radical leftees – fundraiser for kim – imprisoned antifa

As part of the fundraising efforts for our good friend/comrade Kim (currently doing time in a UK clink for antifa actions), and in conjunction with Radical Leftees (“whether you’re out on the town or out in the streets, whether you’re raising a pint or raising a fist, you’ll look good and feel good in a radical leftee. they’re all the rage”), we’re offering up these antifa shirts…15.00 plus 8.00 postage (Canada and US)…drop us a line at rebeltimerecords(AT)gmail.com if you’d like one…

We’ll also have these shirts available for sale at the Political Prisoner Fundraising Dinner and Beers! which is happening on January 29th, 2016 in Hamilton…

And, there is also the We’re Still Here : Anti Fascist Prisoner Support Whip Round And Pissup happening in Toronto on Friday February 5th, 2016.

Plus, there is a Soirée De Soutien Pour Un Prisonnier Politique Antifasciste happening in Sagunenay, Quebec on February 6th, 2016.

As well, the fine folks at the International Anti-Fascist Defence Fund will be lending a financial hand to Kim and his co-defendant.

Check out the (just slightly outdated) Radical Leftees site for more pics of the shirts…


“Raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Kim is an anarchist, political organizer, local shit- antifacollection2014disturber, and all around solid human being. An indispensible member of the community, he’s been involved in everything from anti-police struggles to workplace organizing, from anarchist publishing to anti-racism work and so much more.

Seeking to explore and gain experience of struggle elsewhere, Kim moved to London, England two years ago. Immediately throwing himself into political work abroad, he became active in various London-based projects. A committed anti-fascist, Kim quickly became a staple in the London antifa scene. Organizing to confront all manifestations of contemporary fascism, he routinely participated in counter-demonstrations to disrupt the gatherings of fascists.

At one such demonstration, a physical confrontation erupted and Kim along with several others, were arrested in relation to the beating of fascists. As of January 2016, Kim was charged and sentenced to two months in prison as a result of the incident.

To help support Kim while he serves his sentence, as well as for when he gets released, heantifafundsix needs funds. If you’re interesting in providing support (anything is appreciated!), check out one of the several upcoming fundraising events in Hamilton.

If you’re interested in throwing some funds his way, but cannot make any of the events get in touch by contacting: jailsolidarity1312@gmail.com

If you would like to write to Kim, send your letters to: writetokiminlondon@gmail.com (responses will be scanned and emailed back)”


Order today and we’ll include, absolutely free and at no cost to you, a copy of the classic antifa compilation “Northen Aggression: Project Boneyard Volume II” CD. 14 tracks of  antifa Oi, punk and more, including tracks from Stage Bottles, The Oppressed, The Press, MC Crenshaw and more.

NorthernpiconeReleased in 2009, this compilation was described thusly by Exclaim Magazine:

“This release is a compilation distributed with the intent of cracking down on fascist propaganda and White Pride organizations, using music as a message of unification and urgency. Comprised of punk, hardcore and hip-hop acts, and featuring 16 tracks of vigilant activism, this collection brings lesser-known artists out of the dark and onto the battlefield. Baltimore, MD outfit Fighting Chance set the scene with “Somethin’s Gotta be Done,” a call to arms that’s delivered in the true oi spirit. Toronto, ON street punks the Class Assassins and their outcast anthem, “Outside Looking In,” are a fitting contribution, as is hardcore faction Death in Custody’s abrasive and spastic “Car Bomb.” Remarkably, America’s premier working-class punks the Press also lend their assistance to the disc with “Just another Warning,” which has just as much relevance today as it did 20 years ago. Northern Aggression ― Project Boneyard Volume 2 is a propitious comp that successfully manages to connect different artists and genres together with the soul purpose of the masses following suit despite race, creed or gender. Amen.”

Here’s a couple of tracks from the CD:


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