Here’s some reviews, courtesy of the fine folks at STREET VOICE UK MUSIC MAGAZINE:

THE BRAT ATTACK – Those Who Sow Sorrow Shall Reap Rage: Depsite the Brat Attack being on my radar for a long time this is the first time I’ve actually heard anything by them and I really have been missing out! This is pretty cool socially aware punk rock music that really deserves to be heard by the masses. The Brat Attack pull no punches and all fourteen socks deal with important issues such as boneheads, capitalism and relligion. If that wasn’t enough the band also add an expenation about each song and why they were written. The Brat Attack are very inspirational and are a reality check! To ignore this album would be sheer madness. 10/10 (Rebel Time Records)
THE CLASS ASSASSINS – You’ve Got It All Wrong: I have been giving this album a really good listen this past few days and it’s fair to say another killer release from Insurgence Records here. I guess they lay somewhere between S.L.F. and Bonecrusher though there’s hundreds of high energy punk rock bands to compare them with. When you hear songs such as ‘Crack Of Thunder’, ‘You’ve Got It All Wrong’, ‘Going The Distance’ and ‘A Generation Robbed’ you know you’re on to a winner here. I haven’t heard an album with this intensity coming out of North America in Ages. This comes well produced and nicely packaged too! 9.5/10 (Insurgence Records)
THE CLASS WAR KIDS – Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!: What puts most people off with political / social aware bands is the music is usually dull. However with Canadian punk rock band The Class War Kids you get great music and wicked lyrics. Every song is pretty much high energy punk rock that has found it’s way back into the scene after years of lame metal crossover bands. There’s 14 tracks in all with songs such as ‘One Last Struggle’, ‘The Vegan Avenger Ascends Into Legend’, ‘Reflection! Rage! Reebellion’, ‘Fuck The Troops’ and ‘Us Against The World’. There’s not one filler on here and most punk rock fans will find this a very pleasurable listen indeed! The Class War Kids have put out something very cool and I for one cannot wait until the next album. 9/10 (Rebel Time Records)
REDSKINS – Epilogue: I’m sure most of you are aware that the Redskins were a staunch socialist band in the 80’s who wrote many good soul tunes. I’d love to see a full epilogue dedicated to this wicked band as there’s plenty of decent of material to choose from. This just seems a little thin to be honest with at least three demo tracks on here which aren’t the best of quality and the Decca releases missing. It’s good to see the CNT Singles being given the re-issue treatment and tracks such as ‘Peasant Army’, ‘Lean On Me’ and ‘Unionize’. What is interesting though are the No Swastika tracks on here which include ‘Strike’ and ‘Unamed’. For those not in the know the Redskins were originally called No Swaztika. There could have been some wiked sleeve note on here regards the band but it’s left down to the fan of a band to write his own memories. All in all it’s not a bad release but Insurgence could have have made it a whole lot better. 6.5/10 (Insurgence Records)
HOLD A GRUDGE – Doing Time: Hold A Grudge are a new band to me but this twelve track album has left me wanting to hear more. If you’re into early American HC like I am then you’ll be in for a bit of treat. These guys are influenced by the likes of Agnotic Front, 7 Seconds, Warzone and Youth Brigade so just from that you know this is gonna rock! There’s some spot on musicianship and wicked vocal delivery that leaves you wondering why this band aren’t bigger than they are. It’s great to see a HC band that hasn’t take it to the extreme. Tracks to check out include ‘Those Days’, ‘Doing Time’, ‘The Kids’ and ‘Trust To Last’ which once heard you’ll sure want to hear them again! Comes with a decent production and decent packaging. 7.5/10 (Insurgence Records)
V/A – Northern Aggression /Project Boneyard Vol 2: This is a 14 track anti-fascist compilation put together to combat one put out by white power scum in North America. The tracks are all from the Insurgence Record back catalogue and are in the Oi! / Oi-Core /HC vein. Best bands for me were The Knockarounds, The Blackout Brigade, Class War Kids, The Oppressed, The Fallout and the Stage Bottles. Weren’t too keen on the rest as they were just a little too predicatble for my liking. Still this a great idea to get out the anti-fascist message in skinhead / street punk circles so check it out! 7/10 (Insurgence Records)


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