review of the class war kids “reflection! rage! rebellion!”


The Class War Kids
“Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!”

The Class War Kids describe themselves as “a political punk rock band who believe that music can be a force for positive change in our world, and that music should be catchy as shit!.” It’s an accurate way to describe their music which is full of sing along choruses—generally poppy in the vein of Propagandhi. I’m not entirely into the music (and I preferred the first CD to this one), but I’m thankful for bands that present anarchist politics in an accessible way. All too often it’s impossible to pick out the lyrics sung by “political” punk bands, so the Class War Kids are a welcome band. The songs urge folks to take to the streets and fight, with songs about the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver (“Riot 2010”), the water wars in Bolivia, and other such topics. One of the standouts is the anti-sexual assault song “Never Her Fault” that takes an uncompromising attitude (could there be any other?) towards perpetrators of sexual assault. (Rebel Time Records)


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