REBEL TIME RADIO is broadcasting live every Monday on SoundFM CKMS 100.3 out of  Kitchener-Waterloo.  We’re working on getting the podcast up and running again, but, for now, here a link to the September 27, 2010 show.
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This show featured a lot political songs along with some commentary
about some local issues going on in Ontario. In the age of austerity,
we felt this show was more than appropriate.  It’s also been awhile
since we’ve posted a podcast of our weekly radio show in
Kitchener/Waterloo, so we hope you enjoy it.  Next podcast will
feature Cambridge (Vancouver punk) who will be coming into the studio
for an interview, as well as an acoustic set featuring their lead
singer, Jesse Lebourdais.


Die Internationale (German version)
The Real Mckenzies “Chip”
The Real Mckenzies “The lads who found & won”
The Fallout “The Rules”
Brigada Flores Magon “Continente Olvidado”
NOFX “Straight Edge”
The Strike “Communique”
The Class War Kids “One last Struggle”
The Decay “Long road”
ALL “Guilty”
Newtown Grunts “Solidarity”
Jesse Lebourdais “We shall rise”
The Class Assassins “A generation robbed”
The Fallout “A shot rings out”
Gogol Bordello “You gave up (Romania)”
The Lucky Ones “Drinking my life away”
D.O.A. “I don’t give a shit”
Cambridge “Broken Watch”
Zero Down “Empty promised land
Enemy You “Where nobody knows your name”
Heyoka “El pueblo unido”
Scrapy “Still standing”
Ya Basta! “Ouvrier”
Los Fastidios “Ya basta!”
The Suicide Pilots “Harper Youth”
Opcio k95 “Oi! per Catalunya”
Klasse Kriminale “Gridalo Forte”
Ol! The Arrase “Solidaridad


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