soundtrack of solidarity

We’ll have 10 copies of this CD in our hands shortly … $12.00 (plus postage) gets you a copy (please drop us a line if you’d like us to hold one for you) … a fundraiser done up by RASH-Munchen …  with Brigada Flores Magon, Action Sedition, Spanner, Jeunesse Apatride, Produzenten der Froide, Los Fastidos, Artificial Eyes and more  … here’s their blurb about the disc … :

soundsofsolidarity1SOUNDTRACK OF SOLIDARITY!

Today the Solidarity-Compilation for our friend and comrade Paul get released! The CD will cost 5€, you can give more if you want. All the money we give to Paul that he is able to pay the lawyer. We want to say thanks to all Bands who supported us! You can order the CD vie e-mail (solidaritywithpaul@hushmail.com) or send a message to our facebookpage. How you can pay we tell you in the answer-email.

Soundtrack of Solidarity – 14 Tracks – 5€- Orders to: solidaritywithpaul@hushmail.com or send a message to the RASH München page.

For all who ask now “Who is Paul and why is he in jail?!” Here is the answer:

At the 20th of July Paul was protesting together with more than 1300 antifascists against PEGIDA in Munich. Because he was carrying a flag with him that was “too short” he has been arrested. Since that day he is held in custody. Pressrelease from the 22nd of July: At the 20th of July PEGIDA Munich hosted a manifestation at the Marienplatz where they invited PEGIDA founder Lutz Bachmann to gain momentum for their rascist movement. More than 1300 people where involved against the rascist demonstration. During those protests some people got arrested and some where held in custody. Around 8:30 PM a antifascist was stopped by undercover cops and got arrested for violating the laws of public gatherings. They justyfied this by a flag the activist was carrying wich was “too short” by their understanding. Since then the activist is in detention while awaiting trial. The spokesman of the supporters for people beeing agrieved by repression during the anti- Pegida protests had this to say: “the imprisoment of an activist under filmsy conditions like this is the peak of a wave of unjustified repression against antifascists. Meanwhile convicted right- wing terrorists and neonazis can attack and threat journalists and activists. the nonintervention by the police while right wing soundsofsolidarity2activists attack antifascists and the repression against antifascist can be seen as a strategic move. If the city of Munich wants to fight rascism is debatable. In any case, the police of Munich is doing everything to make the rascist march possible monday for monday. If necessary by deviating antifascist protest.

Against Pegida and repression!
Against the deviation of antifascist protest!

Thanks to Produzenten der Froide Los Fastidios – officialpage Brigada Flores Magon Malasuerte Fi Sud Spanner Action Sédition FFD uguaglianzaARTIFICIAL EYES ZSK Jeunesse Apatride Lumpen Cosenza Oi Total Komplet hors contrôle( page officielle)
Our Solidarity against your repression!


Le 20 juillet dernier, Paul était parmi les 1300 antifascistes manifestants dans les rues de Munich contre PEGIDA. Il a été arrêté par la police pour la simple raison qu’ils ont jugés que le bâton sur lequel il portait un drapeau était trop court. Il reste emprisonné depuis ce jour.

Relevé de presse (22 juillet): Le 20 juillet dernier, une manifestation a eu lieu à la Marienplatz à Munich, où Lutz Bachmann, le fondateur de PEGIDA, à organiser une manifestation afin de faire de la mobilisation pour son mouvement raciste. Plus de 1300 personnes ont répondues contre la manifestation raciste. Au cours des manifestations, quelques personnes ont étés interpellés, et quelques entres eux ont été détenus en prison. Vers 20h30, un antifasciste a été arrêté par les polices en civiles pour avoir violé les lois d’attroupements publiques. Ils ont justifiés l’arrestation en prétendant que le bâton sur lequel il portait son drapeau était, selon eux, trop court. Cet antifasciste est toujours en prison en attendant son procès. Selon le porte-parole de ceux et celles appuyant les victimes de la répression lors de la manifestation anti-PEGIDA, « l’emprisonnement d’un militant pour des raisons si fragile représente le sommet d’une vague de répression contre les antifascistes. Entre temps, des terroristes de la droite et des néo-nazis attaquent et menacent les journalistes. La non-intervention de la police lors des attaques fascistes contres des antifascistes, ainsi que cette répression policière contre les antifascistes peuvent être perçues comme une décision stratégique. Nous ne pouvons pas être certainEs que la ville de Munich veuille se débarrasser du racisme. Peu importe, la police de Munich fait tout en sorte pour que la manifestation raciste de lundi aille lieu, même en réprimant la contre-manifestation antifasciste.

Contre PEGIDA et la répression! Contre la répression des manifestations antifascistes!

Here is  Action Sedition’s contribution to the CD …


Fascism is back in style
Italy celebrates its Duce
Nothing will erase this sad period.
The Nazi regime is settled in
The army is revolting in Spain.
Following the Italian example
Catholics have sold out
Reactionary forces are united.
No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down
The people rise up
To face the fascist threat
They make their dreams reality
Anarchists and socialists
In Catalonia the lands are collectivized
Factories are self-organized
Borders are pushed back
Theory is put into practice
No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down (x2)
The fascists are united
German planes mark the skies
They want to put down the popular uprising
Exile in the north becomes necessary
The struggle is international
France is invaded by Hitler
Our experience becomes crucial
The first resistors take root.

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