action sedition: l’exploiteur

Another video from Montreal’s Action Sedition! We’re working on an interview with the band…stay tuned…

According to the band, “L’exploiteur” (is) about the third world’s workers’ exploitation.

Lyrics are Google translated…

New campaign of abuse of workers
Take advantage of the hard work of these poor people
Held by the neck by the dirty employers
They did not ask anything, just a decent wage

Latin America land settlers
Mouths to feed in the sweat of their brow
Babble all these rights in the name of profit
Without orchestra-heart, it is capitalism

Destroy the machine
Destroy their power of despair
They enrich our back, these people are suffering
They suffer these people, but they is us

Isolated in paddocks, fields have walls
Invisible as their cries, they often spend their nights not
Have humiliated all day
They can not sleep, they go back to work tomorrow

A bitter tear running down the cheek
The hope of their children are quickly wipe
It is for them to work, it is for their future
Sacrificing their lives for the sake of their family


They suffer these people, but they is us (4x)

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