killbite – wutburger

Our last post featured a review of the new Rebel Spell by Latex from his Ketten Und Ketchup zine. Latex also sings for Killbite…here is their video for the song Wutburger, along with a blurb, written by Latex, about the song…

“The video/song is about the treatment of refugees in Germany. It’s very discriminatory, people are forced to live in a bad environment, with less than adequate sanitation, medication and so on. They don’t get any money, only marks that they can trade against cheap food. If that isn’t enough, these people are more than often NOT WELCOME in the region where they are ‘settled’ and even have to defend themselves against heavy Nazi-attacks like firebomb attacks on their homes and lots of verbal attacks by the rest of the dumb, angry german population, who are in search for a scapegoat. In America, i think you would call them ‘rednecks’! Nothing has changed, in fact… the word ‘Wutbürger’ means those rednecks. People who are full of hate and fear. They react against refugees, arguing that ‘the boat is full’, meaning that there is no space and enough rsources for all these help-needing people. Which is bad and dangerous bullshit, of course! It’s a theme that makes me sad and angry at the same time. Anti racist Action is needed badly, for sure there are some Groups that try to act against this racist meaning Mainstream, but as you maybe know, it’s more than hard to argue against all the prejudices and all the hate. Anti racist and antifascist Action is a very important thing you can fill your life with. But it’s also often very depressing, because it is so hard to see and really get a real change in peoples heads. I think thats it in a short way. This is germany 2014 “


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