reviews: the class assassins

Profane Existence recently reviewed the two latest releases from The Class Assassins! And, we hear the band will be back in the studio in January 2013!

HERE we have an eight song live recording from part of an interview for the Equalizing X Distort radio show on CIUT in Toronto on November 2011. This has been recorded with no overdubs, live off the floor, so you get an idea of what they sound like in a live situation and they kick ass! This is one of the better live punk recordings that I have ever heard, other bands take note of what you should be doing when you put out live tracks. I’ve heard so many horrible live tracks added to albums to pad out space or for whatever reason, and most sound like mud, but they did an awesome job on this one. Cactus, one of their guitarists, has released the tunes on his new Anxiety Attack label. You get two really good cover versions on here, “Breaking the Law” by JUDAS PRIEST and “Fortunate Son” by CCR, that fit in really well with their originals, plus you get the exceptionally catchy Treason, from the recently released The Treason 45 EP. The band plays really tight on here, the vocals are upfront and clear, the band is just having a great time on this and it shows in their bouncy playing. I’m so glad that I got a chance to hear this since I now live so far from Toronto, that this is the best chance of hearing them live that I will get for a long time. This band is definitely a favourite, note Canadian spelling…lol! (Rick E.)

I’VE been a fan of this band since their first album “State of Emergency” from back in 2002 when I had a radio show on Mohawk College back in Hamilton, Ontario. I played something off of that album nearly every week on the show and not just because I had to play a certain amount of Canadian music, but because it kicked ass. Well, I am happy to say that they are every bit as good as back then, if not even better than I remember. Only two songs from this Toronto, Ontario band that has been around since 2001 and just keeps getting better. They do great upbeat, but far from cheesy street punk with heart-felt lyrics and emotion in every song. This is the kind of stuff that I can play over and over again and sing along with and it makes me happy, not too many bands can do that to me right from the start. I hadn’t listened to them in a lot longer than I should have because this band is just too good not to listen to on a regular basis. Pick this one up and make yourself feel good. (Rick E.)

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