“Finally! A revolution you can dance to! The Class War Kids are a political punk rock band who believe that music can be a force for positive change in our world, and that music should be catchy as shit! We make it our goal to have something to say, and for it to get stuck in your head for days!”

That’s how St. John’s THE CLASS WAR KIDS describe themselves…and I can’t argue with a word they say. Catchy-as-heck, infectious, anthemic, sing-a-long, inspirational and confrontational political punk rock. They’ve been swell enough to pass along some tracks from their upcoming demo ” A Strong People Need No Leader,” and, wow, I haven’t been this excited since hearing, say, The Class Assassins, Broadcast Zero or The Rebel Spell for the first time. Look for them as they criss-cross this great country of ours in July and August.

Here’s a track from the demo:

You try to tell me things will never change; “No matter how hard we fight the world will stay the same.”
But you’ll never break me down.
You’re jaded words will never break my heart, every time I get knocked down I’ll just get right back up.
You’ll never break me down.
We resist these tyrannical regimes and you wonder why we take it to such extremes..
But you’ll never break me down.
Throw off the shackles of this imperialist hold, the voice of the people can never be controlled.
You’ll never break me down.
Break me!


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