iron column records – 100% anti-fascist, 100% non-profit, 110% excellent

IRON COLUMN RECORDS is a newish label/distro out of England. Well-recommended and soon to have a full complement of Rebel Time Records releases as well as a selection of Insurgence Records material.

Here’s what the label/distro has to say for itself:

Iron Column Records is a new UK-based distro (and soon-to-be label) spreading the anti-fascist message through no-nonsense music and merchandise. We are 100% non-profit – ALL proceeds from sales are given to antifa groups or anti-fascists in need.

We currently have a small but select range of music from some of the finest anti-fascist bands and labels on the planet, and we plan to expand it as money allows. If you are in a band or involved with a label that is sympathetic to what we’re doing, please get in touch to see if we can work something out.

We’ve also produced an exclusive ‘Antifa’ t-shirt (with more designs in the pipeline) and are planning to release our first album under our own imprint in the near future – watch this space!

We hope that you find something you like in our list and we look forwards to hearing from you.

Antifa always,

Iron Column Records

PS: we need you to let people know about us, so please help spread the word. Thanks!

So, do like they ask and spread the word!


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