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urban vietcong – a colpi di machete cd – now available

… now available from Rebel Time Records … the debut 6-song cd from Italian left-radical streetpunk/oi/core outfit Urban Vietcong … $10.00 (postage included) in Canada … limited copies, so don’t delay, act today … ! Scroll down to read an interview with the band …




hold a grudge – no compromise cassette


Here at Rebel Time Records it’s no secret that we’re all big fans of Hold A Grudge. Straight out of Montreal, Quebec, they are a perfect blend / perfect storm of punk, hardcore and oi.


Mat, Jee-P, Scott and Dan … Hold A Grudge

As their bio says: “Hold A Grudge is a perfect mix of the anger of hardcore, street-punk’s spirit of revolt and the uncompromising attitude of Oi.”

The most recent line-up of Hold A Grudge is/was: Dan 86 on Guitar,  Jee-P  doing up Vocals, Mat Oi on Bass and Scott on Drums. Let it be noted that these guys have played in/do play in such bands as Jeunesse Apatride, Subsistance, Shotcallers, Bastard 86, King Cans and Dynamite Express…

The band got together in 2004 and broke up about 10 years later. The good news is that Hold A Grudge is  getting together for one last show on October 1st, 2016 in Montreal.

The show is a benefit for the Montreal SPCA.

The band says: “a lot of bullshit is being spread all around Montreal about pitbulls, with a breed-specific legislation (an outright ban…) creeping right around the corner. As pitbull hagreunionposterlovers, animal lovers, or just general decent human beings, we wanted to do our part to help stop the city from passing this law and help our little furry friends. THIS IS A BENEFIT SHOW FOR THE MONTREAL SPCA. They have proven to be the best allies in this debate so far and therefore we trust them completely to do the best they can with the money we will raise with this show.”

More good news! Before they broke up, the band recorded about 15 new songs. Two labels – Dure Realitie and Rebel Time Records –  have joined forces to release some of these songs on cassette. The cassette will be available for sale at the October 1, 2016 show. We’ll also have some available in the Rebel Time Records distro!

… and … here it is … 11 top tracks of punk/hardcore/oi … !

Back in 2010, Hold A Grudge released a full-length called “Doing Time” on Insurgence Records … you can stream it right the heck here courtesy of Dying Scene … that should hold you until the “No Compromise” cassette come out!

Here’s a few reviews of “Doing Time” that give you a good feel for what the band is all about…

“Goes to show you can’t always judge an album by it sleeve. Hold A Grudge, I was convinced were going to be tough-guy metallic Hardcore, but truth be told their style is hagheadsubstantially more fitting with the Insurgence roster than their image might suggest. There’s a well-built crossover at play here that incorporates Oi! and Street Punk fundamentals, excellently balancing the Gorilla Biscuit-styled Hardcore that represents the flipside to Hold A Grudge. Bands like Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law and Youth Brigade were master craftsmen of this technique and it’s a fusion I’m more than partial to. Being based as they are out of Montreal, Canada (and considering the label it’s being issued on) there’s a characteristic left-leaning social stance to Hold A Grudge, which is a welcome departure from some of the current generation of Hardcore bands. A promising contribution.” (Riot 77)

“Hold A Grudge are classic mid-paced hardcore, the good old solid kind that’ll get you through a bad day with enough left over for a pleasant supper. While at first it may seem like there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the sound, listen a bit more closely hagnocompand you’ll find there’s plenty of originality on show, more than enough to make it enjoyable to the ears rather than just a task they have to endure. Beyond the initial intensity we’ve come to love from the style, there’s a strong street edge that’s well-executed and is a respectful nod to their oldschool punk and Oi! forbears. And the smooth tightness that you’d expect from bandmates who’ve done hard time together is all present and correct.
Lyrics adopt a posi attitude with a sussed social conscience, but don’t forget that everyday life can be tough at times. HAG know that survival doesn’t always come easy and occasionally carries a heavy price, but never forget that the good times always outweigh the bad. It’s clear that the need for unity underpins much of their thinking, and who can argue with that?
Altogether, this album is far more a pleasure than a chore and is a cut above much of what passes for hardcore these days.” (Old Punks Never Die)

“Hardcore punks Hold A Grudge know how to make a riff stick: by nail-gunning it to your noodle. The beauty of knowing what you’re doing reveals itself in the command of the tools of your trade, and the Montreal five-piece show themselves to be master craftsmen on this sophomore release, graduates of the old school of punk and hardcore where power haglogotwoand precision drove your points home. Hold A Grudge reference much in the way of both East and West Coast hardcore of yore, as well as British punk and Oi! of yesteryear, but veteran sensibilities keep the gang vocals, rolling drum thunder and flying up-front guitars both fat and fresh, and fans of the form will be hard-pressed to find any doing it better.” (Hour Community)


Interview with Les Trois Huit: “We want to recharge our audience’s batteries.”

LTHGroupPicWithout further ado, here’s another interview with France’s Les Trois Huit (you’ll find an earlier interview with the band below…), this one from February 2016 and published by Alternative Libertaire in France. English translation by Mathieu of the crucial Sous Pression radio show…

Of course, we’re excited to be hosting  Les Trois Huit for a couple of their Canadian shows in July…July 29th in Hamilton and July 30th in Toronto…and, we are equally excited to be one of the labels helping to release the Les Trois Huit / Les Partisans split 7″




lthcantourposterLes Trois Huit (LTH) are five guys who got together to play some antifascist street-punk/oi! for the working class, and to struggle for a world without oppression. They’re new album was released in November, and here is our interview:

Alternative libertaire: Could you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Les Trois Huit : The band was created in 2013 in Grenoble, originally with four friends. We already knew each other from protests or other collectives. Our first practice was in a squat in Grenoble called Le Greta. We just picked it up as we went along. We didn’t really know how to play our instruments, let alone play together. So the past two years were spent playing a lot of shows, and then we released an album in November. It took us about a year to put it together.

Can you tell us about the album?

The band members put the entire thing together, so it’s totally self-produced. We found a LTHLogo3space, and renovated it to create a studio that we’re calling le Stud’Oï!. We recorded everything ourselves, but the mixing and mastering was done by a comrade, Manu Akaes, an old member of Ya Basta. We looked for people who could help us put the album out distribute it. We found people that we have absolute trust in, people from the same militant circles. In exchange for their help, we gave them copies of our CD and LP, and we manage to remain independent. For the album, we worked with labels like Fire and Flames, which Is German, Dure Réalité from Québec, some French labels like Générale Strike, FFC Productions, and Rusty Knife, who are credited on the album. They have a DIY ethic and aren’t there to make money.

You say that play street-punk/oi. How important is it for you to play music with a political tradition?

Yes, for us, our music is completely political. We don’t identify as redskins or anything like that, we don’t like to give ourselves specific labels. People can just listen to the lyrics to get an idea of what side we’re on. We’re in a struggle against all forms of oppression and discrimination that people might face, whether it be at work, based on their origins, their sexual orientation, their gender, etc.

What are you biggest musical influences?

There are the big names in the genre, like Brigada Flores Magon, Opcio K, Non Servium, Stage Bottles, Caméra Silens, but also bands from other musical styles, like Ya Basta, Guarapita, Bolchoï, or Los Tres Puntos. Lots of rap too… And depending on the musicians, there is a lot of ska and hardcore influence too….We have a pretty eclectic mix of influences!

july30One-001You’ve played in a lot of independent spaces, like squats. Is it important for you to place in these spaces?

Since day one, we’ve played in spaces that we support, and some of these spaces are like homes for us. We’ve squatted them, we’ve seen concerts in these spaces, and we’ve met friends there. In these kinds of spaces, you give what you can: give a few bucks and you get to see a great show. That’s what’s important for us. Our shows are also opportunities to meet friends and militant, antifascist, syndicalist, anarchist, and communist tcomrades.
Supporting these spaces is important, especially when we can see mnicipal governments, including in Grenoble with Éric Piolle and the EELV/PG team* who told us, just before they were elected, “Yeah we’ll support the squats” but now that they’ve been elected, there are evictions in Grenoble, especially targeting Roma people. These inhumane practices disgust us, and our way of fighting it is by supporting squats.
[*Translator’s note: Éric Piolle was elected Mayor of Grenoble in 2014. He was supported by a team of local leftists and environmentalists.]

What message do you want to share in your lyrics, and who are you sharing it with?

The lyrics are written on part at a time. It’s pretty spontaneous. We didn’t try to write an album on a single subject, but instead lyrics on a subject that was important to us. When we want to talk about a topic, we talk about it, and we also write lyrics about it. We’d like to talk to everyone in the public. Some of subjects we talk about include antifascism, anti-capitalism, anti-sexism, and other subjects in our lyrics. The subject of migrants is also important. Given the police violence happening at the moment, we wanted to write a song about cops. We also want to write about some more usual topics. We have plenty of ideas, but they’ll have to wait for the second album.

On the subject of migrants, there’s a beautiful song on the album called Au Fond Des Yeux…

That song was written by our bassist, Riad. When the media talks about refugees, they spread a lot of misinformation, or at least, the subject is completely dehumanized. They lthgroup2talk to us about numbers, quotas, selecting what type of migrants we want, and we wanted to give that tragedy a human face. The song tells the story of a female migrant fleeing war and misery, who has plenty of hope of making it to France, and like many like her, doesn’t make it. It’s a bit of a sad song, and a story of young woman who could be any of our sisters.

Do you think that music can serve a purpose in a political project?

Music, for us, is a uniter. Obviously we usually play in spaces where the crowd shares a lot of the same ideas, so in that case singing together and listening to some good punk sounds can be pretty invigorating. We aren’t convinced that music can have a real impact on people though. LTH isn’t a band that will change peoples’ opinions. We’re there to recharge our audience’s batteries, and make sure they leave knowing that they aren’t alone. In every case, we try to make sure that it’s uniting, but that isn’t enough. We believe that things need to happen outside of music, and that we should struggle directly against oppression. Music, though, does allow us to express our anger, to go a bit wild. That’s what our music does for us. After that, the audience can choose to like it or not, but good for them if it they get motivated!
A show is one night. The struggle is every day. When you’re on stage, you aren’t the same person: you’re playing, you’re comfortable. But when you’re an activist, you’re involved in a real life, direct and concrete struggle. So it’s best to distinguish between of those things.

TAHLTHSTRIKEIt works out well that the music that allows you to go a bit wild is also a means of expressing your convictions, your rage, and your solidarity.

Definitely. We also can’t forget that a lot of activists need those lighter, celebratory moments together. We need to know how to let loose a little, especially in a context where it’s easier to be pessimistic. So when we play a show and see a lot of excited people, it’s a huge pleasure for us. We sometimes see fewer and fewer people show up to demos, but we want to make sure that that optimism isn’t lost.

Where did you get the name for the band?

Riad suggested it. It’s a reference to the 3-8 system of work, and refers to the working class. Even though none of the band’s members work under this system, we’ve pretty much al done it and know what it’s like. We wanted to serve as an homage to those who work under this regime.

Interview by AL Grenoble

Here a song off of the upcoming Les Trois Huit /  Les Partisans split 7″:


les trois huit – jeunesse fichee

We’ve talked about Les Trois Huit before on this blog … they’ll be in Quebec and Ontario for a few shows in July 2016, and Rebel Time Records is collaborating with a few other fine labels to release a split 7″ with a song each from Les Trois Huit and Les Partisans …


The band has just released the song “Jeunesse Fichee” as a pay-what-you-can download from their website. Any funds raised will go to folks in France who have faced police and state repression in recent days … folks need to pay lawyer fees, hospital fees and fines …

Here’s a brand new video for the song … it should be noted that this song will indeed be on the aforementioned split 7″ …

Great song, great video, great sentiment, great cause …

Solidarity Is A Weapon!


“Canadian street punk band Action Sedition release music video featuring Asian punks”


From the Unite Asia music blog:

Love knowing that this website has gone fully global…today a Cambodian member of a Canadian anti-facist street punk band called Action Sedition sent in a new music video that his band put out featuring some Asian punk rock kids. Check out his description below:

“Here is a clip of a streetpunk band from Montreal, Canada: Action Sedition. The video tells the story of a young asian antifascist skinhead who was drowning in problems of all kinds; fighting, burglary and urban rivalry especially against fascists in their neighborhood. Lost and disenfranchised, he built his identity through bad decisions. Offenses after offenses, he accumulates severals repercussions. In the end, his friends brought him back to order by straight talking.

Greatly influenced by the French film of the same name : « La haine ». I suggest you read the story in subtitle and the lyrics.

It’s talking about how difficult immigrant children from harsh neighbourhoods in America live there frustration and often sell drugs and commit crimes as there only way out. Very sad reality that some of us have to get through. Racism and poverty doesn’t help either! Thanks for your time!

La haine (hatred)

Every day, the same story, the same thing
It’s been a while, you cease to believe, it’s morose
Your parents settled in this country
Misery makes them forget all the dreams they wished
At school, you are bored, you search yourself
Looking for a job to get you out of trouble but nothing’s there
Discriminate because of your name, they don’t hires you
How live in this prison? In your blood hatred infused
When you see what is happening here
You have the Hate
Hate of this society which is denying you
You’re not part of their plan, they say that you disturb
Oooh Oooh You have the hate!
How many times people told you
Go back to your country you dirty foreigners
The media and the news portraits that you’re nothing good
You came with your family, steal their Paradise
Rejected from all, what you have? …Your friends
So the same struggles unites you
Drugs, violence, burglary, it is all you have
You have learned from your young age, at the bottom of society
When you see what is happening here
You have the Hate
Hate of this society which is denying you
You’re not part of their plan, they say that you disturb
Oooh Oooh You have the hate!
The well-have believe that so far everything’s fine
The pigs protect their achievements like Dogs
Yesterday a youth from the neighborhood as died
From the hand of the police, you decide to revolt”



Thanks to the good people at the Redstar 73 Antifa Blog for the interview! It’s at great site with plenty of great interviews and more…they’ve previously interviewed Rebel Time Records bands like Spanner and Section 4!

Rebel Time Records – Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your record label?
Rebel Time Records: Sure! Rebel Time Records is a label based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Rebel Time Records was started in 2008 in order to release socially-conscious, politically-charged, left-radical political punk rock, with an emphasis on Canadian bands. We like to say we deal in songs of protest and resistance and songs of love and rage…our motto is Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times and our bands are inspirational, incendiary and insightful/inciteful!” To date, we have about 13 releases, with more on the way. We’ve released great material by bands such as Action Sedition, The Class Assassins, The Rebel Spell, Section 4, Spanner, Broadcast Zero, The Rotten and more. The name? Hmmm…As I recall, “Rebel Time” was a phrase I heard in a song by the band Klasse Kriminale…I thought Rebel Time Records sounded good and had a nice ‘ring’ to it. Our label graphic (our ‘mascot’) is the wrench-toting, balaclava-wearing person giving the ‘thumbs-up’ sign. We use this as our label-graphic for a few reasons…a wrench / spanner is a handy tool that can be used to tighten things up / create / build things, and, yet, it can also can be used to loosen things up / destroy / tear down things. We hope that the music on our label can be kind of like that wrench! Also, the fact that our mascot is wearing a balaclava makes it ‘every person,’ underneath the mask, it could be you, or it could be me, it could be her, it could be him, it could be anyone…it’s inclusive. We hope that everyone will see themselves, to a certain extent, in this graphic. And, hey, who doesn’t like getting positive affirmation or acknowledgment in the form of a ‘thumbs-up’ once in while!

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for Rebel Time Records? Any new releases on the horizon?
Rebel Time Records: At the moment, we are taking things kind of slow. Running a record label (especially one that deals in such a selective and specific genre or ‘niche’ like political punk), is really an ‘expensive hobby’ these days! It’s a labour of love, that’s for sure! Most recently, we have released some amazing music from Vancouver’s The Rebel Spell, Ireland’s Section 4 and Montreal’s Action Sedition I think our next release will be ‘The Mivart Sessions,’a collection of 12 “bodgy and barely remixed’ live-off-the-floor tracks from militant ska-punk band Spanner (from Bristol, England). Just a fantastic band who, can, in our humble opinion, can do no wrong. We’ll be cooperating with a couple of other labels on this release. The band assures us the finished tracks will be in our hands shortly! Also in the near future, we’ll be releasing some new material from one of our all-time favorite local bands, The Fallout. ‘Straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock’ is the best way to describe these guys. They’ve been around for quite a while and have worked with Longshot Records and Insurgence Records. Stoked to have them on Rebel Time Records. Check out their classic album “Turning Revolution Into Money” online…there is talk of releasing a remixed/remastered version of this too… Further down the line, we look forward to working again with Action Sedition, they just keep getting better and better…anti-fa oi/streetpunk at its best…

Redstar73 Blog: How important is the DIY idea and politics to you?
Rebel Time Records: I think that, both for the label and for the people involved in it, both the ‘staff’ and the musicians, DIY politics and ideas are important, integral and essential! The Rebel Spell, on their first CD “Days Of Rage” said “trying to abide to strong morals and ideals to maintain a positive Do It Yourself ethic is sometimes exhausting, but the ones that live it and survive it, get to live proud.” Very true words. I’d like to think that the bands on Rebel Time Records and the people who make up the RTR Collective can take and have taken pride in their political / DIY stance. Folks involved in Rebel Time Records have been doing things positively DIY and ‘hands on’ (and getting those hands very dirty!) for most of their political / musical lives…everything from publishing magazines covering left-radical struggles to tenant organizing, to volunteering at social centers and union organizing, to putting on shows, demonstrations and political events, to setting up tours for bands and political speakers to building home recording studios, etc, etc! I’ll end this answer with a quote from Byron, singer/guitarist for The Fallout: “D.I.Y is not waiting for the right time, place or circumstances to come along and take care of you. D.I.Y is making your ambitions happen right here, right now.” So, yeah, get busy!! Create! Build something great!
OK, just one more quote from Byron: “If you aren’t getting what you want then get off your ass and make it happen. There’s no reason you can’t.” Words to live by!

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Hamilton?
Rebel Time Records: Ahh…Hamilton…known world-wide at The Hammer, The Steel City, The Ambitious City, home to the Hamilton Tiger Cats football team (Oskie Wee Wee, Oskie Waa Waa, Holy Mackinaw, Tigers… Eat ’em RAW!! ) The scene in Hamilton is pretty darn good! Politically, Hamilton is home to a very cool anarchist social center called The Tower which hosts plenty of amazing events such as skill-shares, discussion series, reading groups, movie nights etc. The space also has a lending library and a print shop. In a nutshell, The Tower aims to support and provide a resource for local activist groups, community organizations, revolutionaries, and anyone sympathetic to anarchist principles of direct action, mutual aid and solidarity, voluntary association, prefiguration, equality, and autonomy. Musically, Hamilton is, and always has been, home to a vibrant music community. In fact, some of the first punk bands, such as Teenage Head and The Forgotten Rebels, came from Hamilton and Hamilton’s best punk club/bar/venue, This Ain’t Hollywood, is named after a Forgotten Rebels song. We host shows there once in a while and it’s also home to Rebel Fest. Besides Rebel Time Records, Hamilton is also home to Schizophrenic Records, purveyors of punk rock both local and international. The Schizophrenic folks also own and operate a (literally) underground record store called Hammer City Records. Well worth a visit! Also well worth a visit is Crash Landing Punk and Music store, owned and operated by long-time local punk rock scenesters. So, yeah, Hamilton has everything we need…venues, record stores, a social center and a ton of amazing people involved in punk and politics! Defend Hamilton!!

Redstar73 Blog: Any last words?
Rebel Time Records: Thanks very much for the interview. Much appreciated.! In closing, I’d just like to pay respect and homage to two members of the Rebel Time Records family who we lost earlier this year. Angi Orchard, drummer for The Rotten lost her battle with breast cancer in May and Todd Serious, singer for The Rebel Spell, passed away after a rock-climbing accident in March. Both were amazing individuals, caring, compassionate and committed. Both were passionate people, deeply involved in punk and politics and both shared a commitment to animal welfare and animal advocacy.. Just a few days ago, Propagandhi released a cover of The Rebel Spell’s song “I Am A Rifle,” with all proceeds/donations from the sale of the song going to two causes close to Todd’s heart, The Wildlife Defence League and the Unistoten Defence Fund. The song is available on Propagandhi’s bandcamp page. Buying the song and thus contributing to these causes would be a great way to remember both Todd and Ang…



spanner – the mivart sessions – coming soon

We’re excited to announce that, in conjunction with Pumpkin Records and Riot Ska Records, we’ll be releasing something new from our favourite militant ska punks, Spanner!

The release is called “The Mivart Sessions” and it’s 12 tracks of (as the band describes it) “…bodgy and barely mixed live recordings…”

We think they’re being a bit modest…give the track below a listen and we think you’ll agree it sounds just fine!

Border Regime

Thousands flee in desperation, their home’s a war-torn hell
Where children play at soldiers to the sound of booming shells
For one young woman who’s grown up fast surrounded by the guns
In the back of a truck to another land, she’s with the lucky ones
But at the end of her long journey, after so much pain
There’s no friendly faces waiting as she’s forcibly detained

Coz the system needs her in the right place, caught in the poverty trap
For the good of the nation, for the sake of lines on maps
And money moves so much further and faster in the 21st century
But the borders get more solid when you’re a refugee

Back home the streets are no go zones where snipers open fire
And here she’s going nowhere, hemmed in by razor wire
They say she’ll be sent back soon to the place where she comes from
Cell door slams shut as she wonders what it is that she’s done wrong
If only they could see the ruins of the place from where she came
They’d probably send her back there just the fucking same

Coz the system needs her in the right place, caught in the poverty trap
For the good of the nation, for the sake of lines on maps
And money moves so much further and faster in the 21st century
But the borders get more solid when you’re a refugee

One of the few who made it through is struggling to stay sane
It’s a tonne of sweat just to survive and he’s got no food again
He cane in search of a better life but all he found was fear
Harassed by the cops, abused by the news coz they don’t like gypsies here
All those nights he lay awake dreaming of safer shores
Now he can’t sleep coz the fascists are banging at the door
And the racist scum get all the help they need from the government’s big scheme

Refugees declared the enemy by the border regime

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