2015 / year of advance

As we approach 2015 (the year of advance), we’d like to thank all those people who helped make 2014 (the year of advance) a memorable one for Rebel Time Records.

Thanks to Action Sedition, Spanner, Streets Of Rage and The Rebel Spell for creating real rebel music / songs of protest and resistance / music that is truely inspirational, incendiary and insightful/inciteful. Honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you all this year and looking forward to working with you all again.

Putting our music these days has to be a collaborative effort and we’re stoked to have worked together with / collaborated with some great like-minded labels. Thanks to Casual Records (France), Mad Butcher Records (Germany), Street Influence Records (Russia), Iron Column Records (England), Jobsworth Records (Ireland), Maloka Distro (France) and Riot Ska Records (England).

Thanks to everyone who helped ‘sell the sizzle’…everyone who has helped to spread, in any way, shape or form, the gospel of Rebel Time Records. Radio shows, podcasts, zines, websites, blogs. All the folks who spin our records, review our records and/or write about/interview the bands, thanks for your support. Hugely appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a record / CD / digital download. Special thanks to the brick-and-mortar stores that still stock our stuff and to the folks who still visit those stores to pick up our stuff! Support your local independent record store.

Thanks to anyone who has booked a show, promoted a show, played a show, attended a show. The Rebel Spell couldn’t have made it pretty much coast-to-coast this year without you…

Err..who’d we forget?

Thank YOU for reading this and thanks for your continued support.

2015 – Year Of Advance














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