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Listen To An Interview With THE FALLOUT

Back in August 2007, Aaron from the aforementioned Generation Annihilation radio show interviewed Byron from THE FALLOUT.

Head over here and click on the Generation Annihiliation link under the “Rock/Punk/Hardcore” category. It’s the August 25, 2007 episode.

Lots of other great stuff too…check out the playlist:

Playlist August 25th 2007
The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money CD, In This Land (Longshot)
Career Suicide – Attempted Suicide CD, Attempted Suicide (Deranged)
Regulations – Different Needs 7″, Cat Eyes (Havoc)
Alternate Action – Tough Times 10″, Thin Line (Nayryan)
Wednesday Night Heroes – Guilty Pleasures CD, Uncivilized Bastards (BY0)
The Fallout – Dismantlement CD, The End Of The War Years (Insurgence)
The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money CD, Quebec City (Longshot)
The Fallout – What Is Past Is Prologue CD, Raise the Minimum Wage (Longshot)
The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money CD, PTL Pass The Ammunition (Longshot)
The Fallout – What Is Past Is Prologue CD, In The Gutter (Longshot)
The Fallout – Dismantlement CD, Peace Love And Anarchy (Insurgence)
The Fallout – Dismantlement CD, Radio Fallout (Insurgence)
The Fallout – Dismantlement CD, Change The World Today (Insurgence)
The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money CD, The Great Disappointment (Longshot)
The Fallout – Turning Revolution Into Money CD, Gateway 30 (Longshot)
Blundermen – Fuck The Commonwealth CD, 309 and Beyond (Fans Of Bad Productions)
Sons Of Ishmael – Mimsy With The Borogroves 10″, Evolution Is For Turkeys (Self Released)
Pointed Sticks – Waiting For The Real Thing CD, Somebody’s Mom (Sudden Death)
The Tranzmitors – S/T CD, Plastic Genocide (Deranged)
The Futureheads – S/T CD, A To B (679)
The Jolts – Jinx CD, Caffeine Hangover (Black Market)
Blitzkrieg Boys – 20th Anniversary Album CD, Mickey Mouse Goes To War (Woimasointu)
Violent Minds – Eyes Of Death 12″, Brutality (Parts Unknown)
ANS – Success At Last CD, Don’t Hate Skate (Overdose On Records)
Under Pressure – Come Clean CD, Tranquilizer (Yellowdog)
Ribzy – ’81-’85 Recordings CD, Absentee List (Vinehell)
Eliminate – Systematic Annihilation CD, Systematic Annihilation (Merte Negra Discos)
Four Stroke – I Was A Teenage Suicide Bomber CD, Moral Panic (Crusty)
Kakka-Hatta 77 – Totaalinen Kakkahata CD, Hamaan Haimatuledhdukseen (Combat Rock Industry)
Massmord – Inget Liv CD, Wasted Lives (Crimes Against Humanity)
Disclose – Tragedy LP, Dying Of Disease (Your Own Jailer)
Bastards – Insane World LP, Vote For Your Lords (Hohne)
Crude SS – Network Of Friends LP, Destroy Capitalism (Plastic Bomb)
Nitad – S/T 7″, Panikattack pa bus 316 (Deranged)
Dick Cheney – Pa Mitt Rum 7″, Hinber Ente Me (Thrash Bastard)
Totaliatar – Vi Ar Eliten LP, En Av Dom Som Skamtar Om (Prank)
Limb From Limb – Death Famine Plague CD, Final Unholy Judgment (No Options)
SMD – The Devil Makes Me Do It LP, Kill The Gods (Six Weeks)
Martydod – In Extremis CD, Tamed Humans (Havoc)
Bludwulf – Cryptic Revelations CD, Hell Razor (Charged)
Saw Throat – Indestroy LP, Indestroy (Skuld)
Merciless Death – Speed Kills CD, Tombs Of The Dead (Heavy Artillery)
Avengers Of Blood – Speed Kills CD , Enemy Attack (Heavy Artillery)
3 Inches Of Blood – Fire Up The Blades CD, Trial Of Champions (Roadrunner)
Voivod – Katorz CD, Silly Klones (The End)
Razor – Shotgun Justice CD, American Luck (Fringe)
Sacrifice – Apocalypse Inside CD, Salvation (Metal Blade)
Judas Priest – Painkiller CD, All Guns Blazing (Columbia)
Iron Maiden – Best of The Beast CD, Hallowed Be Thy Name (EMI)
Black Sabbath – The Dio Years CD , Turn Up The Night (Rhino)



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Aaron does an amazing job of showcasing the best in punk rock, with an appreciated emphasis on Canadian outfits. Don’t worry if you miss a show, it’s podcasted on the CITR site, so you can listen to it at any time. Recommended.

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