action sedition – reviews of the new records

Here are reviews, in English and Spanish, of  both new Action Sedition records. Reviews are from 3 FLECHAS # 10, a great RASH zine out of Mexico. The zine will be out in October and is published by RASH GDL.

vinyl7_foldoverACTION SEDITION  / SPANNER “History Lessons” Split 7″ (2014)

ACTION SEDITION are back again (after their first 8 song demo)! This 7″ record has two of their excellent songs which are in the vein of all French and Canadian redskins bands. The song “Histoire D’un Printemps” has an official video that you can see on Youtube. ACTION SEDITION sound much better than on their demo. All you antifas are going to want to hear more of this music! From Bristol comes SPANNER, with a militant ska punk sound.  Two songs that remind me of that old UK anarchopunk sound, like ZOUNDS, SUBHUMANS, etc. I love this band and I wanna hear more music from these guys.

Regresaron! Después de un demo de 8 canciones. Llegan con un 7”  que tiene 2 excelentes canciones en las venas de todas las bandas redskins, canadienses y francesas. . La canción Histoire d’un printemps tiene un video oficial en youtube. AS tiene un mejor sonido que su demo. Vas a pedir más canciones antifas de esta banda. Desde Bristol, SPANNER con su ska punk. 2 canciones que me recuerdan a ese sonido anarcopunk de principios de los 80tas de Inglaterra, ZOUNDS, SUBHUMANS, etc. Gran banda.

Note: for more info on this “History Lessons” EP, head on over to the History Lessons blog. Music, video, interviews, ordering info and more!

ACTION SEDITION / STREETS OF RAGE Split 10″ (2014)assorcover

They did it again! Great split from these 2 antifa bands. ACTION SEDITION are the new BRIGADA FLORES MAGON, Three songs, sung in French. Two singers, (boy and girl), political lyrics, excellent Oi sounds. If you are tired of a bunch of apolitical bands, this is for you. STREETS OF RAGE! Oi-fuckin-core is how they define their style. From France, STREETS OF RAGE show us how HC should be played by skins. Three great songs, some New York Old School HC mixed with Oi (that you almost don’t notice), excellent work!

Lo hicieron de Nuevo! Gran split por parte de estas 2 bandas antifas. AS son los nuevos BRIGADA FLORES MAGON, 3 canciones cantadas en francés a dos voces (chico y chica), letras políticas y un excelente sonido oi!. Si estás cansado de ese montón de bandas apolíticas, esto es para ti. SOR oi-core es como ellos se definen. Desde Francia SOR nos muestra como debe ser el HC tocado por skins. 3 canciones con un pequeño guiño hacia el New york HC old school con toques oi (que casi ni notas), gran trabajo.


streets of rage / action sedition split 10″ review

Here’s a review from the good folks at Oi Oi Music! Thanks!

sorsaThis is a release I was looking forward to. Streets Of Rage hail from France and released a full-length and split EP before while Action Sedition are a new band from the French speaking part of Canada.

On their previous releases Streets Of Rage made a huge impression on me with their melodic approach of streetpunk music. On their new recordings they moved away from the streetpunk sound and adopted a more hardcore orientated style. I’m not sure if they had a line-up change. However, the transmission to the new sound works out well and the band sounds quite natural, like they never have done different before.

The band recorded three songs, which are a little bit on the short side, but it’s the quality that counts. My favourite is Nancy Youth Crew, a song with typical HC breaks, sing-a-longs, etc.

Action Sédition from Quebeq, Canada released a debute CD by theirselves, but apparantly i missed that release. This split 10″ is their first release in vinyl format.

The band recorded three songs for this split EP, all sung in French. The band plays streetpunk but some guitarlines and drum rhythms disclose some d-beat influences from bands like From Ashes Rise or Wolfbrigade.

The band works with two vocalists, male and female, and especially on a song like Class Contre Class this works out very well, although opening song La Haine is an excellent song as well.

35 / 40


action sedition – video – histoire d’un printemps

Here it is! The official video for Action Sedition’s  ‘Histoire D’un Printemps, one of the songs off of the  Action Sedition /Spanner split 7″!



the fallout – full set video – rock against racism – hamilton – 2006

Back in 2006, The Fallout played a Rock Against Racism show in Hamilton, with The Rebel Spell, The Rotten, Sam Lawrence 5 and The Rad Patrol. The VHS tape with their set (and The Rebel Spell’s set!) just surfaced. James C. was kind enough to put the whole thing on a DVD…here is The Fallout’s set!


the class assassins – new video

The Class Assassins have just released a great video for Start Again (one of the songs off of the Treason 7″ which was released on Rebel Time Records in 2011).  Video was recorded this year when The Class Assassins opened for The Dropkick Murphys.

The 7″ is available from Rebel Time Records here.

A couple of review of the 7″:

“Toronto streetpunks The Class Assassins have followed up their brilliant 2010 full length You’ve Got It All Wrong with a new EP titled The Treason 45. The release includes two new tracks on 7” vinyl.
Side A, Treason, blends the bands classic stripped down punk rock sound with a heavy back beat to produce a song that is legitimately catchy and memorable. I received the album a day ago and have probably heard this song a dozen times since.
The B Side is a song titled Start Again which is more reminiscent of You’ve Got It All Wrong. It’s a straight forward punk rock anthem expertly crafted to incite the listener to sing along and throw back a pint for the working class.
The Treason 45 only has one problem; it leaves the listener wanting more, and that’s a quality problem to have. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be looking forward to the next full length.” (Rebel Youth Zine)

“Side A, “Treason” has this underlying reggae beat to the song that reminds me of VERBAL ASSAULT’s “Tiny Giants” partially for the same reggae back beat, but partially because the sound is beefy. Beefy rock reggae from punks. Makes sense coming from punks who are anti-racists. Reaches back to the roots rebel army origins of the band’s appreciation for bands like the RUTS and SLF. The B Side, “Start Again” is more like what I am used to hearing from the CLASS ASSASSINS. Having just recorded a version of this song for our radio show I appreciate the heavy vocal interplay that comes together as gang chants in this song that live somewhere between SHAM 69 and RANCID. The music is more along the lines of the SKIDS with the not so subtle celtic riffing that made BIG COUNTRY a phenomenon. “Start Again” is my favourite of the two numbers and should have been the A-Side, but both songs are great. And it kind of baffles me how this band doesn’t have more people talking about them especially given that the singer was in an early rendition of CHRONIC SUBMISSION and the bassist was in DIRECT ACTION. Thos are two heavyweights as far as Toronto hardcore is concerned and should take nothing away from the others who played in PROBLEM CHILDREN, HOCKEY TEETH, and BOMB SHELTER. All of these bands were great in their own right. And although bringing together that much talent can be risky as is the case with Brazil’s football team, the egos are in check with the CLASS ASSASSINS. In fact I would say that the egos are no existent. These guys just play stripped down back to basics punk with loads of melody and is an example where bringing together this much talent can blow you away. There are a few examples of this like LIMP WRIST and the SWARM and now streetpunk has a role model.” (Equalizing X Distort)


action sedition / streets of rage split 10″ out now!

assorcoverWe’re stoked to finally have in our hands a limited quantity of the Action Sedition / Streets Of Rage split 10″!

The record is out on Casual Records (France), Mad Butcher Records (Germany), Rebel Time Records (North America) and Street Influence Records (Russia) and features 3 songs from each band.

If you are in North America, and would like a copy, please get in touch with us. They’re going fast!!

Streets Of Rage are a French Oi! Band from Nancy (France) with Hardcore and 80’s Oi! influences like Blood For Blood or The Oppressed !  They’ve been together since 2009 and write about “the trials of life, working class rules, fight against fascism scum, Football, drunken nights and violences in the streets.”

Action Sedition is an Oi/punk band from Montreal, Quebec. “The band identifies itself with the left and champions ideals of equality, freedom and solidarity. The band follows a lineage clearly anticapitalist and antiracist.”

Action Sedition also just released 2 songs on a split 7″ with Bristol, England’s militant antifa ska-punk band Spanner! You can find out all about this release at the History Lessons EP Blog, , where you’ll find music, video, interviews, etc.

Here are are a couple of songs from the record:





full sets from broadcast zero and class war kids

Back on June 28th, at Club Absinthe in Hamilton, a bunch of folks got together to raise some money for our good friend Ang’s alternative cancer treatments (more about Ang and her ongoing battle against cancer, and how to donate to her cause, can be found at her Don’t Stop Believing site). You may know Ang as the drummer for our very own The Rotten…

Among the 11 bands that played the show were Rebel Time Record’s very own Broadcast Zero and Class War Kids. Both bands reformed for a night to help raise needed funds.

We were fortunate to have James. C videotape the band’s sets. Here they are:



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