THE DEAD PEASANTS REVOLT is a new band out of Newfoundland, featuring Davey Brat from The Brat Attack and The Class War Kids on guitar/vocal, Elsa doing vocals, Greg on guitar/vocals, Cy on bass/vocals and Chris on drums…they’re currently recording and you can check out their tune “DIY Or Die Fucko”…it’s in the Box to your right!

Here’s the lyrics:

D.I.Y. or Die ! Fucko!

D.I.Y. till I die, we build and multiply
Defeat, they will retreat, tear down, their industry
Level the top , no we can’t stop, the dissent cannot be silenced by the cops
This is victory is ours, no more fears, the impact will be felt for years

Our passion, our love will prevail.
They can’t take our art to sell.
No more making things fast and cheap.
I want this to mean something special to me

This love, this passion, this is not for sale
These words, these story’s, are not for commercials
Book our own tours, build our own networks, basement shows and community centers.
Zine Distros and make new friends, we band together and we will sing

We should realize that we don’t need them rather they need us.
We have gotten to a point of being  self sufficient and free from the chains of capitalism restraint. We can make D.I.Y. more than a way we participate in a music scene, we can make it a everyday part of our lives. We are using our own tools, the ones we have made, to create a new world and watch the old one fade.



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