Interview With THE BRAT ATTACK

Here’s an excerpt of an interview with Davey from THE BRAT ATTACK that will run in the upcoming issue of DO MORE SAY LESS…the zine will be out in May some time and will include interivew with THE REBEL SPELL, THE FALLOUT and THE ROTTEN!

In the Brat Attack bio, you mention the “dozens of line-up changes.” Just for the record, who is in the Brat Attack at this time?

Oh man, it was a running joke for awhile that if you knew me, that at one point any friend of mine was in the band. It was really hard to lock down a solid committed lineup. Touring takes a lot out of you, it’s physically, emotionally and financially draining. Dave Halcrow (Hammer), Dustin Jackson (Dirt) have been with the band since late 2005, before that they helped out as road crew/drivers/stage hands. It was a natural progression to get them in the band after the old lineup fell apart after the 2005 tour. Chris Ferguson (Drums) joined in 2007 and seems to be a very solid member. If Chris leaves we will beat him.

A wise man once said, “punk rock is a state of mind, not a state of dress.” What is punk rock to The Brat Attack?

I have found that punk has been moving away from the “fuck you!, DIY” attitude I found when I started getting into punk back in the early 90’s, lately its been “fuck you, look at my perfect mohawk, it matches my bondage pants”. I have always thought of it as a counter culture movement, an anti-conformist music. But it almost feels like a “uniform” when it comes to modern punk (Blame Hot Topic for that one!). I believe it’s a music shift from substance to style over the past decade. Look at screamo music, no good songs, just fashion, people go to shows to be seen, not for the music. Or maybe I am just getting old. What is punk to Brats? Allan Koehler.

A quote from a review of once of your CDs: “I have a feeling that if a big record company drove a dump truck full of money up to the Brat Attack’s door they would be flying around in jets dating movie stars like all the others.” See any cash-filled dump trucks in your near future??

If I ever got any cash, that’s the last you would see of me. Off to Cuba I say. I’d join a Cuban jazz combo. No, we are broke as fuck, no dump trucks any time soon. We had our stint with a major, wasn’t my cup of Tea. Stealing food at the Universal BBQ was fun. They thought we where some street kids stealing their precious buffet food. What Movie star would I date? Hmmm…. Sarah Polley? Anyways Brats are never going to be a mainstream band and we are very happy with that, I think we are going to go along the lines of the Ripchordz, SNFU etc…just keep touring forever and putting out CDs.

I know you’ve got something of a side-project on the go, THE CLASS WAR KIDS…what’s up with that?

Pat of the Embarrassments fame was living in Montreal with that band, he came back to St.John’s as he was fed up of their lack of making any progress as a band. He came to play in his other band, the Satans in St.Johns, a Horror punk surf band, which also came to have the same problems he was having in Montreal with the Embarrassments. Lack of any forward motion as he was cut off from being able to write for the Satans, he asked Megan (Brat Attack’s last fill-in bass player-Hammer couldn’t make the last eastern tour), Miles Sharp and I to start a band with him. So we did and it’s going really well, good feed back. It’s more along the lines of Street Punk singing along stuff. Pat’s writing is really influenced by the Wednesday night heroes. I am trying to keep my writing different for both bands. Brats are moving to more old hardcore and the Class War Kids is more punk. Oh yeah, we are touring in the summer!

The Brat Attack were on Underground Operations for a while, which really raised your profile, you even played the Warped Tour. How did that work out for you?
UO really opened a lot of doors for us. We joined them while the label was still really politically driven. It was almost like the new G7 of Ontario. We really liked what London was doing with the label so we pushed really hard to get on it. It’s nice to work with people who are progressive thinkers. Over time things changed, Protest the hero stopped being a political band , the demise of Closet monster and the shift of what the label was originally about drastically changed. It opened them up to a much larger audience, but it did turn off the people who loved supporting a label that wanted to fight social injustice. But having bands like the Brats on the roster does not pay the bills, we can’t sell the units they need to keep afloat. We can sell enough to keep a DIY label afloat..or at least the recoup needed. UO was really good to us and we appreciated everything they did, London has a heart of gold I tells yah. 

 Warped tour was interesting, I still can’t decide if it was a good or bad thing. On one hand, we got to reach out to larger audience that normally wouldn’t get to hear what we talk about, get the information we distribute. The bands and people where really nice, even Kevin was really awesome to us. But the mass consumption and waste that is produced was heart breaking. We helped hand out UO flyers and people would take them, read it and throw it on the ground. We saw thousands of the flyers we handed out just tossed on the ground; we stopped giving them out after a hour, all of us felt like shit after that. We would do it again if we had the opportunity to do so.

What’s in the future for the Brat Attack?

The non-stop barrage of touring, maybe go to Europe or South America, putting out more albums (already have half of the next one written and demo’d). Brats will pretty much never die…well, until one of us dies. But we could have a weekend at Bernie’s tour. Dustin on stick.



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