Another outstanding review of THE CLASS WAR KIDS, this time from Exclaim Magazine…pics by Christa Cram…

Class War Kids
A Strong People Need No Leader
By Keith Carman

A Strong People Need No Leader is quite impressive for a debut full-length. From the classic punk rock production values (in that it’s clear enough to be appealing despite being recorded live-off-the-floor) to rich songs that are inventive while still following the basic rules of engagement, there is little wrong with these ten tracks. Then again, it’s obvious that Class War Kids are using …And Out Come The Wolves as their guiding light. This results in a formidable blend of Rancid poppiness offset by touches of street punk, giving the album catchiness and edge at the same time. In fact, at points it almost seems as if Tim Armstrong finally learned how to enunciate and gathered a few political viewpoints to boot. Spirited, upbeat and proficient, A Strong People Need No Leader is a much-needed kick in the pants to utilitarian, pop-influenced gutter punk. (Rebel Time)

Newest member of the The Class War Kids…say Hello to Otter:


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