all in for ang!

ang As we’ve mentioned on this blog, our good friend Angi Orchard (also the drummer for our own The Rotten) is  undergoing some serious treatments for some serious cancer. As it says on her Don’t Stop Believing website:

“This is about breast cancer – Angi’s breast cancer. For the past four years this gal has been fighting something which is now getting out of hand. After initial hope that a double mastectomy and hysterectomy would work in stemming the spread of the disease, now things are back to square one and we need some help.

There are therapies that can help Angi withstand the worst ravages of the medications and strengthen her body for the battle ahead. These therapies are expensive – way beyond her family’s ability to finance. But Angi had a terminal prognosis – this beautiful young woman has the cards stacked against her.

So guys, let’s give a little here. Please! Let’s all get a life for Angi!”

Ang could use some help raising money for some alternative treatments and you can donate some coin to help her get these treatments HERE

In order to help with fundraising, Rebel Time Records is offering up some of our releases for $10.00 (plus $2.00 per disc shipping in Canada, please get in touch for shipping costs to U.S. and elsewhere) with all monies raised going to Ang’s treatment fund. If you’d like to help out by buying a release (or two!) you please  get in touch with us at rebeltimerecords(at)gmail. com. We’ll get you sorted out!

Here’s what we have:


It’s amazing when an already impressive band step up their attack another notch. Such is the case with Kitchener, ON-based the Rotten on latest effort Enemy Of The State. While the quartet have always unleashed a caustic, old school approach that few bands equal, on these 13 tracks they have truly amplified and refined everything without losing the spirit that has driven their aggressive punk for a decade. Enemy Of The State is crisply recorded and perfectly performed without detracting from the guttural, abrasive spirit and energy the Rotten continue to unleash. Essentially, this collection of incensed yet catchy tunes is a spirited, powerful blast of rage and aggression yet the actual delivery is the perfect balance of live enthusiasm and studio perfection. The result is a cumulative effect of decades-long listens to D.O.A., Zeke, Ramones, Rancid and Exploited — thick with rage yet mature enough to let it unfold patiently. (Exclaim)



The Brat Attack’s method is a multi-pronged attack: jumping from raucous, straight-up punk, like album opener “Spark,” to the D4-style pop punk of “Hey Harper, You Anti-Choice Homophobe…,” before breaking into a song like “Prison Slave Labour,” which wouldn’t sound out of place on mainstream radio. Still, there’s enough consistency that the album never loses sight of itself. Politics are hard-worn on sleeves with this group and an album insert thick with lyrics and explanations is the result. Luckily for all though, the Brat Attack never bash you over the head with their beliefs, despite the overtly political content of each song. The politics work best when the band put aside the straight-ahead, angry punk for hooks and melodies on tracks like “Lack of Compassion or Just Ignorance,” allowing for the message to come through more clearly and with some substance.  (Exclaim)


abzyesterdayyouWest coast politi-punks the Rebel Spell just met their East coast equivalent. Proof positive that the political opinions most crusty/street punk bands strive to instil in their fans don’t go unnoticed, agitated quartet Broadcast Zero blaze forth with their inspired take on the state of the world. Infusing many personal and anecdotal elements into the fold though, they escape the trappings that weigh down their contemporaries, resulting in tunes that are equal parts sincere and informative. More importantly though, the fervour with which Yesterday, You Could Change The World is delivered seems unparalleled. Every track attacks as if it were the last moment these boys will have on the face of the Earth, relegating the aggression acts such as the Casualties or Total Chaos affect somewhat like, well, bullshit. This is the new breed of street-wise punks and their enthusiasm, vigour and dominance are fucking brilliant. (Exclaim)


acwkrrrlargecoverThe Class War Kids go straight for the throat with their sophomore release, as each abrasive song rips into the next. Taking notes from Rancid, A Global Threat and Moral Crux, these Newfoundlanders play an energetic and conscious brand of street punk that drips as much passion and anger as defiance. The group prove their relevance by blasting out protest anthems like “The Vegan Avenger Ascends into Legend,” “Policeman” and the fist raising “Disinformation Age,” all of which are prime examples of the group’s politically motivated lyrics and infectiously gritty songwriting. The Class War Kids aren’t shy to point their finger, whichever one it may be, in the direction of greed, injustice and misogyny, revealing that the true problems in our system are often caused by those that run it. Reflection! Rage! Rebellion! is 14 tracks of devoted insubordination that carries its heart on one sleeve and conceals a Molotov cocktail in the other. (Exclaim)

Any help, whether a personal donation or a CD purchase would be greatly appreciated. Let’s help Ang reach her funding goal and help her in her fight!! As Ang recently said: “Please share with your friends. Im on my way to my goal but still have a ways to go. Looking into Gerson Treatment in Mexico with a $15 000 cost but might be an option if I can raise enough.”

Stay strong Ang!!




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