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As previously promised, and without further ado, here is a bit of an interview with Basque streetpunk band Mossin Nagant. We’ve been listening to their latest self-titled release pretty much non-stop and have copies of it available in our distro.

Check previous blog entries below for more on the band…

Mossin Nagant on Facebook

1) For those of us who are  not familiar with Mossin Nagant, could you please introduce yourselves.  Who and what is Mossin Nagant?

mossingnagantpromoposterbigMossin Nagant is a streetpunk band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, basque country. Since 2003, our band has changed quite a bit during the years.  We founded our band on a marxist, anti-fascist philosophy, which reflects in our lyrics. Since then, we have had gigs in all kinds of political concerts and festivals in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe (Spanish State, Italy, London, …).

2) In 2005 Mossin Nagant released an album called “Redskin Sounds from Euskal Herria.”  Now in 2013 you have released a new album!  It took a long time, but it is well worth the wait!! Please tell us about the new record…

Haha! Because we don’t make a living of our music, there has been some fluctuation of band members – lack of time, work issues, etc. Work kills time for the best things of life. For those reasons it took us a lot of time to record and edit the album although we have been playing some of the new songs live for years. Finally we’re happy with the result: the work we put into it and we managed to release a different, grown sound. We could count on people very committed to our music and we edited the album accordingly to the availability of our means. Big ups to Rusty Knife Records (France) and Rumagna Sgroza (Italy) who produced the CD-Version with us and to Brixton Records (Bilbo), Urban Hell Tattoo (Zaragagoza) and Mai Morirem (Barcelona) who produced the vinyl. The album is titled “Mossin Nagant” and has 9 songs. We hope people like it as much as we do.

3) Mossin Nagant has songs like “R.A.S.H’ and “Red Skins.” Can you tell us what being a red skin or R.A.S.H means to you?
Being skinhead is inherently connected to the working class and its struggles. Music by and for skinheads in our view is the logical consequence and perhaps one of the most honourable forms of cultural expression. Anti-fascim is deeply rooted in our daily life and we try to reflect this in lyrics, attitude, things and acts. Some members of our groups have been active militants of local R.A.S.H. and similar social movements. Our special situation (opression by the Spanish state and living in an occupied country) has taught us to commit to the struggle for independence and to support our political prisoners.

4) On the song Zauri Zaharra you utilize a musical instrument called a txalaparta.  What is a txalaparta and what is it’s significance?      

The Txalaparta is a specialized Basque music device mde of wood or stone. Used, in the past, as a medium of communication between valleys, nowadays it is an important reference of basque folklore. In this song we used the Txalaparta because the lyrics are about the history of our country and the necessity for revolutionary struggle and independence.

5) Are there other redskin/political bands that we should know about or be listening to?

Of course! The basque country is a nest of all kinds of political bands, the skin, hardcore and punk scene is active and growing. We would like to recommend you our brothers ‘Boot Boys’, another streetpunk group from our city and Zartako (unfortunately they don’t play out anymore) from Bilbo.

We would like to send a solidarity salute to all of your people out there in Canada. Hopefully we’ll meet some day in concert!


the strike – punk rock matinee – august 16, 2015

As mentioned directly below, THE STRIKE are back and getting ready to play out. We are happy to say that their first show will be happening on Sunday, August 16th in Hamilton!

You can stay up-to-date on the proceedings here at the Facebook Event Page:


Here’s a couple classic tunes from the band that should make it into their set!


the strike – may 30, 2015


Was lucky enough to sit in on the 5th or so practice of the new reformed The Strike a few nights back! As previously mentioned on this blog, Fergus (The Strike, Emergency, The Tranzmitors) on bass/vocals has been joined by Pete (The Trojans, The Angelic Upstarts, KHB) on drums/vocals and Crash (Slander, Hammerboiz, The Steeltown Spoilers) on guitar/vocals…a great mix of tunes from both The Strike and Emergency songbooks and even a Hammerboiz tune!

In the words of Pete: “For the past several months, I have been practicing here in Hamilton with the early 80s Punk band The Strike, originally from Inverness, Scotland but transplanted to Canada when their Bassist, lead singer and songwriter, Fergus McCleod moved here in the 90s. I met Fergus several years ago in London, On. and we have been talking about putting a new version of the Band together for years and now it’s here. We will be starting to play shows in August and will probably take over the world by some time next year. Watch out, us and our Punk Walkers are coming to steal your children.”

A few more practices and they’ll be ready to play out. You’ll be able to see them in Toronto in September opening up for The Oppressed, if not sooner!

Here they are doing When The War Is Over. Camera work is a bit shakey, but the performance ain’t…


mossin nagant – new cd – distro

mossingnagantpromoposterbigMossin Nagant are an Oi band from Eusak Herria (Basque country) in Spain. Back in 2005 they put out a great CD called “Redskin Sounds From Euskal Herria” and they’ve just finally released an excellent new self-titled 9-song CD on Rusty Knife Records (antifa label out of France). The band plays melodic and miltant RASH-inspired streetpunk and songs deal with topics such as anti-fascism, anti-capitalism, class pride and class struggle. Other than than, well, don’t really know much about the band! Maybe we’ll try and do an interview with them. ( Actually, just talked to the band, and we’ll do up a small interview with them…stay tuned…. ) We’re getting a very very limited number of the new CD for distro here in North America. The discs are on their to us as we speak, so, if you would like a copy, please get in touch!

NOTE: the CD is now available at our Rebel Time Records Bandcamp page!

Here’s a couple of tracks from the new album….


Hay una vieja historia que quieren olvidar Con el paso de los anos no han podido ocultar Es algo simpre incomodo que puede rescuitar Seguro que algun dia escucharemos su final

Azote del fascista pesadilla del burgues Esencia de la clase sentimiento de unidad Orgullo por los nuestros razon para luchar Orgullo por los nuestros razon para luchar!! Que vuelvan a temernos que empiecen a temblar Destruyamos con hechos su sensaction de seguridad Es algo necesario es un deber moral Podemos ser nosotros quien escriba su final

Est: Eses es el camino!! luch contra el capital Pueblo organizado!! una rebelion social El proletariado la vanguardia tomara La bandera roja volvera a ondear!!


Juventud roja, ruda y rebelde, heredera de la cultura de la calle Orgullosa de su origen multiracial, del sentimiento obrero y de su ideologia Mantente firme! Siempre ante el enemigo. Mantente Lejos! De todas sus mentiras Recuerda siempre cual es tu lugar. En que lado te encuentras Cuando hay que luchar

Libertad! Igualdad! Solidaridad!

Caras sucias de la classe obrera. Luchador temerarios de las calles oscuras Persiguen el camino hacia la justicia. Encuentran en su barrio las miseria del mundo Batalla local!! El objetivo es global. Hay una guerra y un historia paraganar Unidos por el mundo no nos podran parar Nuestra ultima victoria sera vuestra final

Here is a brand new review of the CD, from Montreal’s Dure Realitie Webzine :

C’est lors d’un voyage en Espagne qu’un ami m’a fait part d’un groupe des Pays Basques qui venait de sortir un nouvel album et que je devais absolument découvrir. C’est ainsi que je me suis procuré le nouvel album éponyme de Mossin Nagant, groupe de oi! hispanophone. Le nom du groupe fait référence au fusil militaire utilisé par les forces soviétiques durant la seconde guerre mondiale et notamment popularisé par les tireurs d’élites tels que Vassily Zaïtsev, ce qui nous donne certains indices par rapport à l’idéologie politique de Mossin Nagant. On retrouve très peu d’informations sur le groupe, hormis qu’il avait un autre album à son actif, Redskin Sounds From Euskal Herria sorti en 2005 et qu’il se réclame du mouvement Rock Proletario Internacional.

Mossin Nagant2L’album commence en force avec une chanson éponyme suivi de Mr. Sam qui critique l’impérialisme américain. S’en suit 7 autres chansons avec une sonorité unique à la oi! hispanique et abordant les thèmes chers à tous les bons skinheads marxistes-léninistes de cette planète : la vie de la classe ouvrière, l’antifascisme, la lutte des classes et la révolution. Musicalement, on sent l’influence du rock proletario, voix et guitares pesantes avec une batterie aux sonorités plus oi! classique. J’ai particulièrement apprécié les chansons Escoria Traidora et Infierno. Définitivement, Mossin Nagant est un groupe à découvrir!

And…here is the review in English….

It was during a trip to Spain that a friend told me that I absolutely had to check out a band from the Basque country that had just released a new album. It was thus that I came to buy the new self-titled album from spanish-speaking Oi band Mossin Nagant.
Mossin Nagant is named after a rifle used by Soviet forces during World War II; it was popularized particularly by snipers such as Vasily Zaitsev and this gives you some idea of the political ideology of the band.
There’s not a lot of information available about the band, except that they released another album, “Redskin Sounds From Euskal Herria” in 2005 and they are part of the Rock Proletaria Internacional movement.
Mossin Nagant’s second album starts out strong with the title track, followed by “Mr. Sam” which critiques US imperialism. 7 other songs (plus a hidden bonus track) follow with a unique Spanish Oi sound and the songs address themes dear to all good Marxist-Leninist skinheads on this planet: working class life, anti-fascism, class struggle and revolution.
Musically, there is the influence of ‘rock proletario’ with heavy guitars and classic oi vocals and drums.
I especially liked the songs Escoria Traidora and Infierno.
Mossin Nagant is definately a band you should check out!


interview with section 4

Here’s a nice interview with our very own Section 4, done up by the fine folks at Redstar73:


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?

Section 4: Howaya! We’re Section 4 from Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland – Paul (guitar/vocals), Conor, (Drums/vocals), Bob (Bass/vocals). We got together in 2007 with the intention of being a straight up Oi! Band, but before long other influences, especially Reggae and Ska, came into our sound. The name is taken from Section 4 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act under which 2 of us, together with some friends of ours, were arrested one night; the story of that night forms the lyrics to the song “Night In the Cells” off our first album. Needless to say drink was taken…

Redstar73 Blog: You have just released your new album. Tell us more about it.
This album is a little different to our first one in that there’s a little more of the ska and reggae influence compared to tthe first one. Also theres a lot of extra instruments overdubbed here and there – organ, sax, trumpet, acoustic guitar, bodhran…we had quite a few of our mates guesting on it, cheers to all of them! This time around we’ve had a few labels help us out with the release; Jobsworth (Ireland), Rebeltime (Canada) and Infiltrate The System (England). That’ll will help with the promotion and distribution for which we’re very grateful.Due to the lenght of time it took us to get all the overdubbing and mixing done, we are almost ready to go and record again, so watch this space!

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
The DIY idea is great in a lot of ways but I’m not absolutist about it. The sense of community in the scene, the mutual aid, total control over every aspect of your band – all wonderful but it is very hard for DIY bands to survive. We all have to eat somehow so if you are making no money on music you have to work other jobs etc which means you have less time to do music. For every DIY band that can keep going for years there are a thousand great bands who broke up because they couldnt afford what is essentially a very expensive hobby. I would never change one word or one note of a song for money but if a label wanted to give us money to tour, record etc without setting any conditions I’d have no problem with it personally. Not that that’s likely to happen! As for politics, that word means different things to different people. It doesn’t have to mean parties and elections; politics is your values, what kind of a society you want to live in, and what you do to bring about that society. The songs we have about normal working class life, being skint, losing your job etc are just as political as the ones critisising the establishment. As for me, I’m a class struggle anarchist – real change will only come about from those of us on the bottom taking control.Politics is very important, but having the craic is important too! Also,you don’t get through to people by lecturing them;Im a big believer in the old Oi! slogan “having a laugh and having your say”. One last point: we are a 100% antiracist, antifascist band and have zero tolerance for that bullshit or people who take a soft line on it. Thankfully we don’t have to worry about dodgy bands/promoters in the Irish scene but we’re aware of the problem elsewhere.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Section 4?
We’re very proud to be playing the Keep The Faith festival in Belfast this May alongside a shitload of great bands. We’re hoping to get a tour of Ireland in during the summer to promote the new album, having already got a few English dates in this year with our German buddies Robinson Krause (hallo lads!).A new recording is on the cards but we’re still debating whether to do an EP/split release or go straight for another full lenght album.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Last year we lost our friend and legend of the punk scene, Colin “Riot” McQuillan, singer for Runnin Riot. You couldn’t say enough good things about the man and we will give our all in his memory when we play Belfast in May. Also this year saw the untimely death of Todd Serious,singer for the Rebel Spell, who we had the pleasure of touring with on their previous visits to Ireland. Condolences to everyone affected by the passing of these two absolute gentlemen.
Thanks for your interest in our band, keep an eye on our Facebook for updates! Oi!

Bandcamp: https://section4.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/section4ballina/


the rebel spell – hopeless – breathe – exd session

UPDATE: Equalizing X Distort has now posted the entire Studio 3 Session…12 live-off-the-floor tracks from The Rebel Spell. Listen to/stream/download the tracks at the Equalizing X Distort blog or at the Equalizing X Distort archive

Back on November 11, 2014, The Rebel Spell recorded an interview and live session with Equalizing X Distort radio. Take a run through the entries below and you’ll find a video from that live session as well as the interview. Here’s a couple of tracks from the live session….


There is a deep deadly sadness growing inside of me it hurts to be here but I can’t leave
And if I found a way to walk away, well where then what would I be?
I’d be useless to you and worse to me and I don’t get any better on self-pity
I don’t get anything else just this bit of time so I, I, I, I

I’d like to help you up, I’ve got power to spare
Don’t believe for a second that there’s no one else there
I’ve got enough for you even in the depths of my despair
I will help you up, I’ve got power to spare

I feel the same way towards everything from a tiny worm to a leaning tree
I love the underdog every time I’m not sure why or what it means
Inequities in power compel me to try and overwhelming odds are when I thrive
I’m not happy just on my game and one more time I’ll try to explain


We’ve heard a billion words about building and beginning, my biggest interest now is dismantle and diminish
The train of construction has had its time, if this is where it goes let’s end this line.
Too many people walking around half dead trapped in the dream of growth, a slow smoky death
We’ve progressed this place into a dying grey mess, before it’s too late draw in a last breath

Breathe! Are you living? My heart beats so hard it may tear itself right outta my chest.
Breathe and listen, if you hear your heart moving, well then you’ll know you’ve just cheated death

Living means retreating to things that work for us, not being dragged along through this mechanized dusk
Layers and layers of rules and constructs compound to make a pile of what?
A great arms race against real interaction and insidious self-loathing for our own imperfections
Accept this substitution for life or slow down, look around, stand up and fill your lungs

Breathe! Are you there? Can we do this? I’m waiting.
Breathe, look alive, pay attention, keep moving
It never gets easy unless you give up and if you do you won’t know because there is nothing after death


spanner – the mivart sessions – coming soon

We’re excited to announce that, in conjunction with Pumpkin Records and Riot Ska Records, we’ll be releasing something new from our favourite militant ska punks, Spanner!

The release is called “The Mivart Sessions” and it’s 12 tracks of (as the band describes it) “…bodgy and barely mixed live recordings…”

We think they’re being a bit modest…give the track below a listen and we think you’ll agree it sounds just fine!

Border Regime

Thousands flee in desperation, their home’s a war-torn hell
Where children play at soldiers to the sound of booming shells
For one young woman who’s grown up fast surrounded by the guns
In the back of a truck to another land, she’s with the lucky ones
But at the end of her long journey, after so much pain
There’s no friendly faces waiting as she’s forcibly detained

Coz the system needs her in the right place, caught in the poverty trap
For the good of the nation, for the sake of lines on maps
And money moves so much further and faster in the 21st century
But the borders get more solid when you’re a refugee

Back home the streets are no go zones where snipers open fire
And here she’s going nowhere, hemmed in by razor wire
They say she’ll be sent back soon to the place where she comes from
Cell door slams shut as she wonders what it is that she’s done wrong
If only they could see the ruins of the place from where she came
They’d probably send her back there just the fucking same

Coz the system needs her in the right place, caught in the poverty trap
For the good of the nation, for the sake of lines on maps
And money moves so much further and faster in the 21st century
But the borders get more solid when you’re a refugee

One of the few who made it through is struggling to stay sane
It’s a tonne of sweat just to survive and he’s got no food again
He cane in search of a better life but all he found was fear
Harassed by the cops, abused by the news coz they don’t like gypsies here
All those nights he lay awake dreaming of safer shores
Now he can’t sleep coz the fascists are banging at the door
And the racist scum get all the help they need from the government’s big scheme

Refugees declared the enemy by the border regime

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