HISTORY LESSONS – action sedition and spanner


Songs of protest and resistance. Rebel tunes for rebel times. Relevant, radical, topical and timely tunes. That’s what you get in ‘History Lessons,’ a 7″ EP with download card coming shortly and featuring 2 songs each from Action Sedition and Spanner.

In the spirit of international solidarity, we’re especially happy to be working together on this release with rad labels like Iron Column Records, Jobsworth Records, Maloka Records and Riot Ska Records.

‘History Lessons’ includes a 7″ platter with one song from Action Sedition (Histoire D’un Printemps) and one song from Spanner (Always Antifascist), PLUS a download card with not only those two songs but another song from Action Sedition (Classe Contre Classe) and another song from Spanner (Impossible).

It’s no secret we’re big fans of both bands. Action Sedition and Spanner really do exemplify, via their music and message, actions and ideals, what Rebel Time Records is all about. These songs (and these bands) are inspiring and incendiary, positive and purposeful. Their songs are infectious, catchy-as-heck  clarion calls-to-action and we can’t wait for you to hear them!

You can find more information on both these bands here on this blog…just scroll down a bit!

Here are live versions of three of the songs that will be on ‘History Lessons’…



 New measures of austerity
For the well-being of the economy
This time it’s the university
Whose price the state wants to increase
As soon as the increase is announced
A social movement comes to life
Struggling for free tuition
Education does not have a price
A spring unlike any other is on the horizon
We will fight until they back down
Sides are quickly drawn
As the media, cops, and bosses
Side with the government
Against the people
At night, confrontations
In the morning, injunctions
The youth are rising
We will not ask for forgiveness From Victoriaville to the streets of Montreal
Fear changes sides, the police flee
Who would have believed that after that spring People would vote like fools?
Believing that change could finally come
Through an election…


Class against class
We will always fight on
Class against class
We will never back down

The local factory is shutting down
Hundreds of jobs are lost once again
Anger is building inside of us
Families find themselves on the streets

Between killing, drinking or shouting
I’ve decided to fight for my dignity
They’ve humiliated my class
Time for revenge has finally arrived


Welfare is not enough
Landlords won’t accept credit
It’s a return to underemployment
Precariousness enriches them

Unions do nothing
Infected with bureaucracy
The power of the bosses spreads
The more we scratch, the more rot we find

Class against class (x8)

Yet we don’t have much choice
If we want to break our chains
We must organize for the fight
Capitalism must be eliminated

We will win through the struggle
The bourgeoisie and its servants
We will overthrow the balance of power
Because there can be no peace between classes




It’s a tired old story when times are harsh
the fascists and racists go on the march
with twisted faces and ideas
misplaced anger, ignorance and fear They go for easy targets and never aim high
Believing all the bullshit and swallowing all the lies
yeah they can shout loud but they’ve nothing to say
just the same old bigotry that never goes away
Repackaged as radical, new and improved
but so many times it’s been proved
they’ve got nothing to offer but division and hate
and power and strength to the nation state

Raised fists antifascists help the fightback spread
and the only good fascist is one that is dead
Militants in resistance we know our enemies
and we know that our best weapon is solidarity

Police and fascists march side by side
it’s always been the way, it can’t be denied
waving batons or St George crosses
they’re working for the rich and the same bosses
So there’s plenty of violence to protect “Free speech”
for the fascist scum and the filth they preach
their “right to protest” is always ensured
while antifascists feel the force of the law

Liberals without a clue
trying to tell “the movement” what to do
follow the leaders from a to b
and let’s pretend we got unity
Stirring speeches keep people still
as designated protest pens are filled
miles from the fascists behind police rails
playing it safe and doomed to fail

We know that fighting fascism means sometimes we have to fight
not pacified, dead end demos where everything is so polite
It’s not about being macho, elite or supertough
but a look at the history of fascism should tell us enough
It’s confidence and strength will grow if it is unopposed
so with barricades and whatever it takes we’ll make sure the road is closed
Wherever they start we have to stop them to make sure they have no chance
there’s many ways to beat the fascists and push back their advance
We’ll never accept the rise of the right or fascists on our streets
and we won’t follow leaders on the long road to defeat
In memory of fallen comrades we will never forget
nor do we forgive so our rage is fueled to destroy the fascist threat


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