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Broadcast Zero – Yesterday, You Could Change The World
Rebel Time Records

So here’s part deux of my triple bill review of some rather marvellous Canadian punk rock. It’s a little delayed, owing to other stuff going on in the real world, but don’t let my slackness put you off of buying this disc as soon as is humanly possible.

‘Yesterday, You Could Change The World’ is the debut release on Rebel Time Records, and it sets a mighty high benchmark for those that are to follow. Broadcast Zero are classic tofu-and-two-veg punk rock, the kind that creates an instant feeling of comfort and familiarity as it floods into every synapse you possess. Brick-solid riffs, razor-sharp bass, muscle-punching rhythms and vox that demand attention RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW blend effortlessly together. It’s a solid no-nonsense balls-out streetpunk n’ roll beat. The sound is the perfect foil for the words, the socially-aware-but-don’t-forget-the-fun kind of punk intelligence that shows Rancid up for the playschool fakers they are. I’m not dissing the band by saying there’s a definite Rancid flavour (ha ha) to the sound – I love that old-school style but I fuckin’ hate the whole corporate bollocks that they’ve bought into, and to hear a band like BZ bring it back to the real punks puts a shit-eating grin on my face.

There’s not a duff track on this, every one is a classic. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be ‘My Body’. I’ve never heard a song that addresses sexual abuse in such an upfront no-bullshit way. ‘Self-defence is no offence’ is more than just a slogan in BZ’s worldview.

I challenge any one of you to get through this CD without punching the air lots, contorting your face into a vein-popping diabolic shade of red, hollering along with the band in a brothers-and-sisters-in-arms kinda way and resolving to revolt at every opportunity that crosses your path.

OP’s opinion: @@@@@


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