The previous post about Insurgence Records mentioned their free downloadable sampler…here’s some info, courtesy of Insurgence, about the sampler as well as links to it.  Great bands and a good cause.

“Here’s your chance to sample some of the bands on Insurgence Records for free. Click on the link below to get to the download. Bands on the sampler include The Class Assassins, The Oppressed, Fighting Chance, The Prowlers, Stage Bottles, Final Four and Fate 2 Hate.

What follows is a bit of history behind the sampler and a link to the download. Enjoy! Check out the original mission statement and some of the feedback too, you’ll find it all on the download page.

“In the fall of 2004, Insurgence issued a free label music sampler available via electronic download directly from our website. Why the hell would we do that? Panzerfaust Records, a fascist skinhead label based in the United States, claimed to be producing 100,000 CD samplers of ‘white power music’ for free distribution throughout disaffected white communities across America. We initiated a campaign designed to fight their fire in kind.

However, several months into the campaign things came to a humorous end for the opposition. It came to light that one of the label owners – cocaine and Thai prostitute vices notwithstanding – was of Mexican decent. (We’re not making this up, honest!) Despite this, the sampler put out by these boneheads, ‘Project Schoolyard’ is still in circulation. So our answer to it, PROJECT BONEYARD will remain available for anyone who wants to obtain some REAL street music. Feel free to burn additional copies and pass ’em along to others!

Everything you’ll need to create your own sampler is available for download
HERE , together with easy assembly instructions. If it all proves to be too much of a hassle for you, we can send you one premade for five bucks (continental North America), by mailorder only.”

insurgence sampler


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