broadcast zero review from equalizing x distort zine/radio

Review of “Some Concerns Regarding This Revolt from the crucial Equalizing X Distort zine/radio show:

This is BROADCAST ZERO’s latest full length. They remind me a lot of KNUCKLEHEAD in their ability to develop a melody that sounds part celtic and part modern. So they borrow from pop punk and traditional oi combining the sounds of TENPOLE TUDOR with contemporary melodic punk to bring an insanely catchy style of hardcore not unlike HOSTAGE LIFE, the REBEL SPELL and the FALLOUT, who are bands that I would love to be compared to for their ability to play a song and say something. BROADCAST ZERO say what they mean and they scream it mean. There is a song on here called “Fear Culture” which reminds me of the essence behind the Michael Moore film “Bowling for Columbine”. It makes me think of culture creep into Canada from the States in an awful way. The song “Our Freedom” reminds me of the FALLOUT’s “Shot Rings Out” in terms of melody. And the band does a cover of MARILYN’s VITAMINS to round this CD out, while borrowing a title from a HOSTAGE LIFE curiously. (Stumble Records – 57 Leaside Drive Street / Catharines, ON / L2M 4G1 / Canada / www.stumblerecords.com // Rebel Time Records – 2-558 Upper Gage Avenue, Suite 162 / Hamilton, ON / L8S 4J6 / Canada / www.rebeltimerecords.com)

BROADCAST ZERO at Rebel Fest, March 2011:


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