Just so many great political bands in Quebec…we’ve previously mentioned/highlighted outfits like Jeunesse Apatride, La Gachette, Hold A Grudge, The Prowlers, Union Made, Mayday,  Esclaves Salaries and more…here’s a new band called Action Sedition and this is, as far as we know, the first tune they have released.

Don’t know much about the band yet, other than that this song is fantastic!

The lyrics below are a google translation…

Political Prisoners

Do you know the story of Jean-Marc Rouillan
Villainous murderer in the eyes of the law
Arrested for the murder of an infidel
The Tale of the bourgeois anarchist killing

He and his friends hunted millionaires
And his worst offense was not to regret
This is far from a chronic history isolated
Talk to Mumia, or Baader Aubron

Solidarity with the arrested-e-s
All prisoners
Let them freedom
Prisoner of conscience
Together we will destroy
This system and its prisons

Across the world, people are struggling
Against oppression, poverty and abuse
And in each country, the people exposed
Policères forces and corrupt judges

And even in your city, people are on trial
For claiming more equal
Judicial control protesters
Strikers accused of contempt and mischief


And in your neighborhood, young people who have rabies
Constantly harassed and arrested
The State and its armed want them caged
Poor and marginalized are quickly handcuffed

When you see all that, you come to think
The judicial system and prison
Obeys the interests of a social class
Cutting down government is a necessity


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