review: mayday

Mayday is a band we’ve mentioned before…great political punk out of Montreal…here’s a nice review from Profane Existence…


This four piece band from Montreal, Quebec has laid down four powerful tracks on this EP. They combine the power of hardcore with the shout along politics of oi! all mixed together on this release. I’m not good at French, honestly I never was, middle school made us take it all three years that we were there, and it’s been far too long since I was in middle school to remember much, but the band only does two of the four songs in French, so I could shout along with the other two in English. All the songs were really good with “You Have My Back” being the one that really stood out for me with the unity message in it. The band is fairly tight, just a bit sloppy in spots, but it’s not supposed to be perfect is it really? This band has pretty good production on this release, almost live sounding, and the singer really is shouting out the lyrics with passion which makes this one a keeper for me. Take a listen and shout some songs out in English and Francais, you’ll have fun! (Rick E.)

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