From The Scope:

In April of 2008 a new wave of political punk struck the rafters of Turners Tavern. The Class War Kids had arrived.

With influences ranging from bands such as Leftover Crack, Screeching Weasel, and Iron Maiden, you can’t go wrong.

These folks aren’t just running around the stage screaming and yelling about how they hate their parents, they truly believe in social change and a consciousness that runs deeper than any image can convey.

Davey had this to say about how they feel as a band and what they’re trying to do:

“I have always played in bands that have conveyed a message of fighting social injustice. I know for the rest of the gang, it’s really important that they have a voice and what better way to say something and to be heard, than combining it with something you love doing,” he says. “Pat’s lyrics are about hope, doing something positive for other people and yourself. Mine are more subject orientated and have a purpose of making issues I am concerned about aware to more people.”

This band has a huge following from the youth. They play countless all ages shows, for which they are to be commended. Not enough of our artists take into account the impact young people have on a music scene. They’re most times overlooked as it’s more fun to play for drunks. However, catering to a younger audience is not only good morally it also ensures a strong and dedicated fan base.

Most recently, the Class War Kids have signed with Rebel Time records (www.myspace.com/rebeltimerecords) based out of Ontario, and should have a split CD with Broadcast Zero (www.myspace. com/broadcastzero) in early spring. In April they will embark on, yet another, cross-country tour.



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