the rebel spell – “one of the few true punk bands out there today”

The new album from The Rebel Spell continues to garner accolades and continues to end up on a lot of ‘best of 2014’ lists. Here is what the folks at The Punk Site had to say about the album:

Best-of-2014-300x178“I don’t know how the tropical climate of coastal BC creates so many angry punk bands (D.O.A., Real McKenzies, SNFU…), but The Rebel Spell are carrying the street punk torch for the next generation. They explore injustice in various forms through their music and are actual active activists who live what they preach. Anti Flag are their southern counterpart, but the Rebel Spell is doing it on their own merits, touring hard and getting their music out there without big label money. The Tsilhqot’in War starts off with a beautiful melody that introduces a true tale about the Canadian genocide of our Aboriginal peoples. They sing about the Tar Sands, the environment, racism and religion. We can argue all day about what “punk” truly means, but to me personally, it is built around intelligent people standing up for human rights and striving to make a difference against oppressive political powers. By this definition, The Rebel Spell (and Morning Glory) are one of the few true punk bands out there today.”

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