Brutal Youth are Greg, Katie, Kyle and Patty and they play some pretty darn catchy and fast punk rock. They’re playing Rebel Fest and here’s a bit of an interview with Patty (vocals/lyrics):

So, what’s the Brutal Youth backstory? Who are you guys and how did you all come together and when?

We used to play in a band together and shit got sour, so we cut out the person who was causing the problems and started anew. We added Greg to the mix because he could punch through solid bone and that seemed like an asset. I chose the name Brutal Youth because of the Elvis Costello record I thought it sounded super original and cool, Turns out I was wrong but now we are stuck.

Sound-wise, pretty much every review I’ve seen of BY mentions bands like Kid Dynamite and 7 Seconds. The term “Posi-Core” also gets tossed around alot. Accurate assessments? What’s your take on the bands’ sound?

We love Weird Al and Green Day.


What’s happening lyrically? Where you coming from? There seems to be a bit of silliness (songs about your dog) as well as a lot of serious (songs about your Grandfather’s death)in your lyrics…

I don’t see a love song to my dog as silly, if anything it’s the MOST SEROIUS SONG WE HAVE. I try to write lyrics as though I’m writing in a private journal. I try to write thoughtfully and personally.

Brutal Youth plays out alot and has toured a fair bit…any particularly excellent tour or show stories?

We had a tour with our buds from Kitchener in The Decay. That whole trip was a blast. As far as excellent tour stories go, we were in Sweden once and we stole a boat, rowed it out to a floating sauna and roasted weenies in there naked until the owners of the floating steam hut appeared and informed us the had phoned the police at wich point we gathered our clothes and made a dash for the shoeline.

What’s in the future for BY?

We just released a video for one of the songs on our new album wich will be out April 2nd via Get Party Records and My Fingers! My Brain! Records. Also I’m pretty sure we’re going to tour a bunch this summer. Otherwise we’ll be rotting away at our jobs.

Here is their latest video, they are on all the usual social media sites and you can check out their righteous tuneage on their Bandcamp page


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