interview with at what cost

Here’s an interview we did with Hamilton’s (by way of Georgetown) own At What Cost…catch them on Saturday, April 27th at Rebel Fest 3 and be sure to pick up their new cassette release! These guys have been involved in the local punk scene for a long time; I remember some of them were in Social Conscience, a band that played one of our Punk Rock Matinees way back when. I also remember Tyler coming up to me at one of the Punk Rock Matinees and telling me that Social Consience had evolved into a new band called Awkward Pause. At least, that’s what I thought he said. Of course, he actually said At What Cost, but I still think of them as Awkward Pause…

I guess introductions are in order! Who makes up the mighty punk rock machine that is At What Cost? Who does what?awclogo1

Tyler – bass, vocals, Adam– guitar, vocals, Stevie – guitar, Gord – drums

 For folks who might not be familiar with the band, what is AWC all about? How would you describe your sound? What kind of sound are you going for? Who are your influences?

We like to have fun sometimes life’s not fun. Make music and vent our frustrations and lifes fun. We are influenced by a lot of 80’s punk from around the world and we try to go for a more UK82 and the uk anarcho band sounds.

Lyrically, what are you writing about these days?

Recently we released a tape that we recorded in august of 2012 and forgot to mention that on the tape. 2 songs every days a tragedy and didn’t see this coming are end of the world themed. ‘Didn’t see this coming’being sarcasm towards the sudden realization that the world is fucked. And ‘Every days a tragedy’ is about all the natural disasters that have been occurring related to climate change and the excessive lifestyles that caused it and the possible reason fema would have made all those coffins. A bleak outlook on a a society where the rich feed off the poor and then expect them to make all the sacrifices in order to preserve the status quo. ‘Enslaved’ is a rant about hating our current job situations. ‘Threat’ is about nuclear arms and a distrust to world leaders. As for ‘Taken’, Adam wrote it as a song about native land disputes but Ty sees it as a song about losing punk venues. The last song ‘We just wanna see the sun’ is about smoking pot, so long as it’s a crime we’ll always be guilty.awcpic

You’ve been recording recently? How did that go? Where did you record? What is the plan for the recordings?

We recorded at boxcar studios in Hamilton and it went well. We re-recorded songs off our first demo and a new track . We’ve had a change in drummers and added a second guitar since that demo, so wanted to do a proper release for a couple choice songs that we are planning to put on a split 7” with gag order. As for the new one its going on the Hamilton murders comp put out by schizophrenic.

What is in the future for AWC? Any tours/shows going on you want to mention?

Currently we’re working on new material and we’ll have some shirts and other merch out soon.


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