Nora from TURN IT DOWN: A CAMPAIGN AGAINST WHITE POWER MUSIC was interviewed on the Roots Rock Rebel Radio show on Wednesday, November 18th. Nora talked about anti-racist organizing and the campaign around the NORTHERN AGGRESSION: PROJECT BONEYARD VOLUME II compilation. You can both stream and download the interview: HERE. In addition to the interview, host Aaron spins some great reggae, ska, punk and hardcore! Here’s a bit about the episode:

Roots Rock Rebel
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
CKUT, 90.3FM, Montreal!

Greetings radio junkies,

Yes, this beautiful/miserable planet of ours is a racist racist place. In
Canada, migrants are being deported by the thousands every year while we
talk about “reasonable accomodations”, indigenous land is getting
swallowed up for the winter Olympics and to build condos for the rich, and
no, Palestine still ain’t free.
But luckily, people in the punk rock and ska community are fighting back.
Our special guest on the show this week was Nora Flanagan, who is the
project coordinator for the Turn It Down campaign against white power
music. Nora spoke with us about how her group is using community
organizing as a tool to counter a new rise in racist hate music, and also
about the new “Northern Agression” compilation, recently released on
Insurgence Records. Northern Aggression brings together some of North
America’s finest anti-racist punk, hardcore, and hip-hop acts to give a
big middle finger to racists everywhere. From the dirty rock from whence
they crawled, to the halls of the House of Commons in Ottawa, NAZI PUNKS

Make sure you check out Turn It Down and Northern Aggression and SUPPORT




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