The SUICIDE PILOTS : “Weapons Of Mass Disruption”


War On Satire  An article about THE SUICIDE PILOTS that was just published in The      Ottawa Xpress:


   Suicide Pilots take aim at “Harper Youth”

  Say what you will about conservative regimes, the religious right,   imperialism and war – without ’em, we wouldn’t have punk rock.
 In the tradition of ’80s hardcore and at the doorstep of Harper’s   government, the Suicide Pilots (myspace.com/thesuicidepilots) continue to rage against the… um, machine. And with the release of their first full-length album, The War on Satire, these anarcho-punks make it clear that they aren’t going anywhere, or shutting up, any time soon.

A couple of years back, guitarist Peter Pants and drummer Bones were roommates at the Ottawa co-op Fort Argyle, where they jammed with vocalist NACL, influenced by bands like the Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, Crass, Black Flag and early Propagandhi. Alas, the Fort, which has long been a venue for community shows and fundraisers, will soon be converted into “yuppie townhouses,” Bones notes.

Wib, the bassist, is a newer addition to the collective. The Suicide Pilots are indeed a collective, making decisions by consensus and incorporating their social justice organizing into their music. “At the end of the day, playing in a punk band isn’t politics in and of itself. So we have to try hard to make those connections tangible,” says Wib.

“Think back to punk bands in the late ’70s and early ’80s,” he points out. “They felt that if there wasn’t any controversy they weren’t doing a good job of getting their insurgent message across. Our music too is purposefully disruptive.”

The band made headlines and shocked well-mannered citizens last year with their logo, which features a plane flying into Parliament Hill.

“I don’t think the corporate media, the ‘establishment,’ are really going to give us the time to have any kind of intelligent discussion,” says Bones. “A lot of reactionary people see our logo and they don’t want to think about symbolism, or even about art.”

NACL, formerly the frontman of Disgruntled, writes most of the lyrics. “I have no talents beyond yelling,” he quips. “I’m always trying to inject a sense of humour and levity… Without humour you’ve just got rage. And rage can’t self-sustain for long.”

Bones agrees. “A lot of the content of our music is about really serious stuff, and we’re serious when we talk about it. But when we’re playing our music we’re generally having a pretty good time.”

The Suicide Pilots will release their 12-track album, including anthems Hand to Mouth and Harper Youth, with a live show at the Dominion on April 12. A cross-Canada tour kicks off in late May.

“It’s kind of cool being a new band to a lot of people that we encounter. Who knows, we might just become boring and yesterday’s news,” says Pete. “But where we’re at right now is where we’ve always wanted to be.”

Suicide Pilots
CD release
w/ Critical Convictions and The Sewer Rats
Dominion Tavern
April 12,
10 p.m., $5

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