Rebel Time Records is now part of the aw@l hour radio show…a great mix of political discussion and punk rock. Available as a podcast too! More info:

“The Aw@l Hour is a weekly program on community radio, CKMS 100.3 Sound FM in Waterloo Ontario. It plays from 2pm-3pm on Thursdays.
You can listen live on the radio in the Waterloo region or on the internet at ckmsfm. uwaterloo. ca.

The Show features discussions of  Aw@l’s ongoing campaigns and associated issues. Political outrage, ecology, anarchism and resistance are common themes on the show. We try to use the show as a forum to share information about what we are working on. Most weeks will cover recent or upcoming Aw@l actions as  well as news from across the country and around the world.

The show also features music from Rebel Time Records, a DIY punk label based out of Kitchener-Waterloo and Hamilton, and other politically themed (mostly punk) music.

The Aw@l Hour is also featured on the Canadian Pocasting Network

You can download the podcasts at: the Aw@l Hour website



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