stage bottles: ‘having a laugh and having a say’ in canada…


Frankfurt, Germany’s STAGE BOTTLES are headed our way and will be playing a few shows in Ontario and Quebec.

Some of the dates so far are: 

TORONTO (Sneaky Dees) on APRIL 18TH, with Bitter Grin, The Deliquents and Action Sedition

MONTREAL (Coop Katacombes) on APRIL 19TH with Jeunesse Apatride, Scarlet Beast and Mayday

OTTAWA (Dominion Tavern) on APRIL 25TH with Shotcallers and Machine Gun Dolly

HAMILTON (This Ain’t Hollywood/Matinee Show) on APRIL 26TH with The Fallout, Overpower and Come Out Swinging

If you aren’t familiar with the band, here’s what a few reviewers have had to say recently:

..STAGE BOTTLES play melodic Oi! with a distinctive saxophone and strong, sussed political ideas…

…the STAGE BOTTLES form an important anti-fascist alternative. What sets the band apart from the pack is Olav’s saxophone. It gives the band an eerie BAD MANNERS feel to their skinhead punk beat associating them with anti-racist scenes of the past. But the band is a straight up hardcore punk band with loads of melody. Think BAD MANNERS meets the politics of ANGELIC UPSTARTS meets the sound of BLAGGERS ITA…

…think of the best of early BUSINESS (“Official Bootleg” era) and early BLITZ (first album) combined with above average lyrics, and a healthy dose of sax, and you’re away…

…band with a real infectious street punk sound that borrows heavily from pop sensibilities (as far as song structures go: verse, chorus, verse kind of thing). Like a UK Subs/Bad Manners collaboration of sorts on the surface, but yet the STAGE BOTTLES end up sounding more and more like Leatherface’s singer fronting Infa Riot; the lyrics are straight-up working class and of the anti-fascist variety but still Oi! to the core….


Here’s what the band has to say about itself:

“The Stage Bottles were formed in 1993. We started with a complete different line up compared to now – except Olaf.

The band was born as an anti-fascist Skinhead band with roots in classic punk-rock and Oi! from England. But we always gave a fuck about where good music comes from.

The Stage Bottles are a sub-cultural band. Being involved into sub-cultures like Punk, Hooligan or Oi! we make a stand against capitalist society and its ignorant and killing effects. Our aggression is the result of a critical attitude to what ordinary people do. We are not ordinary, and people who like Stage Bottles aren’t either, we hope.

But our attitude is not a result of racist or nationalist propaganda. We don’t like everyone, but we also don’t hate everyone. It doesn’t matter where anyone comes from or what colour of skin the person’s got. We’ve got friends/comrades all over the world.

But we know some people are acting in another way, so we’ve got to react. Our music and the lyrics are a reaction to this. We can’t cut off our music and lyrics from experiences we had. So we are anti-fascists and we support anti-fascists and sometimes we feel like revolutionaries.

But never forget: antifascism and a revolutionary attitude has got to be fun as well.

The Stage Bottles act in a political way to prevent bad things and to support good things and to save and build freedom.

The result may be a better world with much more fun and without arsholes.

You can call it: Aggression for fun in a positive way.

But as a small band like us with a little effect, of course. With your support the effect may become bigger!”
Power For Revenge

Corruption And Murder (Full Album)





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