action sedition – classe contre classe

action sedition – april 2014

Just in time for Mayday 2014, Action Sedition have released a studio version of their soon-to-be-released song Classe Contre Classe (Class Against Class). Classe Contre  Classe will be featured on two separate releases. First up is a split 10″ with French antifa oicore outfit Streets Of Rage (3 songs each) and then comes a split 7″ with England’s top militant ska-punk oufit Spanner (2 songs each).

Needless to say, we are stoked to be a part of both these releases.

If you are new to Action Sedition, take a quick stroll through this blog to get caught up…lots of music, video, interviews, etc.

Here’s what they have had to say about themselves:

“We can say that we’re a lot influenced by what we call the far left, but also by the radical left politics. In the same lineage, we can see in our influence the redskins and anarcho-punk movements. In fact, we could summarize our band with the tag ”Rock Libertaire” (Anarcho-Rock). We have political positions which oppose every form of discrimination, may it be patriarchy, capitalism, or racism. Our texts also introduce our political fight and the social struggles all over the world. You can see that position through the shows we’ve played, which many of them are benefit concerts for political groups or community organizations, like the COBP (Regroupment Against Police Brutality), or events related to the students strike. We believe it is also important not only to talk about such subjects, but also to get involved. That’s why most of the band members get involved in different radical left militant groups.”

Without further ado, here is the video for Classe Contre Classe with lyrics in French and English…


Classe contre classe
Toujours nous nous battrons
Classe contre classe
Jamais nous ne renoncerons

L’usine du quartier qui ferme
Encore des centaines d’emplois de perdus
La colère en nous qui germe
Plusieurs familles se retrouvent à la rue

Entre se tuer, boire ou gueuler
J’ai choisi de combattre pour ma dignité
Ma classe, on l’a humiliée
L’heure de la vengeance a enfin sonnée

Le chômage ne suffit pas
Les propriétaires ne font pas crédit
C’est le retour aux sous-emplois
La précarité les enrichit

Les syndicats ne bougent pas vraiment
Gangrénés par la bureaucratie
Le pouvoir des patrons s’étend
Plus on gratte plus c’est pourri

Classe contre classe (x8)

Pourtant nous n’avons pas bien le choix
Si nous voulons voir nos chaînes se briser
Il faut s’organiser pour le combat
Le capitalisme, il faut l’éliminer

C’est par la lutte que nous vaincrons
La bourgeoisie et tous ses valets
Le rapport de force nous le renverserons
Car entre les classes il n’y a pas de paix



Class against class
We will always fight on
Class against class
We will never back down

The local factory is shutting down
Hundreds of jobs are lost once again
Anger is building inside of us
Families find themselves on the streets

Between killing, drinking or shouting
I’ve decided to fight for my dignity
They’ve humiliated my class
Time for revenge has finally arrived

Welfare is not enough
Landlords won’t accept credit
It’s a return to underemployment
Precariousness enriches them

Unions do nothing
Infected with bureaucracy
The power of the bosses spreads
The more we scratch, the more rot we find

Class against class (x8)

Yet we don’t have much choice
If we want to break our chains
We must organize for the fight
Capitalism must be eliminated
We will win through the struggle
The bourgeoisie and its servants
We will overthrow the balance of power
Because there can be no peace between classes


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