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action sedition / bull brigade split 10″


Stoked to be a part of this…two great class struggle / anti-fascist outfits (Bull Brigade from Italy and Action Sedition from Quebec) pay homage to Brigada Flores Magon (one of the greatest class struggle / anti-fascist outfits!)

A co-operative and internationalist venture between Fire and Flames, Dure Réalité, Rebel Time Records, Anfibio Records and Casual Records Music.

Each band contributes a BFM cover and contributes original material as well.

Here’s Bull Brigade’s cover of the BFM classic “Pour Ma Classe” …

And, what the heck, here’s the orignal version of “Pour Ma Classe” …

Here’s Action Sedition’s version of “Octobre 61” …

And, what the heck, here’s the original version of “Octobre 61” …


action sedition – reviews of the new records

Here are reviews, in English and Spanish, of  both new Action Sedition records. Reviews are from 3 FLECHAS # 10, a great RASH zine out of Mexico. The zine will be out in October and is published by RASH GDL.

vinyl7_foldoverACTION SEDITION  / SPANNER “History Lessons” Split 7″ (2014)

ACTION SEDITION are back again (after their first 8 song demo)! This 7″ record has two of their excellent songs which are in the vein of all French and Canadian redskins bands. The song “Histoire D’un Printemps” has an official video that you can see on Youtube. ACTION SEDITION sound much better than on their demo. All you antifas are going to want to hear more of this music! From Bristol comes SPANNER, with a militant ska punk sound.  Two songs that remind me of that old UK anarchopunk sound, like ZOUNDS, SUBHUMANS, etc. I love this band and I wanna hear more music from these guys.

Regresaron! Después de un demo de 8 canciones. Llegan con un 7”  que tiene 2 excelentes canciones en las venas de todas las bandas redskins, canadienses y francesas. . La canción Histoire d’un printemps tiene un video oficial en youtube. AS tiene un mejor sonido que su demo. Vas a pedir más canciones antifas de esta banda. Desde Bristol, SPANNER con su ska punk. 2 canciones que me recuerdan a ese sonido anarcopunk de principios de los 80tas de Inglaterra, ZOUNDS, SUBHUMANS, etc. Gran banda.

Note: for more info on this “History Lessons” EP, head on over to the History Lessons blog. Music, video, interviews, ordering info and more!

ACTION SEDITION / STREETS OF RAGE Split 10″ (2014)assorcover

They did it again! Great split from these 2 antifa bands. ACTION SEDITION are the new BRIGADA FLORES MAGON, Three songs, sung in French. Two singers, (boy and girl), political lyrics, excellent Oi sounds. If you are tired of a bunch of apolitical bands, this is for you. STREETS OF RAGE! Oi-fuckin-core is how they define their style. From France, STREETS OF RAGE show us how HC should be played by skins. Three great songs, some New York Old School HC mixed with Oi (that you almost don’t notice), excellent work!

Lo hicieron de Nuevo! Gran split por parte de estas 2 bandas antifas. AS son los nuevos BRIGADA FLORES MAGON, 3 canciones cantadas en francés a dos voces (chico y chica), letras políticas y un excelente sonido oi!. Si estás cansado de ese montón de bandas apolíticas, esto es para ti. SOR oi-core es como ellos se definen. Desde Francia SOR nos muestra como debe ser el HC tocado por skins. 3 canciones con un pequeño guiño hacia el New york HC old school con toques oi (que casi ni notas), gran trabajo.

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