review: the rebel spell

Profane Existence review of the latest platter from The Rebel Spell.


This four piece from East Vancouver, BC Canada really surprised me with this release. I have heard their name before, but never heard their music, I’m sorry that this has happened because this is a fantastic album! They come at you from the start with twelve tracks with such power and it just made me take in all the nuances that are here. You get the awesome bass guitar work throughout the album, the fast licks thrown out by the guitarist, the unrelenting pounding of the drummer, and the more surprising things, like the violin on the track “Uncontrollable”, and the keys on “It Can’t Be Just Me” and “The World Turned Upside Down” are all such nice surprises on a punk album, the album even ends with a cover of a peaceful acoustic protest song by LEON ROSSELSON, “The World Turned Upside Down” which was also covered by BILLY BRAGG. The album is just so damn catchy, with some great gang vocals and some great whoa-ohs, but it isn’t wimpy in any way, just a solidly played album and the production is nice and tight, letting everyone get their instruments in and with clarity which makes you want to start singing along with them and playing the air instrument of your choice. This band could become really popular, but not in the obnoxious way, the kind that the cool kids know them and support the shit out of them. You need to get this one and just crank the fuck out of it! I need their older releases now…..damn you!!!!! (Rick E.)


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