the strike – may 30, 2015


Was lucky enough to sit in on the 5th or so practice of the new reformed The Strike a few nights back! As previously mentioned on this blog, Fergus (The Strike, Emergency, The Tranzmitors) on bass/vocals has been joined by Pete (The Trojans, The Angelic Upstarts, KHB) on drums/vocals and Crash (Slander, Hammerboiz, The Steeltown Spoilers) on guitar/vocals…a great mix of tunes from both The Strike and Emergency songbooks and even a Hammerboiz tune!

In the words of Pete: “For the past several months, I have been practicing here in Hamilton with the early 80s Punk band The Strike, originally from Inverness, Scotland but transplanted to Canada when their Bassist, lead singer and songwriter, Fergus McCleod moved here in the 90s. I met Fergus several years ago in London, On. and we have been talking about putting a new version of the Band together for years and now it’s here. We will be starting to play shows in August and will probably take over the world by some time next year. Watch out, us and our Punk Walkers are coming to steal your children.”

A few more practices and they’ll be ready to play out. You’ll be able to see them in Toronto in September opening up for The Oppressed, if not sooner!

Here they are doing When The War Is Over. Camera work is a bit shakey, but the performance ain’t…

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