“Music for social change” – as stated on the back cover. CRISIS must be very, very dedicated people. This is evident in the banners and pictures of the booklet, where there is a lot about freedom fighting, occupations, riots and a more social with each other. And of course this is reflected also reflected in the lyrics of songs such as “freedom fighters”, “autonomous spaces”, “fashin victims”, “raise your sights”. That’s great. It is always good to see that there are still people with heart and mind committed to. Your attitude is energetic CRISIS dress punk rock with ska. It is fresh and strong. As varied as possible and not a piece of stuck. What else should you expect in this setting and these statements have? With all the music policy but also provides fun and joy. Here, nobody wants to go on the miserable world of reason. Fun and optimism are important. And that comes across well. As for CITIZEN FISH and the SUBHUMANS. The CD includes 13 songs and comes in an attractive digipack with artwork and lots of information, text, photos, etc.” – Plastic Bomb zine

“Spanner knock out in-yer-face political punky ska, more spikey than skanky but still eminently danceable. They almost exclusively play benefit gigs at grassroots / DIY venues and band members aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty at the sharp end of the struggle. And, while work and families occupy a lot of their time, they try and get out on the road as often as possible, including the odd jaunt to Europe. If they turn up somewhere near you, go and check ’em out.” – AD

The album has 13 tracks of politically uncompromising tunes for the revolutionary masses, with plenty of skanking beats (courtesy of Blaggers drummer Jason), no-nonsense guitar chops, solid basslines and bouncing brass guaranteed to get your feet moving!” – The Old Punk


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