrid …



Anarchist Oi!

Found love and got socialised by punk this subculture takes a big part in our life.

Sexism, homo-, trans*-, biphobia, racism and other oppressive attitudes get more and more attractive and were always part of this subculture, so it’s necessary to fight for an emancipatory subculture. The phrase “make punk a threat” must be more than just some words. Punk has to be a counterculture instead of a lifestyle which stabilizes existing conditions.

So many times it’s told about “Working Class Pride”. It’s the pride of being exploited 40 hours per week, instead of a revolutionary consciousness.

Nevertheless we don’t want to tolerate or reproduce oppressive habits within this subculture. Driven by the ideas of DIY and anger about those habits we decided to found a band in summer 2016.

For an emancipatory and antifascist subculture!

Sharp X Cut, May 2017


urban vietcong – a colpi di machete cd – now available

… now available from Rebel Time Records … the debut 6-song cd from Italian left-radical streetpunk/oi/core outfit Urban Vietcong … $10.00 (postage included) in Canada … limited copies, so don’t delay, act today … ! Scroll down to read an interview with the band …




a few words with urban vietcong

I’ve been a fan of Italian punk rock for a long time … I first got into bands like Indigesti, Wretched, Raw Power, Nabat, Peggio Punx, CCM, etc, in the early 1980’s thanks to (the hugely influential) Bad Compilation Tapes and thanks to Craig, from Hamilton’s Schizophrenic Records, who was distributing BCT tapes locally, so they were easy for me to get my hands on.
Here’s a bit of an interview with another, much newer, Italian band (based in Livorno) that’s now getting a lot of play at Rebel Time Records HQ. Urban Vietcong came to my attention when singer Bebe (who was also the singer for the great band Trade Unions – check our their tunes on Youtube) dropped me a line of Facebook and we got to chatting.
10 copies of the band’s debut are winging their way to Canada for distribution as we speak!
Please introduce yourselves! Who / what is Urban Vietcong?
Urban Vietcong was born in October 2015  from the ashes of Trade Unions. Trade uvtwoUnions was a band that mixed oi! with hardcore and existed from 2004 until 2015. When Trade Unions ended , Sciu and Bebe searched for a new guitarist and new drummer to form a new band, because they were  both still thirsty for the stage! Giova and Fante were the answer to our prayers , both for kinship and for sound, because with different influences (melodic hardcore, punk rock ) the sound has become more original. When people ask us what kind of music we play ,we are in trouble because we mix everything we like,from oi! to punk rock.
Gli urban vietcong nascono nel mese di ottobre del 2015 dalle ceneri dei trade unions. I trade unions era una band che ha mescolato oi! Con hardcore in attività dal 2004 al 2015. Quando questa esperienza finì, sciu e bebe cercano una nuova chitarra e un nuovo batterista per formare una nuova band, essendo ancora assetati di palchi, giova e fante sono stati un’ottima risposta, sia per affinità che suono, perché con influenze diverse (hardcore melodico, punkrock) il suono è diventato più originale. Quando ci chiedono che musica facciamo, siamo in difficoltà perché mescoliamo tutto quello che ci piace, da oi! Al punkrock.
The band released as 6-song CD in 2016 called “A Colpi Mi Machete.” What are some of the themes of the album?
The themes of ours songs are related to our everyday lives, from the bar to  the struggles of our city. For example in “Livorno Non Si Piega,” we speak of struggle of our ancestors against the invaders, right up to the present day, to defend the rights of the working class or against the new bosses..”Hunger Strike & Troubles” speaks about the Irish conflict. In “Attacco” we express our desire for a greater organization of left movement, in order to, as Majakovskij said, to attack the sky.  In other songs we talk more about everyday life and urbbanvietcongcoverpirate life!

il tema delle nostre canzoni è legato alla nostra vita quotidiana, dal bancone alle lotte della nostra città. Ad esempio in “livorno non si piega” parliamo della lotta dei nostri antenati contro gli invasori fino ai giorni nostri, Per difendere i diritti della classe operaia o contro i nuovi padroni. “Hunger strike and troubles” parla del conflitto irlandese. In Attacco esprimiamo il nostro desiderio di una maggiore organizzazione del movimento come diceva majakovskij per assalteremo il cielo. In altri parliamo di più della vita quotidiana e della vita pirata!

Urban Vietcong sings about political issues. Are there any political issues you are involved in on a personal basis, or as a band?
Music, as well as  being fun, and a way to come together, is a means of communication and a way to convey our ideas. In Italy and also in other countries, capital with its means and methods (fascists, police and politicians) is increasingly depleting the less well-off classes. We are only a drop in the sea, but in our social centre and  in our own little way we try to do something to combat this, such as defending historical memory (partisans), anti-fascism,  the right to housing, and more.
la musica oltre che un divertimento,e per stare insieme è un mezzo di comunicazione per trasmettere le nostre idee.in italia e anche in altri paesi il capitale con i suoi mezzi (fascisti, polizia e politici) sta impoverendo sempre piu Le classi meno abbienti, siamo soltanto una goccia nel mare, ma nel nostro piccolo cerchiamo di fare attività per combattere tutto questo,come ad esempio difendere la memoria storica (partigiani), l’antifascismo, il diritto alla casa e altro ancora.
Are there any other good political bands from Italy that you would recommend?
The most political and historic band in Italy is ska band, Banda Bassotti. In addition to uvonethis, in the oi / punk scene, we can’t forget name likes Atarassia Group, S-Contro, Barricata Rossa, Attaccabrighe, Sempre Peggio, Azione Diretta, Malasuerte….we apologize if we forgot someone!
La band più politica e storica è la banda bassotti,ma nel panorama oi!punk italiano non possiamo non menzionare band come malasuerte,azione diretta,barricata rossa,atarassia grop,sempre peggio e s-contro…chiediamo scusa se ce ne siamo dimenticata qualcuna!
Future plans?
Assault the empire! At this time we are going to continue to promote “A Colpi Di Machete” and in January we will begin recording a new album. And, of course, bring socialism to Canada with our sound!
Assaltare il cielo! finiremo di promuovere il disco “a colpi di machete”e a gennaio torneremo in studio per registrare il nuovo album.

Discoccupati senza dio e rifugiati
presi a calci in faccia trattati come feccia
il proletariatovariegato e incazzato
va reso coscienzoso e pure organizzato
PRIORITA’ è la casa e si difende coi picchetti
PRIORITA’ e il lavoro si bastona i sindacati
PRIORITA’ la scuola lotta con gli studenti
PRIORITA’ è la strada si difende dai fascisti

Non stringeremo le cinghie le farem rotear davvero
caricheremo uniti assalteremo il cielo
Non mancheremo il colpo vi spazzeremo il via
con il sangue agli occhi non sarà solo utopia

Lo stato borghese si difende con i maiali
sguinzagliando digos usando tribunali
seduti sempre dalla parte sbagliata
insieme allo sfruttato dietro una barricata
ATTACCO vietcong a colpi di machete
ATTACCO al razzismo come pantere nere
ATTACCO come Palestina contro israele
ATTACCO come Spartaco contro il potere

Antifà dal 1591, leggi livornine qui nessuno è straniero
Villani con Guerrino sconfiggono l’impero
Fischiano i cannoni soffia il vento garbino
A morte l’austriaco sovrano, popolano resiste dalle sue porte
11 Maggio Bartelloni sfida la sorte
Figli di livorno la morte in lotta vi ha trovato

Sognai la libertà, mi opposi all’impero
Labronicamente ribelle spirito mai domo
Decisi di vivere per l’eternità
Divenni baluardo della mia città

Livorno non si piega e mai si piegherà, nuovi sovversivi difendon la città
Vecchi valori contro i nuovi padroni , difendi le tue strade senza timori
Livorno non si piega e mai si piegherà, nuovi banditi difendon la città
Tra i mercati e quartieri popolari , nella mente partigiani e botte ai militari

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