Review of the new BROADCAST ZERO disc from Canada’s ‘Exclaim Magazine’:

Broadcast Zero
Yesterday, You Could Change The World
By Keith Carman

West coast politi-punks the Rebel Spell just met their East coast equivalent. Proof positive that the political opinions most crusty/street punk bands strive to instil in their fans don’t go unnoticed, agitated quartet Broadcast Zero blaze forth with their inspired take on the state of the world. Infusing many personal and anecdotal elements into the fold though, they escape the trappings that weigh down their contemporaries, resulting in tunes that are equal parts sincere and informative. More importantly though, the fervour with which Yesterday, You Could Change The World is delivered seems unparalleled. Every track attacks as if it were the last moment these boys will have on the face of the Earth, relegating the aggression acts such as the Casualties or Total Chaos affect somewhat like, well, bullshit. This is the new breed of street-wise punks and their enthusiasm, vigour and dominance are fucking brilliant. (Rebel Time)


Pics by Hailey Edge and taken at the Punk Rock Matinee/June 21, 2008



  1. June 28, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Fu*king brilliant indeed.

  2. 2 Kelsey Edge
    June 30, 2008 at 1:56 am

    Wowww. Fucking love Broadcast Zero. I’ve seen them twice now, (you can see my hands in one of the pictures on this website ;P) and each time they’ve absolutely blown my mind. They most definitely put on an astounding show for such a small band. I’d surely like seeing them more. It’s actually indescribable how I feel when they’re playing! I get so enegized, and I know a few of my friends that went to the Broadcast Zero/Suicide Piolets Common Cause show with me also gave terrific feed back, and were quite worn out from the pit.
    I also have newly found I am INLOVE with the CD “Yesterday, You Could Change The World”. I listen to it repeatedly. I totally love all the lyrics, and find myslef putting Broadcast Zero quotes in my MSN name, and finding the urge to quote them to other people!
    Soo I just thought I’d mail in how much I love Broadcast Zero while I’m singing “What They Want” at the moment. I was inspired to express myself!
    Thankkkkk Youuuu!! For being an amazing band.

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