section 4 – “no fit state”

We’ve been promising you the new album from Ireland’s Section 4 for a while now! We’re happy to report that the album will be out in March and we’ll have copies for sale around then! A co-release with Jobsworth Records (Ireland) and I.T.S. Records (UK)…

section4groupSection 4 are a DIY punk band from the West Coast of Ireland. They formed in Ballina in 2007 after the break up of local punk band Foreveraftermath and the continuing hiatus of another local band, Riastradh. They play a mix of Oi!, punk, reggae and ska, with lyrics that cut right to the heart of current social and political problems. They’ve toured Ireland extensively in their 8 years and made a trips to the UK and Germany. They self-released their first album, “Sure This Is It” in 2011 on their own label WahShtuff Records. This year see’s the release of their second album “In No Fit State”. They have enrolled the help of a few labels for this release, Jobsworth Records (Ireland), I.T.S. Records (UK) and Rebel Time Records (Canada). They play a launch gig in Emmetts, Ballina on Sunday 8th of March. And they following week they head to the UK for some dates with Robinson Krause from Hamburg. They are also known for their support of cause like Anti Facist Action and Workers Solidarity Movement and have played benefit gigs for such causes.”

Here’s the song ‘Tear Down Your Fucking Posters’…

Why would ya want to be a politician? A come on tell me now tell me now! Do ya really think that you could make a difference? ‘Cos we’ve seen it all before. They only thing they’ll change is themselves, they can’t be trusted. No Ya can’t count on a politician.

Seen them in the news now its no surprise,
Another politicians coming telling more lies,
And we don’t want to hear them anymore.

It won’t take long for their promises to be broken, it won’t be long now ’till all their lies are forgotten. The only one they help is themselves, they can’t be trusted. No Ya can’t count on the politician.

Seen them in the news now its no surprise,
Another politicians been scandalised,
And we don’t want to see them anymore.

No one can stand alone, no ya can’t bring down the system on your own, ya don’t believe me now. When are we all a gonna agree we need a change to come? And that’s not easy so until we all agree people are sufferin’ needlessly .

and so another campaign, and another more lies, another politician we’re a gonna despise. We don’t wanna hear them, we don’t wanna see them now ya know, we don’t want no politicians no more.

No more politicians no more politricks
I’m not ever gonna vote for you no… ‘cos guilty politicians got no rhythm

And, here’s another couple of track, courtesy of the band’s Bandcamp page!



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