A couple of good ones and one by someone who just doesn’t get it. If you want to decide for yourself, you can stream the entire album at the Dying Scene punk news site, just head on over HERE

From Razorcake:

This Is Not a Victory: CD

With melodic structures and galloping drums, this second full-length from a quartet out of Canada is full-throttle hardcore. Imagine Jawbreaker on crystal meth. Just listening to this will make you sweat. Attacking militarism, American greed and corruption, Cambridge’s sharp, articulate lyrics are rooted in traditional political punk. “Kubark” has a hint of early The Sounds Of Animals Fighting, while “Hole in the Ground” throws in a one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in a while. Cathartic and inspiring, Cambridge delivers again. Recommended. –Kristen K (Rebel Time, rebeltimerecords.com)

From Absolute Underground:

CAMBRIDGE – This Is Not A Victory

Quick punk licks and fast beats. Say hello to melody people, Cambridge aren’t afraid to say what they think and stick up for what they believe in. With political overtones draped over every song, Cambridge preaches a little louder than I am able to hear, but that doesn’t mean it ever stops being good tunes, it just means that I’m a stoner with the attention span of a small gerbil. But this gerbil was running on his wheel the whole time that Cambridge’s second full length album was playing. Jesse LeBourdais belts out strong vocals throughout the album with a vast range of highs and lows the have you visualizing the spittle flying across the room. The same could be said for the drums that go from fast to faster. Add some solid bass and speedy guitar action and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album. This Is Not A Victory is some of the band’s finest work to date, and thier hard work paid off getting them signed to Rebel Time Records. Cambridge has been around for over five years now and hopefully they’ll have the energy and the gusto to be around for five more.

From Earshot:

This Is Not A Victory
Rebel Time

Vancouver’s Cambridge play a pretty standard form of punk rock, heavy on anger and political themes and steeped in Bad Religion‘s trademark heavy, melodic sound. Though, copping a band who’s style sounded dated ten years ago may not be a great idea. Unfortunately, Cambridge‘s style and approach to music makes them “just another punk band”. Any band with a political message makes one wonder why they’re singing about the injustice in the world instead of going out to try to fix it. It’s hard to tell if the band is being tongue-in-cheek with their lyrics. They sing, “This shit was fucked up before I came along/It’ll be worse before I’m gone” in “Hole in the Ground”. In “It’s All Over, Man”, they sing “No one will remember this song after we are dead”. If there’s humour or irony in their message, it’s buried very deep in their music. Otherwise, it comes off as nihilistic and nothing like the “positive experience” they talk about in their bio. There’s very little that’s memorable here. Skip this unless you really like political punk.



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