THE CLASS ASSASSINS: “A Group That Thirsts For Change”

I love THE CLASS ASSASSINS. One of my favourite bands, no doubt about it. Classic socially-conscious, catchy-as-heck, sing-a-long streetpunk played incredibly well. Their new album on Insurgence Records is just amazing…here’s a review of it from Exclaim Magazine…:

The Class Assassins
You’ve Got It All Wrong
Since its ill-timed inception, punk rock has shared a similar philosophy with folk, where both styles serve as music for the people, and w…hen you look past the handful of vulgarity-or-gimmick-dependent acts, you can discover a group that thirsts for change and act as a voice for the victimized. Toronto, ON natives The Class Assassins execute that brand of blue collar anthems, in the vein of street punk predecessors such as U.S. Bombs, The Briggs and Sham 69. This sophomoric effort embodies the working class spirit and the gravelly vocal delivery is effective on the unapologetic “Empty Dollar,” while “Stop The World” makes for one of the album’s most powerful tracks. You’ve Got It All Wrong acts as a black flag in a time where political remodeling is in great need and these punks aren’t asking for it. They’re demanding it. (Brad Schmale/Exclaim Magazine)

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