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interview – les trois huit

One of the highlights of 2015 was coming across this great militant antifa streetpunk band from Grenoble, France. Thanks to the Action Sedition crew for bringing Les Trois Huit to our ears and attention!

What follows is an interview with Les Trois Huit that was done very recently by the folks at Dure Realitie zine/label out of Quebec.

Huge thanks to Mathieu (host of Sous Pression) for the translation…Sous Pression radio highlights some of the best in francophone punk, ska, hardcore, and oi! from every corner of the french-speaking world…well worth a listen…

FYI: you can download the band’s new album for FREE at the Les Trois Huit website!

Here’s a short interview with a band that Dure Realitie is working with to distribute their self-titled album. Les Trois Huit, an antifascist Oi! and streetpunk band from Grenoble (France). Enjoy!


First of all, for the sake of those who might not have heard of you yet, could you introduce the band and its members?

Well first of all, hello to everyone!

We are Les Trois Huit, or LTH, from Grenoble. We play a a mix of streetpunk and oi!. We are an activist group fighting for a society free from oppression, for a mixed and popular society. We’re active through our lyrics, through our DIY and egalitarian approach, and through our own activist activities.

The band formed three years ago without really know how to play our instruments, but we tried to take things slow, did our best, and stayed true to ourselves, and now we just released our first album.

As for the band members, there’s Rubz on vocals, Riad on bass, Numa on guitar, Polo on rhythm, Rouk on drums, and Rémi is the sound engineer.

What does your band name, Les Trois Huit, mean?

In France, Les Trois Huit is a rhythm of work in a lot of factories and stores. There are three teams that work 8 hours each: from 5am to 1pm, then from 1pm to 9pm, and thenLTHLogo3 from 9pm to 5am. You have a team and you work from one week to another.
It’s a rhythm of work that throws you off completely, that fucks with your social life and you family life…

Even if none of us work under this regime of work anymore, it’s something we’ve experienced that we wanted to give nod to our working-class roots. We’re also proud of that part of our lives, and we’re showing it through our name.

On top of that, it’s the number of the département we live in, of our city Grenoble, and its surrounding areas. [Translators Note: A département in France is similar to a province or state. Each département has both a name, and a regional number.]

What are some of your influences?

Well, in LTH, some of our members come from different musical backgrounds. Numa and Rubz are from a more urban background, more Hip Hop, Riad is more ska, Polo only listens to oi!, and Rouk comes more from the hardcore punk scene. Every member comes with their own baggage, which is what makes LTH. If we had to list some bands that have influences us, we’d have to say that it went from Brigada Flores Magon to Bad Manners, but also Singe Des Rues, Bull Brigade, Les Partisans, Molodoï, Non Servium, Hors Contrôle, Los Foiros, Bolchoï, Nabat…

But seriously, the guys in the band really listen to just about everything, so obviously we’re influenced by a lot of things.

What have some of the band’s memorable moments?

LTHLogo2There have been a lot of memorable moments. Well, for one our first practice sessions were a disaster. Some of us have shared overnight stays in jail, our old guitarist Tonton leaving the band, working overnight to build our practice space, and lately, the release of our album in Grenoble, which was for us a really great moment with lots of friends.

Your lyrics are clearly political Are you also active with any activist collectives of groups? If so, which ones?

Yeah, it’s obvious that most of our lyrics are political. When you sing about your vision of life in general, and that you think critically of things that surround you, then you’re obviously being political. But singing political songs isn’t enough. Just being political at concerts and then going out to party is too easy. You have to be political all of the time: at work, in the streets, in collectives and other groups. At the very least, we’re all unionized. There are some of us who were in the CNT, but are now in SUD, others are in their own unions at work. Otherwise, we also participate in a lot of protests, and we organize things in our own city. For the moment, our main involvement outside of the band is in our workplace.

What are some of the current struggles going on in Grenoble?

Well at the moment, one of the bigger struggles has to do with housing, and squats that are being evicted by the city.

In fact, our city is run by an environmental and leftist council. During their campaign, LTHCD2they said they would support the squats and stop the evictionss, but we can see that this obviously isn’t what’s happening. Roma people are bearing the biggest brunt of their political plans, which consists only of evictions without any long term, sustainable housing and integration plan.

Our feminist comrades also have a strong presence in Grenoble. Although we aren’t really members of any of their collectives, we support them 100%, because for us, being antifascist is being realistic and willing to struggle against all forms of oppression, including the struggle against male domination over women.

Given the current climate in France, there are also struggles against the state of emergency and state abuses. Random arrests, house arrests for people who have nothing to do with fundamentalists and have no interest in blowing anything up.

There’s a lot to fight against. These are dirty times.

Musically speaking, what’s the revolutionary scene in region like?

lthpic3To talk of a revolutionary scene in relation to what is happening around here is, in our opinion, seeing things a bit through rose coloured glasses. We can’t really speak of a revolutionary scene around here. When we speak more of alternative scenes, Grenoble is a pretty lively city. There are some pretty good punk, surf or coldwave bands coming out of the squats. There is one particular collective, L’Armée Des Zombies, that makes it possible for a number of punk and rock bands to exist. There is also a big metal, hip hop, and trance scene. In fact, there is a pretty big musical diversity for a city this size. As for politics, it’s less about the music and more about collectives, organizations, and associations. We also have our friends in the ultras from stands RK94 and DB07 who do a lot of good work in the stands and in the city.

As for music, there are a few political bands out there, but nowhere close to being a majority.

We know that the redskin movement was really strong in France in the 1990s and 2000s. They seem to have disappeared a bit over the last few years, but there also seems to be a re-emergence of redskin bands such as yours. Would you say that we’re witnessing a renewal of the movement in France? Would you say that you’re part of this renewal? What’s your relationship with the movement?

Honestly, it might be a bit too soon to talk about a renewal, but there has been a resurgence of antifa collectives these last few years, made up in part by redskins. This has pretty much the natural response to the growth of neo-fascist groups in our country.

Although we clearly identify with the antifa movement, we don’t necessarily label lthbandourselves as redskins. We don’t want to assume that title and we have much respect for what they did in the 90s. The most important thing for us isn’t how you label yourself, but what you say and what you do, not what you claim to be.

But we know that, when you look at us, we’re not too far off from looking like a bunch of reds! Hahaha!

Are there any bands from your region that you would recommend, regardless of style?

Well, there are our friends’ bands, obviously. We’ll give them a bit of a shout out! Les Partisans (recently reunited), the Profs de Skids, Guarapita, Resaka Sonora, Bull Brigade, Lorelei, Retrograd, DK Les Sales Gueules, Flo Mescouyenski, Motor Riot, Les Chevals Hongrois, Habemus Papam, les Tôle Boyz…

Do you have anything to say to people in Québec who are discovering you now?

Well, we’re obviously really proud and happy that our music is being heard over there, lthgroup2and we hope that you’ll like our stuff. Whatever we do, it comes from the heart, and that’s what’s most important to us.

We really hope to come play in Québec on day, and to get to know the scene a bit better, especially since it has such a great reputation here.

Other than that, take care of yourselves.

Don’t give up your struggles, your values, and your ideals.

We can’t forget that, as activists, despite our differences, we are all brothers and sisters, from both sides of the Atlantic, even without knowing each other!



radical leftees – fundraiser for kim – imprisoned antifa

As part of the fundraising efforts for our good friend/comrade Kim (currently doing time in a UK clink for antifa actions), and in conjunction with Radical Leftees (“whether you’re out on the town or out in the streets, whether you’re raising a pint or raising a fist, you’ll look good and feel good in a radical leftee. they’re all the rage”), we’re offering up these antifa shirts…15.00 plus 8.00 postage (Canada and US)…drop us a line at rebeltimerecords(AT)gmail.com if you’d like one…

We’ll also have these shirts available for sale at the Political Prisoner Fundraising Dinner and Beers! which is happening on January 29th, 2016 in Hamilton…

And, there is also the We’re Still Here : Anti Fascist Prisoner Support Whip Round And Pissup happening in Toronto on Friday February 5th, 2016.

Plus, there is a Soirée De Soutien Pour Un Prisonnier Politique Antifasciste happening in Sagunenay, Quebec on February 6th, 2016.

As well, the fine folks at the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund will be lending a financial hand to Kim and his co-defendant.

Check out the (just slightly outdated) Radical Leftees site for more pics of the shirts…


“Raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Kim is an anarchist, political organizer, local shit- antifacollection2014disturber, and all around solid human being. An indispensible member of the community, he’s been involved in everything from anti-police struggles to workplace organizing, from anarchist publishing to anti-racism work and so much more.

Seeking to explore and gain experience of struggle elsewhere, Kim moved to London, England two years ago. Immediately throwing himself into political work abroad, he became active in various London-based projects. A committed anti-fascist, Kim quickly became a staple in the London antifa scene. Organizing to confront all manifestations of contemporary fascism, he routinely participated in counter-demonstrations to disrupt the gatherings of fascists.

At one such demonstration, a physical confrontation erupted and Kim along with several others, were arrested in relation to the beating of fascists. As of January 2016, Kim was charged and sentenced to two months in prison as a result of the incident.

To help support Kim while he serves his sentence, as well as for when he gets released, heantifafundsix needs funds. If you’re interesting in providing support (anything is appreciated!), check out one of the several upcoming fundraising events in Hamilton.

If you’re interested in throwing some funds his way, but cannot make any of the events get in touch by contacting: jailsolidarity1312@gmail.com

If you would like to write to Kim, send your letters to: writetokiminlondon@gmail.com (responses will be scanned and emailed back)”


Order today and we’ll include, absolutely free and at no cost to you, a copy of the classic antifa compilation “Northen Aggression: Project Boneyard Volume II” CD. 14 tracks of  antifa Oi, punk and more, including tracks from Stage Bottles, The Oppressed, The Press, MC Crenshaw and more.

NorthernpiconeReleased in 2009, this compilation was described thusly by Exclaim Magazine:

“This release is a compilation distributed with the intent of cracking down on fascist propaganda and White Pride organizations, using music as a message of unification and urgency. Comprised of punk, hardcore and hip-hop acts, and featuring 16 tracks of vigilant activism, this collection brings lesser-known artists out of the dark and onto the battlefield. Baltimore, MD outfit Fighting Chance set the scene with “Somethin’s Gotta be Done,” a call to arms that’s delivered in the true oi spirit. Toronto, ON street punks the Class Assassins and their outcast anthem, “Outside Looking In,” are a fitting contribution, as is hardcore faction Death in Custody’s abrasive and spastic “Car Bomb.” Remarkably, America’s premier working-class punks the Press also lend their assistance to the disc with “Just another Warning,” which has just as much relevance today as it did 20 years ago. Northern Aggression ― Project Boneyard Volume 2 is a propitious comp that successfully manages to connect different artists and genres together with the soul purpose of the masses following suit despite race, creed or gender. Amen.”

Here’s a couple of tracks from the CD:



Kim, a great friend/comrade from our hometown of Hamilton is currently doing time in a UK clink for anti-fascists actions and he needs our support.

As such, any and all monies from the sale of the Action Sedition / Spanner  “History Lessons” 7″  Bandcamp download will go directly to Kim…it’s just $5.00 (or more if you like!) for 4 top-notch left-radical (and, of course, anti-fascist) political punk rock tunes…





Raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Kim is an anarchist, political organizer, local shit- disturber, and all around solid human being. An indispensible member of the community, he’s been involved in everything from anti-police struggles to workplace organizing, from anarchist publishing to anti-racism work and so much more.

Seeking to explore and gain experience of struggle elsewhere, Kim moved to London, England two years ago. Immediately throwing himself into political work abroad, he became active in various London-based projects. A committed anti-fascist, Kim quickly became a staple in the London antifa scene. Organizing to confront all manifestations of contemporary fascism, he routinely participated in counter-demonstrations to disrupt the gatherings of fascists.

At one such demonstration, a physical confrontation erupted and Kim along with several others, were arrested in relation to the beating of fascists. As of January 2016, Kim was charged and sentenced to two months in prison as a result of the incident.

To help support Kim while he serves his sentence, as well as for when he gets released, he needs funds. If you’re interesting in providing support (anything is appreciated!), check out one of the several upcoming fundraising events in Hamilton.

If you’re interested in throwing some funds his way, but cannot make any of the events get in touch by contacting: jailsolidarity1312@gmail.com

If you would like to write to Kim, send your letters to: writetokiminlondon@gmail.com (responses will be scanned and emailed back)


Hamilton’s anarchist social centre The Tower will be hosting a fundraising dinner for Kim on Friday, January 29th….event info right here…hope to see you there! Dinner is just $10.00 a person and a beer will set you back $4.00!

*Here’s Spanner, in Hamilton, doing the entirely appropriate ‘Always Antifascist,’ one of the songs on the 7″ … maybe you can even spot Kim in the crowd!


It’s a tired old story when times are harsh
the fascists and racists go on the march
with twisted faces and ideas
misplaced anger, ignorance and fear
They go for easy targets and never aim high
Believing all the bullshit and swallowing all the lies
yeah they can shout loud but they’ve nothing to say
just the same old bigotry that never goes away
Repackaged as radical, new and improved
but so many times it’s been proved
they’ve got nothing to offer but division and hate
and power and strength to the nation state

Raised fists antifascists help the fightback spread
and the only good fascist is one that is dead
Militants in resistance we know our enemies
and we know that our best weapon is solidarity
Police and fascists march side by side
it’s always been the way, it can’t be denied
waving batons or St George crosses
they’re working for the rich and the same bosses
So there’s plenty of violence to protect “Free speech”
for the fascist scum and the filth they preach
their “right to protest” is always ensured
while antifascists feel the force of the law

Liberals without a clue
trying to tell “the movement” what to do
follow the leaders from a to b
and let’s pretend we got unity
Stirring speeches keep people still
as designated protest pens are filled
miles from the fascists behind police rails
playing it safe and doomed to fail
We know that fighting fascism means sometimes we have to fight
not pacified, dead end demos where everything is so polite
It’s not about being macho, elite or supertough
but a look at the history of fascism should tell us enough
It’s confidence and strength will grow if it is unopposed
so with barricades and whatever it takes we’ll make sure the road is closed
Wherever they start we have to stop them to make sure they have no chance
there’s many ways to beat the fascists and push back their advance
We’ll never accept the rise of the right or fascists on our streets
and we won’t follow leaders on the long road to defeat
In memory of fallen comrades we will never forget
nor do we forgive so our rage is fueled to destroy the fascist threat

*Here’s Action Sedition, in Hamilton, doing the entirely appropriate ‘Classe Contre Classe,’ one of the songs on the 7″… Kim is in there somewhere!


Class against class
We will always fight on
Class against class
We will never back dow

The local factory is shutting down
Hundreds of jobs are lost once again
Anger is building inside of us
Families find themselves on the streets

Between killing, drinking or shouting
I’ve decided to fight for my dignity
They’ve humiliated my class
Time for revenge has finally arrived

Welfare is not enough
Landlords won’t accept credit
It’s a return to underemployment
Precariousness enriches them

Unions do nothing
Infected with bureaucracy
The power of the bosses spreads
The more we scratch, the more rot we find

Class against class (x8)

Yet we don’t have much choice
If we want to break our chains
We must organize for the fight
Capitalism must be eliminated

We will win through the struggle
The bourgeoisie and its servants
We will overthrow the balance of power
Because there can be no peace between classes


Top 10 Songs Chosen By Randy Smith (Rebel Time Records)

Back in October, Mick from the most excellent Just Some Punk Songs blog asked if I’d be up for compiling a “10 best punk songs” list (with videos) for said blog. Here’s what I came up with (in alphabetical order, from A to Z!)…

Massive thanks to Mick for allowing me the opportunity to share some of my favourite bands and music. Much appreciated!  As I have a ton of favourite bands and songs, and as Rebel Time Records is a ‘political punk rock’ label,  I narrowed it down by picking only Canadian bands and songs that mean a lot to me both on a personal and political level; songs that both move me and make me move; songs that make me want to raise a pint (or a least, a virgin Caesar) and a fist.  Not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination…there are just so many other great bands that could have/should have been on this list…cheers!

About 3 years back I noticed that a band called Action Sedition was starting to play out in Montreal.   Great name,  I sez to myself,  but what the heck do they sound like and what are they singing about?  My answer came in the form of their 8-song demo  Rapport de Force  which came out in 2012. Holy Head of Jesus ! What a platter  Left-radical, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist catchy political streetpunk done up just the way I like it! The first song I listened to was  “Prisonniers Politiques”  and I was stoked to see/hear the lyrics name-check a political prisoner I used to correspond with back in the day. Fast-forward a couple of years and I’m proud to say that Rebel Time Records has put the band on tour in Ontario and has also helped to release some top-tunes from the band. Action Sedition is a band that walks the talk…members are active in such groups as the IWW, Montreal Red and Anarchist Skinheads, Montreal Sisterhood and they do  Revolution Fest (3 days of  feminist, anti-capitalist and anti-fascist  music) in Montreal every year.


One of the guitarists from Broadcast Zero, Phil D, and I started Rebel Time Records back in 2008.  Our first release was the first Broadcast Zero album  “Yesterday, You Could Change The World”.  This song is from their second album  “Some Concerns Regarding This Revolt,”  which, personally, I think slipped under the radar a bit and didn’t get the attention it deserved. Faster, angrier, tighter and more focused than the first album, with insightful lyrics from singer Nick, who said at the time that “the album  takes on a theme of deconstruction, raising questions of personal accountability and participation, and stressing the importance of looking in the mirror before pointing fingers.”  Or, as one reviewer put it: “a unique union of societal concerns and life lessons.”  The band toured Canada/North America 3 times in about 3 years. Though broken up, they have reunited on occasion for very worthy causes…


“No Justice  No Peace”…this song was first released back in 2000, on The Class Assassin’s original demo CD . Since then, it has come out in different versions, on different releases. This version is from the  No Justice…  7”  and, 15 years in, it’s still one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands, with a message that is as pertinent and powerful now as it was then. Timeless, catchy-as-heck, anthemic, sing-a-long streetpunk with something to say. The guys in the band are a veritable who’s-who of Toronto punk rock…over the past 20 or 30 years they’ve been in such bands as Bitter Grin, Hockey Teeth, Direct Action, 2-Pump Louie, Sinkin’ Ships, Problem Children, Chronic Submission and more.  Stoked to have a couple of Class Ass releases under our Rebel Time Records belts.


I’m a Fallout-booster. There is just no getting around that. I shout their praise (and rightly so!) from the mountains and the roof-tops.  This 3-piece combo has been described as  ‘straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock,’ and one sage reviewer noted that ” Their catchy-as-hell, sing-along, three-chord punk rock packs a definite punch and is coupled with well-crafted and well-articulated, socially-conscious lyrics that crackle with heartfelt anger and urgency.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself! Me, I find their first full-length “Turning Revolution Into Money” to be an absolute classic. This particular song, Peace Love And Anarchy serves as the theme song of Rebel Time Radio (Wednesdays, from 9:00PM to 10:0PM on SoundFM100.3, broadcasting out of Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario). Fittingly, it’s about building genuine and caring communities outside of corporate culture.  Pat from Brutal Youth / Class War Kids has recently joined the band on bass, and word on the streets is that new material is forthcoming…



No less a punk rock luminary than Damien of Fucked Up fame has declared the record this song was on ‘the 10th best punk rock 7″ to come out of Toronto.’ He says: “The opening of this record has a sample from a Nazi on Geraldo espousing his beliefs before he’s cut off by one of the greatest anti-fascist songs ever: Not So Long Ago.” Hey, who am I to argue with that! In the spirit of full disclosure, the two guitarists from this band (brothers Chris and Dan) went on to form the aforementioned The Class Assassins. Hockey Teeth was a band that walked the talk. As Mark, the singer, said recently: “I am …proud to say that my friends/band mates over the years have done our best to help every organization that we could playing as many benefit shows as we did…whether it was in support of Womyn’s shelters, Animal welfare, human rights/dignities, equal rights, and food banks/shelters etc. We may have been a small thing in the scope of things, but I know we helped many. I know we may have been a small change in the world, but if you start to act locally, it can have a great effect globally. ” Nice one Hockey Teeth!!



Two for one!
Originally released by the late, great Hold A Grudge on their “Doing Time” album in 2010 and covered and released by the late, great Jeunesse Apatride on their “Jusq’au bout” album in 2014 .Two great bands from Montreal who just happened to share both a bass player and a positive political attitude, as exemplified by this tune. It’s an upbeat, uplifting and inspirational call-to-arms. Take they lyrics to heart!!
Honoured to have had both bands play Rebel Time Records shows and Rebel Fests. Having Jeunesse Apatride play the very first Rebel Fest was amazing. From what I understand, it was their only show (aside from European shows) outside of Quebec. Merci!!
Note 1: Hold a Grudge recorded a second album that has yet to see the light of day…fingers crossed that it does…
Note 2: The first 3 Jeuensse Apatride albums can be downloaded FOR FREE at their bandcamp page…



“Hardcore Against Capitalism,” that’s how Killing Fields described themselves. Raging political HC out of, yep, Montreal. This song came out on their 5-song cassette tape release “Down To My Last Round,” released in 2009. First came across this band on Myspace (!) and was intrigued. Another Quebec band that Rebel Time Records was able to convince, back in 2010, to make the 8 hour trip to Hamilton to play one of our Sunday afternoon Punk Rock Matinees. Sadly, the band broke up shortly thereafter, but, happily, recently, they have threatened to reform in one shape or another. Hoping that happens! In the meantime, you can download their 5 song cassette release FOR FREE on Bandcamp…do it, do it now!



One of my favourite songs (both in terms of music and music) from one of my favourite bands and the last song on what I imagine will be the last album from the band. The first time I heard this tune, I got all verklempt (and still do when listening to it) The death of singer Todd Serious back in March 2015 hit us all hard, no doubt about it. We’re still in recovery mode. I couldn’t listen to anything by The Rebel Spell for quite a while, but, when I decided it was time to do so, this was the song I chose to start off with. For me personally, a song that fundamentally encapsulates the band’s ethos…committed, caring, uncompromising and compassionate. Inspirational and incendiary. Can’t say enough good things about this band and the people who comprised it. DIY political punk at it’s best. Please check them out and please fight for the sun…



“S.C.U.M. stood for Society Controlled Under Murderers. The police in Montreal were known as the C.U.M. (Communaute Urbaine de Montreal) and they had street signs up for them so this was an easy graffiti thing to do was to put S’s in front of their acronym.” – Equalizing X Distort
Quite simply, one of the great anti-cop songs of all time, from Montreal’s S.C.U.M. The anger is visceral and palpable and, 30 years after this song was first released, still righteous and relevant. I mean, just this week 8 Quebec cops have been suspended for alleged sexual assaults on aboriginal women and in Toronto, the trial has started for the cop who pumped 9 rounds into Sammy Yatim. The last line of this song alone is worth the price of admission…”Your funeral is my party, pig.”
This song plays in my head a lot. I mean, a lot! It’s my all-purpose, go-to tune when The Man is pissing me off…



1983. Sitting in a PoliSci class at McMaster University in Hamilton. Reading a copy of Black Triangle, a local punk zine. Dude sitting about three seats down on my left sees me reading it and whispers over “Hey, I’m in that zine!” Hmmm. I flip through the pages and, lo and behold, I see a picture of the dude. His name is Gord, and he plays bass for Zeroption. And, hey, I just happen to love Zeroption! I’d recently picked up the ‘TO Hardcore ’83’ compilation tape which featured a bunch of Toronto punk/HC bands, including Zeroption. Red Scare is one of the 3 tracks of great political punk rock they contributed to the comp.
Long story short, we got to talking and it turned out that both Gord and the band’s guitar player, Stuart, were attending McMaster. Of course, we all bonded over a shared love of punk rock and political science.I remember Gord made up a mixtape for me with stuff like Bad Religion, Die Kreuzen, SSD and Personality Crisis. He also gave me a tape with 8 or 10 Zeroption songs. Sadly, both tapes are long lost.



Thanks to the good people at the Redstar 73 Antifa Blog for the interview! It’s at great site with plenty of great interviews and more…they’ve previously interviewed Rebel Time Records bands like Spanner and Section 4!

Rebel Time Records – Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your record label?
Rebel Time Records: Sure! Rebel Time Records is a label based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Rebel Time Records was started in 2008 in order to release socially-conscious, politically-charged, left-radical political punk rock, with an emphasis on Canadian bands. We like to say we deal in songs of protest and resistance and songs of love and rage…our motto is Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times and our bands are inspirational, incendiary and insightful/inciteful!” To date, we have about 13 releases, with more on the way. We’ve released great material by bands such as Action Sedition, The Class Assassins, The Rebel Spell, Section 4, Spanner, Broadcast Zero, The Rotten and more. The name? Hmmm…As I recall, “Rebel Time” was a phrase I heard in a song by the band Klasse Kriminale…I thought Rebel Time Records sounded good and had a nice ‘ring’ to it. Our label graphic (our ‘mascot’) is the wrench-toting, balaclava-wearing person giving the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. We use this as our label-graphic for a few reasons…a wrench / spanner is a handy tool that can be used to tighten things up / create / build things, and, yet, it can also can be used to loosen things up / destroy / tear down things. We hope that the music on our label can be kind of like that wrench! Also, the fact that our mascot is wearing a balaclava makes it ‘every person,’ underneath the mask, it could be you, or it could be me, it could be her, it could be him, it could be anyone…it’s inclusive. We hope that everyone will see themselves, to a certain extent, in this graphic. And, hey, who doesn’t like getting positive affirmation or acknowledgment in the form of a ‘thumbs-up’ once in while!

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for Rebel Time Records? Any new releases on the horizon?
Rebel Time Records: At the moment, we are taking things kind of slow. Running a record label (especially one that deals in such a selective and specific genre or ‘niche’ like political punk), is really an ‘expensive hobby’ these days! It’s a labour of love, that’s for sure! Most recently, we have released some amazing music from Vancouver’s The Rebel Spell, Ireland’s Section 4 and Montreal’s Action Sedition I think our next release will be ‘The Mivart Sessions,’a collection of 12 “bodgy and barely remixed’ live-off-the-floor tracks from militant ska-punk band Spanner (from Bristol, England). Just a fantastic band who, can, in our humble opinion, can do no wrong. We’ll be cooperating with a couple of other labels on this release. The band assures us the finished tracks will be in our hands shortly! Also in the near future, we’ll be releasing some new material from one of our all-time favorite local bands, The Fallout. ‘Straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock’ is the best way to describe these guys. They’ve been around for quite a while and have worked with Longshot Records and Insurgence Records. Stoked to have them on Rebel Time Records. Check out their classic album “Turning Revolution Into Money” online…there is talk of releasing a remixed/remastered version of this too… Further down the line, we look forward to working again with Action Sedition, they just keep getting better and better…anti-fa oi/streetpunk at its best…

Redstar73 Blog: How important is the DIY idea and politics to you?
Rebel Time Records: I think that, both for the label and for the people involved in it, both the ‘staff’ and the musicians, DIY politics and ideas are important, integral and essential! The Rebel Spell, on their first CD “Days Of Rage” said “trying to abide to strong morals and ideals to maintain a positive Do It Yourself ethic is sometimes exhausting, but the ones that live it and survive it, get to live proud.” Very true words. I’d like to think that the bands on Rebel Time Records and the people who make up the RTR Collective can take and have taken pride in their political / DIY stance. Folks involved in Rebel Time Records have been doing things positively DIY and ‘hands on’ (and getting those hands very dirty!) for most of their political / musical lives…everything from publishing magazines covering left-radical struggles to tenant organizing, to volunteering at social centers and union organizing, to putting on shows, demonstrations and political events, to setting up tours for bands and political speakers to building home recording studios, etc, etc! I’ll end this answer with a quote from Byron, singer/guitarist for The Fallout: “D.I.Y is not waiting for the right time, place or circumstances to come along and take care of you. D.I.Y is making your ambitions happen right here, right now.” So, yeah, get busy!! Create! Build something great!
OK, just one more quote from Byron: “If you aren’t getting what you want then get off your ass and make it happen. There’s no reason you can’t.” Words to live by!

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Hamilton?
Rebel Time Records: Ahh…Hamilton…known world-wide at The Hammer, The Steel City, The Ambitious City, home to the Hamilton Tiger Cats football team (Oskie Wee Wee, Oskie Waa Waa, Holy Mackinaw, Tigers… Eat ’em RAW!! ) The scene in Hamilton is pretty darn good! Politically, Hamilton is home to a very cool anarchist social center called The Tower which hosts plenty of amazing events such as skill-shares, discussion series, reading groups, movie nights etc. The space also has a lending library and a print shop. In a nutshell, The Tower aims to support and provide a resource for local activist groups, community organizations, revolutionaries, and anyone sympathetic to anarchist principles of direct action, mutual aid and solidarity, voluntary association, prefiguration, equality, and autonomy. Musically, Hamilton is, and always has been, home to a vibrant music community. In fact, some of the first punk bands, such as Teenage Head and The Forgotten Rebels, came from Hamilton and Hamilton’s best punk club/bar/venue, This Ain’t Hollywood, is named after a Forgotten Rebels song. We host shows there once in a while and it’s also home to Rebel Fest. Besides Rebel Time Records, Hamilton is also home to Schizophrenic Records, purveyors of punk rock both local and international. The Schizophrenic folks also own and operate a (literally) underground record store called Hammer City Records. Well worth a visit! Also well worth a visit is Crash Landing Punk and Music store, owned and operated by long-time local punk rock scenesters. So, yeah, Hamilton has everything we need…venues, record stores, a social center and a ton of amazing people involved in punk and politics! Defend Hamilton!!

Redstar73 Blog: Any last words?
Rebel Time Records: Thanks very much for the interview. Much appreciated.! In closing, I’d just like to pay respect and homage to two members of the Rebel Time Records family who we lost earlier this year. Angi Orchard, drummer for The Rotten lost her battle with breast cancer in May and Todd Serious, singer for The Rebel Spell, passed away after a rock-climbing accident in March. Both were amazing individuals, caring, compassionate and committed. Both were passionate people, deeply involved in punk and politics and both shared a commitment to animal welfare and animal advocacy.. Just a few days ago, Propagandhi released a cover of The Rebel Spell’s song “I Am A Rifle,” with all proceeds/donations from the sale of the song going to two causes close to Todd’s heart, The Wildlife Defence League and the Unistoten Defence Fund. The song is available on Propagandhi’s bandcamp page. Buying the song and thus contributing to these causes would be a great way to remember both Todd and Ang…



soundtrack of solidarity

We’ll have 10 copies of this CD in our hands shortly … $12.00 (plus postage) gets you a copy (please drop us a line if you’d like us to hold one for you) … a fundraiser done up by RASH-Munchen …  with Brigada Flores Magon, Action Sedition, Spanner, Jeunesse Apatride, Produzenten der Froide, Los Fastidos, Artificial Eyes and more  … here’s their blurb about the disc … :

soundsofsolidarity1SOUNDTRACK OF SOLIDARITY!

Today the Solidarity-Compilation for our friend and comrade Paul get released! The CD will cost 5€, you can give more if you want. All the money we give to Paul that he is able to pay the lawyer. We want to say thanks to all Bands who supported us! You can order the CD vie e-mail (solidaritywithpaul@hushmail.com) or send a message to our facebookpage. How you can pay we tell you in the answer-email.

Soundtrack of Solidarity – 14 Tracks – 5€- Orders to: solidaritywithpaul@hushmail.com or send a message to the RASH München page.

For all who ask now “Who is Paul and why is he in jail?!” Here is the answer:

At the 20th of July Paul was protesting together with more than 1300 antifascists against PEGIDA in Munich. Because he was carrying a flag with him that was “too short” he has been arrested. Since that day he is held in custody. Pressrelease from the 22nd of July: At the 20th of July PEGIDA Munich hosted a manifestation at the Marienplatz where they invited PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann to gain momentum for their rascist movement. More than 1300 people where involved against the rascist demonstration. During those protests some people got arrested and some where held in custody. Around 8:30 PM a antifascist was stopped by undercover cops and got arrested for violating the laws of public gatherings. They justyfied this by a flag the activist was carrying wich was “too short” by their understanding. Since then the activist is in detention while awaiting trial. The spokesman of the supporters for people beeing agrieved by repression during the anti- Pegida protests had this to say: “the imprisoment of an activist under filmsy conditions like this is the peak of a wave of unjustified repression against antifascists. Meanwhile convicted right- wing terrorists and neonazis can attack and threat journalists and activists. the nonintervention by the police while right wing soundsofsolidarity2activists attack antifascists and the repression against antifascist can be seen as a strategic move. If the city of Munich wants to fight rascism is debatable. In any case, the police of Munich is doing everything to make the rascist march possible monday for monday. If necessary by deviating antifascist protest.

Against Pegida and repression!
Against the deviation of antifascist protest!

Thanks to Produzenten der Froide Los Fastidios – officialpage Brigada Flores Magon Malasuerte Fi Sud Spanner Action Sédition FFD uguaglianzaARTIFICIAL EYES ZSK Jeunesse Apatride Lumpen Cosenza Oi Total Komplet hors contrôle( page officielle)
Our Solidarity against your repression!


Le 20 juillet dernier, Paul était parmi les 1300 antifascistes manifestants dans les rues de Munich contre PEGIDA. Il a été arrêté par la police pour la simple raison qu’ils ont jugés que le bâton sur lequel il portait un drapeau était trop court. Il reste emprisonné depuis ce jour.

Relevé de presse (22 juillet): Le 20 juillet dernier, une manifestation a eu lieu à la Marienplatz à Munich, où Lutz Bachmann, le fondateur de PEGIDA, à organiser une manifestation afin de faire de la mobilisation pour son mouvement raciste. Plus de 1300 personnes ont répondues contre la manifestation raciste. Au cours des manifestations, quelques personnes ont étés interpellés, et quelques entres eux ont été détenus en prison. Vers 20h30, un antifasciste a été arrêté par les polices en civiles pour avoir violé les lois d’attroupements publiques. Ils ont justifiés l’arrestation en prétendant que le bâton sur lequel il portait son drapeau était, selon eux, trop court. Cet antifasciste est toujours en prison en attendant son procès. Selon le porte-parole de ceux et celles appuyant les victimes de la répression lors de la manifestation anti-PEGIDA, « l’emprisonnement d’un militant pour des raisons si fragile représente le sommet d’une vague de répression contre les antifascistes. Entre temps, des terroristes de la droite et des néo-nazis attaquent et menacent les journalistes. La non-intervention de la police lors des attaques fascistes contres des antifascistes, ainsi que cette répression policière contre les antifascistes peuvent être perçues comme une décision stratégique. Nous ne pouvons pas être certainEs que la ville de Munich veuille se débarrasser du racisme. Peu importe, la police de Munich fait tout en sorte pour que la manifestation raciste de lundi aille lieu, même en réprimant la contre-manifestation antifasciste.

Contre PEGIDA et la répression! Contre la répression des manifestations antifascistes!

Here is  Action Sedition’s contribution to the CD …


Fascism is back in style
Italy celebrates its Duce
Nothing will erase this sad period.
The Nazi regime is settled in
The army is revolting in Spain.
Following the Italian example
Catholics have sold out
Reactionary forces are united.
No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down
The people rise up
To face the fascist threat
They make their dreams reality
Anarchists and socialists
In Catalonia the lands are collectivized
Factories are self-organized
Borders are pushed back
Theory is put into practice
No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down (x2)
The fascists are united
German planes mark the skies
They want to put down the popular uprising
Exile in the north becomes necessary
The struggle is international
France is invaded by Hitler
Our experience becomes crucial
The first resistors take root.

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