Deep Thoughts by Nick Handy of Broadcast Zero

From the Broadcast Zero Myspace Blog…

The Ontario Crossroads

So we’ve got like seven shows coming up to close out this month. After sweating to death for the past few days I am reminded why we typically do not play shows in August…we don’t fancy dying on stage Judge Dread style or any style for that matter. But there is a good reason for these shows…

It appears that all of our favourite bands felt the urge to converge on Ontario at the exact same fucking time. So what did we do, well not much. Hmmm..that story sucks.

No, we actually made sure as hell that we’d be playing a number of shows with our favourite people form East to West.

Obviously THE rebel spell is Canada’s finest punk rock band from Vancouver….and they’re good kissers, especially that Todd fellow. They’re playing like 15 shows in Ontario so make sur eyou check them out regardless of whether or not we’re playing.

Class War Kids….whatever….only one of the best pure political punk bands I know of. Some of you may wonder what I mean by pure…well, read their lyrics sheet….these guys are chalked full of message and no fluff: specific and to the point, a sign that they know what they’re talking about. Not like those cheezy quasi-politpunks that sing about stuff like “Someone start a revolution, we’ve got four but we need more” kind of non-specific slogan chanting like you find in some bands. If you didn’t catch them the first time through Ontario, catch them on their way back to Newfoundland.

Jesse Lebourdais from the band Cambridge (Vancouver) is touring his solo acoustic act which is some real wicked shit. He’s a super talented guy who is frightened of me when I’m drunk and bowling but he put together an excellent solo project and you shoudl all check it out….immediately.

Noelle from Chaos, Disorder and Panic is a longtime show promoter out in Chilliwack, BC and she’s put on countless shows for countless bands and does it because she loves exactly what we love: building and supporting a scene that stretches across the entire country. She’s been an important contributor to that development and she’s making her first trip across Canada with her friends in GSTS marketing her specific brand of spoken-word experimental message-filled songs.

Also bands that aren’t touring but are playing shows during this time period include good friends and also people committed to building a scene are End Program from Toronto who are affiliated with the collective High Art for the Low Down who also put on countless shows in whatever venues they can find to support touring and local acts.

Subsistence from Montreal will also be heading down here for a show. There was no better moment that watching Phil from Subsistence get dragged out of one of our many local pubs screaming, “I don’t speak English!! They don’t understand!!” He was absolutely bombed but I think he was getting dragged out bombed or sober so at least he was the funner of the two. Those guys are wicked though so check them out.

And of course Final Four are playing the Hamilton show and they’ve always been one of my favourite bands except I don’t actually know them beyond the brief time we spent at the last Hamilton show we played together but they’re awesome so check them out.

The who point of the story is that four years ago none of these bands knew each other and now we get the opportunity to set up shows and play shows across the entire country and it just goes to show that a scene for this kind of punk rock exists across the country and its held together by touring bands and promoters who love the music.



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