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Coming in March 2010!! Check the INSURGENCE RECORDS WEBSITE for more info and some tunes!

REDSKINS: The legendary Redskins were an early-80’s sensation that garnered mainstream attention in England as well as inspiring a whole new generation of antifascist bands. This retrospective set collects early CNT Singles and demo material in a digipack of previously unreleased tracks, including material from the band when they were formerly known as ‘No Swastikas’.


HOLD A GRUDGE: Hold A Grudge drop their most powerful release yet as they ensure hardcore fans get more of the unmatched sound and fury they’ve come to expect from the close-knit Montreal scene. HAG’s love and respect for the punk, oi! and hardcore subgenres are evident here as the band manage to deliver a cohesive and energetic audio attack that smacks you in the face with originality. Guest vocals on ‘Time’s Up’ by Chaney (Inepsy), who is also responsible for the cover artwork.


CLASS ASSASSINS (You’ve Got It All Wrong): Following a lengthy hiatus, the Assassins are back with a new studio full length. A lot of blood, sweat and beers went into this and the end result is something that was truly worth waiting for. And if you haven’t seen them play live lately, you should really do something about that. They’re a phenomenon.


THE CLASS ASSASSINS: (Going The Distance):

Released in tandem with their latest studio full-length, this digital-only album contains B-sides, Versions and Rarities, completely remastered. Only three of these tracks have been previously released! In our humble opinion, some of the previously unused tracks on here rival the ones that were actually used on albums. A must for all Class Assassins fans as well as newcomers wanting to get the complete lowdown on these guys.



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