There’s a new punk rock webzine in the making called TALK’S CHEAP…based out of British Columbia and the brainchild of the infamous Damien Inbred…

From the intro:

“TALK’S CHEAP is a web-based, DIY, punk-rock fanzine, with a decidedly Canadian flavor. The ultimate goal of TALK’S CHEAP is to unite all the fractures genres (and sub-genres) of punk under one umbrella. Our content is contributor based, so if you feel something is under represented…feel free to fill the void. Do you think your local scene is something else? Let us know. Write a scene report…interview a band for us…we’re only as good as the contributions we receive!”

Here’s a couple of reviews of Rebel Time Records stuff from TALK’S CHEAP:

BROADCAST ZERO – Yesterday You Could Change the World CD (Rebel Time Records: 2-558 Upper Gage Ave, Suite 162, Hamilton ON, L8V 4J6 CANADA; http://www.rebeltimerecords.com)
Every city has at least one band that sounds like these guys. Fast, energetic, sorta poppy. The drumming is tight and fast, the lead vocals are pissed off but still poppy, and the backup vocals are in your face. Definitely mid-90s melodic hardcore not unlike Good Riddance or Lagwagon. Unlike most bands in that genre though, these kids have something to say, which puts them above and beyond all the others. As simplistic and clichéd as this subgenre of punk has become over the years, the lyrics on this album show promise – personal/political songs which go beyond the typical empty sloganeering we’re all too sick of by now. Recommended for fans of Rebel Spell, The Fallout, and Good Riddance. (DI)

CLASS WAR KIDS – A Strong People Need No Leader CD (Rebel Time Records: 2-558 Upper Gage Avenue, Suite #162; Hamilton ON; L8V 416; http://www.rebeltimerecords.com)
Who said that political punk has to be dark, serious and depressing? Oh wait – that was me? Well, I take it back. The Class War Kids come from Newfoundland with a highly energetic melodic hardcore sound that you can’t help but dance along to. The music makes the highly political lyrical content very easy to digest and understand. This is the perfect band to get young kids involved in politics and DIY punk in general. The CWK sound like early Good Riddance if they were raised on the AK Press catalogue. Highly recommended! (DI)

Keep your eyes on this zine! And contribute!



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