Featured on Dying Scene’s “15 DIY Punk Labels That You Should Be Paying Closer Attention To” !!

The good folks at Dying Scene were kind enough to include us in the Number 4 spot of their brand new feature “15 DIY Punk Labels That You Should Be Paying Closer Attention To”! Huge thanks to Dying Scene!

Here is what they had to say about us…

4. Rebel Time Records

Who: A small collective of folks, based in Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo, who came together out of a shared love of left-radical politics and punk rock.
Where: Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario (Canada)
Genre Focus: Street Punk and Oi!
Most Recent Releases From: Born Wrong, Action Sedition, Spanner, The Class Assassins, The Rebel Spell
Latest Release: Section 4

Catching up with co-owner Rebel Time Randy:
What Makes Rebel Time Records Unique: “Rebel Time Records is one of the few North American record labels dealing specifically in politically-charged, socially-conscious, rabble-rousing political punk rock. And, notably, for the most part, the bands on the label are Canadian. We like to say that we (and the bands on the label) are all about “having a laugh and having a say.” As one reviewer noted: ‘Rebel Time and their artists always fight the good fight [and] speak of things that most if not all of the major labels are afraid of…’ Bottom line is, we deal in songs of protest and resistance/songs of love and rage and, hopefully, we’re helping to spread a message that is inspirational, incendiary and insightful/inciteful!”

What’s Next for the Label: “We should have the new album “In No Fit State” from Irish outfit Section 4 in our hands shortly…just fantastic anti-fascist Oi!/Ska/Reggae. Hoping to bring this band across the pond at some point! Also coming out in the next month or so is the newest record, “Last Run,” from The Rebel Spell. So stoked for this record!! The Rebel Spell will be criss-crossing Canada in October/November and then heading back to Europe early in the new year. Further down the road, we’re planning to put out some new and (possibly) old material from The Fallout. Classic straight-up, stripped down political punk rock out of Toronto. Patty from Brutal Youth/Class War Kids recently joined the band on bass. We’re also looking forward to working further with Montreal’s left-radical streetpunks Action Sedition and Bristol, England’s militant ska-punks Spanner. Some of our bands, including Spanner, Action Sedition, The Rebel Spell and The Fallout will be featured on a downloadable compilation that will be out late October 2014. The compilation is a benefit for our good friends at Bristol Antifa and it’s being compiled by one of our favourite labels, Riot Ska Records.”

Rebel Time Webstore


Here’s a review from Germany’s Crazy United webzine. It’s a good review, we’ll see if we can get it translated!

 Split: Action Sedition/Spanner – 7“ (19.09.2014)

vinyl7_foldover(Rebel Time Records)
Action Sedition und Spanner Split EP. Zwei Bands die nicht unterschiedlicher sein können.
Aber hervorragend musikalisch zusammen passen und das gleiche Thema zu ihrem Motto gemacht haben. Inhaltlich geht es bei der EP um den immerwährenden Klassenkampf und um den Antifaschismus. Bei Action Sedition handelt es sich um eine kanadische Punkband aus Montreal. Stilistisch kann man die Combo zu 100% mit Warrior Kids vergleichen. Wer die Kids mag, der kommt auch nicht an der Band aus Übersee vorbei. Französische Vokals, sing-a-long Parts und musikalisch eins zu eins. Top. Spanner, eine Punk-Band aus dem Herzen Englands – aus Bristol – verkörpern diesen Ur-britischen Oi-Punk Stil. Wobei der Song „Always Antifascist“ das völlig unterstreicht, aber man bei dem zweiten Song „Impossible“ die Bandbreite der Band präsentieren will und Ska-Elemente mit einfließen lässt. Stimmlich und musikalisch ähnelt das sehr dem 80er Punk. Gefällt. Die Produktion fällt rotzig und dumpf aus, also passend zu diesem Genre. Arschglatt und fein abgemischt wie eine Charts-Platte würde jetzt hier absolut nicht passen. Mir gefällt die EP sehr gut, obwohl ich leider nur eine Drop-Box-Datei davon hatte, aber ich werde das Dingen auch käuflich erwerben.
Eine gute 2. GAWO.


new episode of rebel time radio!

RebelTimeRadioThere is a brand new episode of Rebel Time Radio available for downloading/streaming!  As usual, a diaperload of punk rock and politics!

Dan, Mike. and Elysha roll out some new tunes – new to us that is! And… new releases from Farler’s Fury, Jesse LeBourdais, and Punch; hanging out alongside lots of other great tunes and laughs. We talk about two awesome tours that will be coming through southern Ontario – Jesse LeBourdais and Jon Creeden will be around in October, and watch for The Rebel Spell in November! We also don’t talk about the Scottish Referendum…but you still oughta check out some of that action!

For full details and playlist, click “Read more”

Right Click, then “Save As” to download, or click to stream!



Farler’s Fury – The Captain (Jon Creeden cover)
Los Fastidios – Dal Basso
La Gachette – La Sentence
Citizen Fish – Feeding
The Rebel Spell – It Can’t Be Just Me
Spanner – History Lesson
Naked Aggression – Party Down
Leather Daddy – Vomit Pack
Future Theft – Stay Grounded
Punch – Not Sorry
Jesse LeBourdais – Burnt Out Frame
Action Sedition – Classe Contre Classe
The Prowlers – We Come Out First
Class War Kids – One Last Struggle
The Fallout – Change The World Today
Subhumans – People Of The Plague
DOA – We’re Bloodied but Unbowed
War On Women – Effemimania
F-Minus – Brand Loyalty
Cvnt Pvnt – Rot
Whorehouse Of Representatives – Acid Rain

Related Links:

Listen to Jesse Lebourdais and find out upcoming tour dates here: http://jesselebourdais.bandcamp.com/

Jesse and Jon’s split 7 inch release: http://jesselebourdais.bandcamp.com/album/home-split-with-jon-creeden

Independent and free? A Glasgow anarchist’s take on Scottish independence https://libcom.org/library/independent-free-glasgow-anarchists-take-scottish-independence

Crises Capitalism and Independence Doctrines http://groundleft.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/crises-capitalism-and-independence-doctrines/#_edn25

Nationalism, socialism and partition Link: http://www.wsm.ie/c/nationalism-socialism-partition-ireland


the fallout – all albums on bandcamp

The Fallout have put all their albums up on their Bandcamp page!

As we said below, The Fallout will be playing with The Rebel Spell in Ontario in November! Stay tuned for more info, and, in the meantime, listen to The Fallout!





killing fields – down to my last round – download for free

kfone A few blog entries ago we talked about the great Montreal band Killing Fields and the fact that they have reformed. “Hardcore Against Capitalism” is how they bill themselves and we dig them. With the band’s permission, we put the 5 tracks from their demo up on Youtube.

The band now has a Bandcamp page and the entire demo can be downloaded for free! So, go get ‘em, you won’t be disappointed!


the rebel spell – hamilton – sunday, november 9th

Looking forward to this one!



the rebel spell – interview 2006

We’re big fans of THE REBEL SPELL. No doubt about it. Here’s an interview with the band (from Loud Fast Rules, Spring 2006) that we collected. We’ve got more, just not sure where the heck they are at the moment. Check below for a full set video from 2006 too!

We are stoked to be one of the labels that will be releasing the band’s new record “Last Run” and we are equally stoked that, as the bands criss-crosses Canada in October/November, we’ll be presenting a couple of the shows (Kitchener-Waterloo and Hamilton)…stay tuned for more details…

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