on the radio

Action Sedition, Spanner and Streets Of Rage got some solid airplay in Slovenia on Radio Študent 89,3 MHz…”One of Europe’s oldest and strongest independent and non-commercial urban radio stations.”

The show is called ‘Subway’ and this was the “Always Antifascist’ episode.

Thanks to host Goran for the airplay! Much appreciated.

You can stream the show right HERE.

Here’s the playlist for the show (check out the band videos on the site too)…

ANTI-CIMEX – “Swedish Hardcore 1986-1993″ LP (Svart Records, 2014)

– Make My Day

– Rust Never Sleep

– Wheel Of Life

DROPDEAD – “What could be” + split w/ Brainoil 7″EP 2014

– What Could Be

– Harvest

– Indoctrination

AGNOSY – “Traits of the Past”  (Active Rebellion, 2014)

– Dreams Fade Away

– Eternal Winter

– Traits of the Past

SPANNER – split w/ Action Sédition 7″EP 2014

– Always Antifascist

ACTION SÉDITION  – split w/. Spanner + split w. Streets of Rage 10″ EP 2014

– Histoire D’un Printemps

– Class Contre Class

– La Haine

STREET OF RAGE – split w. Action Sédition 10″ EP

– Wasted Youth

– Keep The Fight

BOMBER – “Bomb Your Nation With Rock and Roll” 2014

– I Rejected You

– Perfect Day

PIČKE VRIŠTE – “Nedovršena priča” 2014

– Svijet ludila

COLD TURKEY – s/t demo 2014 

– You Again?

– It’s A trap

DEBELI PRECJEDNIK – “Povijest bolesti” EP (MoonLee Records, 2014)

– Dumb Luck

SCUFFY DOGS – s/t CD 1997

– Nočna kronika

HUMAN HOST BODY – 4-song demo 2013

– Leviathan


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